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LUCKY CHARM (two shots by angel_pari) (Part-2 continued) (last shot)

”Hey lucky charm what r u doing here”
by these words suman,s pov got disturb and she looks at sharvan who is taking his steps towards her and sits besides her.
Suman:ahhhhh!! Nothing just coffee..
Sharvan looks at cup in her hands which is still completely filled
he takes it from her hand nd take a sip.
Sharvan:hmmm well i think ur hot coffee has become cold one….come i,ll make u drink worlds best coffee…..

Saying that he holds her hand and went outside…
Sharvan opens the car door for her and both sits……
In car suman closes her eyes smilingly and again pov starts…..
The day i said no to him only that day our vacations were announced….i really want to talk to him but i could not find him in college….and i hv to spend two months in guilt. That sad face of him always come before my eyes and i accuse my self every single moment..but still i could not say i love him coz that feelings were still missing……..some how i spend my vacations and finally time passed and our college reopend…..


I was in so eager to meet him that i reached college early and yeah!!! There i found him in garden..,, i slowly take my steps towards him my heart was beating soo fast that i was not able to hear anything except my heart beat,,,,,
i stand at back of him ”hi”

he turns and smile ”hi hru??”
yeah he spoke normally like he always did……..
Before i could say smthng melodious voice of cukkoo echos in air and cool breeze start blowing…we both smile look at our surroundings….some pleasure was there in that momoent…i was lost in the beauty of atmosphere later i looked at him who was looking at me and then move his eyes here and there…..

”ammmm sharvan!!!i hv to talk to u abt that day”

his smile fade away ”damn! I what i hv done”
i again accuse my self in my mind
he takes his steps away from me and was looking at beautiful flowers of our garden his back was towards me ” ahhhh,,,, plzzz na let it be i dont wana talk abt that..and morever i play prank with u….. I did not mean those words at all”
he said…

”than y u r not making eye contact with me…see in my eyes and talk to me like u always do” i replied……

I walk and stand in front of him he was hving tears in his eyes…. I was left speechless..
”I,ll meet u later i hv some work in library” he say imediately and leaves…….

Whole day passed but he did not meet me……..
Same day
i was in my room when mom and dad came..
Mom:sumo we hv to talk to u

”yeah mom say”
i close my laptop and stands infront of them

dad: actually i very nyc marriage proposal has come for u?????

Okkkk so this was another shocking new for me that take away earth frm my feets

mom: y u r so quite,,, if there is any one whom u love…so u can tell us…or if u dont wana tell us abt him for now, then u can so no to this proposal….

Love!!!!! After hearing that word sharvan image came before my eyes.. But i throw my thoughts away..me and sharvan!!! Never preeti loves him after all…..


”ahhh no if u guyzz think its good for me..than i,m ok with it”

mom place hand on my head ” so would u like to meet the boy ”

if is it neccessary i mean..if he did not hv ask for meeting so i dont want…..
I said…….

”Ok beta as u want”
dad says and both leaves the room….
@engagement day
i looked at mirror i was wearing golden coloured lehnga sent by my in laws.
I was feeling so uncomfortable that i hv to get ready for some one…whom i hv never meet……..

”wowwww!!! Looking so beautiful” preeti said standing at door…….
I smile…..
”So shall we go downstairs”
she asked and i noded…….

We were on the way when i caught a veiw of downstairs at stage i was again left numb…..like y things are revolving in circle yeah i saw sharvan he was sitting on groom,s seat ”shar,..,sharvan”
i whisper slowly
preeti ”what???”

i pointed downstairs at him..
We both were silent for while finally i spoke ”no i cant do that u love him”
i started to go back but she holds my hand…
”what r u gng to do..r u mad?”
i reply of this i said ”but u love him yaar”
preeti”but he dont…and morever destiny has brought him for u”
i did not get what to say and she continue ” look we do love marriages by our choices but in arrange marriage destiny brought someone for us…..and u do believe in destiny more than love….so y not him……

Look if he was mine then his proposal would come for me..but it is for u..HE IS DESTINED TO BE URS…….DESTINY HAS WRITTEN UR NAMES TOGETHER
plzzzz dont let it go nd i hv move on…

Those words of preeti work like magic on me…. And i whisper somethng in preeti,s ear and went back to my room…..
I switched of the lights then sharvan enters in my room
”excuse me???? Is anyone here” preeti told him that his bride wants to meet him but he did nt knew its me…
he stood in centre of room it was dark and i started to say what i want to behind curtains

i know i hv hurt u i hv broke ur heart….but that pain was also not away frm me….
I was stupid…actually i,m stupid that i let u go….the one with whom sorrows also give me pleasure….the whom i spent my whole day now i wana spent my whole lif with u”
saying that i swtiched on the lights and comes out…. He was suprised to see me….
”i love u ” his eyes got widened when he heard those words from me….
But then i thought to tease him but i forgot he is my senior in pranks as well…
”Ok so plzZ say no to that girl now……as i love u”

he thinks for while and said ” ammmm yeah!!! But no i hv heard that she is very beautifull more than u”

”what the hell” i think in my mind beauty means more to him awwww i,ll kill him..

But i calm down nd said ” no she is very fat,,,,she eat so much… U know if u will not give him food she will eat u”

saying that i stop and laugh
in my mind that wht rubbish i,m talking ?

”but i dont like u now i,ll marry her” he replies
this line broke me and i could not say anything and looks down..and he comes towards me i take back my steps and at last he lock me with wall and raise my face by chin
”what u think only u can tease”
i looked confused

” ahhhh my lucky charm…ur dress!!!! (oh fish my lengha was from his home…so it was obvious he will recognize his bride at first look) i smile bitting my tongue,..
And he added further

”Hmmmm and what u say my bride is fato she will eat me if i,ll not give him food okk so i,ll make u sit in fridge ? ”

”hawwww sharvan u r such a” i hit him playfuly…

He touched his forehead with mine and we both laugh hving some tears of happiness


ahhhhhh finally done with this one…..i swear i,m going to rememb this part till life…
Firstly coz my mom has scolded me soooo much that i cant tell saying that if one is i,ll she should take rest but in my house matter is completely different.. ?
and secondly my sis also read this one….and she was like ”itna chess mt dal sharman doob na jae teri chess mn ” but in last she go away saying ”all maff kre teri stories se :D”
ok is i,m looking very happy yeah coz tom my all relatives are cmng for eid my czns and all…. Morever my (dadu) grandpaa is cmng…i love him so much so i,m very happy…..

Ok bas tata….. Do give ur reviews….,,,and thanku so much for amazing respone lov u all loads…………..

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