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LUCKY CHARM (two shots by angel_pari) (Part-2) (last shot)


(Last shot_____part 1 )
suman,s pov continue…
That was our first meet…. First ever meet…and after that we use to talk each other and spend time together…. Being a senior he used to help me alot with my coure ….and days start passing like this…we hv created an unknown bond btwn us that is not frndship or love but something…something which donot need any name………
Morever he start to belief me as his LUCKY CHARM!!!!!
Seriously he is too inoncent..one day he was hvig exams and he comes to me…he was breathing heavily as if he was running
” hey what happen are u fyn”


i asked
”can…i…hv..ur…pen…i,m getting late for exams” his reply fall on my ears
”sure but before hv this water…how u will write else”
he gulps the water and i gave him my pen and he leaves…
Then at once i remember smthng and screamed ”ALL THE BEST”
He looks back and smile and replied ”THANKU” by his gestures…….
Pov ends
suman who was holding coffee and was all lost…sun turns his rays towards her…slight smooth rays from window…and she looks here and there for sharvan but has not come yet
and again she take a ride of past..
Pov starts
it was a fyn day..when i was sitting in library my eyes were fixed at book when someone place a paper on my book from back my eyes raised for some time but then they look back at paper..after reading that a smile appeared on my lips…..
I got up from my place and turns ,there he was standing his face was reflecting happiness cause he has top in exams…..
”wowwww!!!!! Congratulation….”
he holds his hands and bent his head ”thanku”
i laugh ”what r u doing????

He slightly raise his head ”this is only becoz of ur pen yar and ur best of luck wish…he said taking out pen from his pocket…
And again he went back to his position by bending his head ”bless me”
”God bless u my child ? ” i said in mimic way placing hand on his hairs….
He looks up and we both laugh…
then we ahead for our classes we were walking side by side i was holding my books with both hands and his hands were in his pockets….
”But i really believe that”…his voice falls at my ears which make my gaze shift at him and i raised my eyes to look at him coz of his great height ” u r my LUCKY CHARM ” he complete his line. He was looking straight..
And i stop turning towards him ”really???… U hv gone mad ”…. Before he could say any thing period bell rang ”ok…hv ur class i,ll meet u later” and he leaves
half day passed away it was break time i was making my project,, i was preparing some model when suddenly someone stumble with my table and colour bottle falls destroying my whole work
i raise my voice ”what the hell” and found preeti my best frnd standing she has done that great work but she still seems to be lost somewhere…. I looked the way she was looking but did not get anythng except sharvan hving fun with his frnds….
I pull preeti,s hand ”oye what hv u done haan?? And where are u lost ”
she looks at my work ”oh i,m sooo sorry yar”
”fyn but y u r so lost”

again she look on that way ”just look at him yar”her face glowed up
”look at whom”
”sharvan!!!! Who else i really love him”
i was taken aback but same time i was happy for her as sharvan is nyc guy”
and then the unexpected thing happen sharvan comes towards us ”hiii”
and that time preeti got a call so she leaves…
I really wanted to tell him abt my frnd,s feeling but he said that he has to talk abt something so let him to tell first….

He was looking nervous but suddenly he uttered ” i love u ”
that time…that moment earth slip away from my feet.. I was out of my senses now i was left numb… What should i say coz i never ever think abt him in that way morever my best frnd loves him…. His eyes were waiting for his answer and just then preeti enters making another blast ”hey sharvan!!! (sharvan looks at her) i wana confess something that i love u”
then our eyes were fixed at each other i was looking at preeti..preeti looks at sharvan who was looking at me……

My head was bursting now i really want to come out of this so i looked at sharvan and shake my head like no.. Yes i said no to him and at once his eyes went down he just turn and put googles on his eyes then turn back to us..
He thought that if he will cover his eyes i,ll not be able to knew abt his pain.. But it was crystal clear on his face..
And very innocently he said to preeti ”i,m sorry”
and walks away…

That day two hearts broke or i say three… Becoz that time i was hving a strange feeling, it can be a guilt coz i hurt him or it can be……..

To be continue….

Sorry guyzzz i made last shot of two parts…… And now finally pause on my ff ”a desire of star ” as u all r also hving exams……

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