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Loving the impossible: twinji ff EPs 8


Last time twinkle and Kunj dance a little to close to home. Letting go of their emotion. Because of this Kunj fainted ending up in the hospital. Shana finds out that Kunj was on his last stage shocking her, but she had another surprise when Kunj reveal the secret his been hiding.


Note: someone got the movie correct, I won’t say who. Because everyone else don’t know.

Chapter 8


Kunj was playing cricket with his friends in heaven. Everyone cheered as Kunj hit the ball making it fly. Some girls cheering for him, while the other team try to get him. Kunj ran until he reached his last stop before jumping and falling on the mat. “Safe” the men says

.everyone cheered running up to him. They told him, they will take him out for winning , but Kunj refuse saying his mom need him. Everything was going great, until he woke up. He frown, and cover his head, but someone was hovering above him. ” wake up…. yah!!”

Kunj sitting up with sleepy eyes look up to see one of shivas men. ” what is it?”

” he wants to see you”

Kunj frown and told him to tell Shiva that he will see him later, before covering himself with the blanket. The men frown, before snatching the blanket. Kunj sigh before saying fine. When he finish getting dress they walk to the garden, to see Shiva meditating. ” I brought him like you ask” the men says

” thank you…. you may leave now”

Once the men left, he opens his eyes and told Kunj to sit down. Kunj did exactly what he said. ” do you know why I asked for you?”

Kunj shook his head , ” I have a task I want you to complete ”

” task?… what kind of task”

“Theirs a women with a child, she needs your help. Ever since her husband died, she has lost all sign of happyness until a men by the name of yuvraj started living next door”

” OK… so what exactly is the problem?”

” I need you to help them get together….help her move on and start a new life”

Kunj frown, he wasn’t pleased to do this task. He hates being a Cupid for people. Shiva puts a hand on his shoulder, ” if I didn’t know you could do it…. I wouldn’t have asked you. I know you are the best when persuading people, and you never failed me.”

After some time Kunj decides to do it. Shiva told him everything he need to know about twinkle, but theirs one thing that never cross his mind to ask. Who was her husband, and how he looked like?…. shiva told him, theirs a consequence. He says if he we’re to do something or fibd out something that was not part of the task that could ruin the mission he will suffer greatly. He also said he can not fall for a human, Kunj confuse asked why?”

” because Kunj your dead, your not human. But if you come to love twinkle, then you will be one of them and you will die. How you die will be your punishment…so be warned”

Kunj nod, he told Shiva it won’t get to that , he says he will finish and leave, coming back for his praying ceremony. Shiva nods, before letting him go. While leaving he didn’t notice the look Shiva gave him. He says ” you won’t be able to come for that Kunj…. you will disappear from us if you die, you won’t be coming here, because I know what will happen next.”

Ramji says ” was it wise to send him”

” yes…. lately I’ve notice his been getting dreams of his past life. Its giving him pain, so he needs closure.”

Kunj pack his stuff before heading to the door, that will lead him to earth. He went over the information again. Before opening it. Once he step out, he was transfered. To earth, in the middle of the streets. He could hear cars honking and some shouting for him to move. He quickly ran to the other side, before he stop by a car. He look at himself to see he was wearing an army uniform, and boot.

He realize he was still the same, that made him relieved. He decides to head to the location the place he will start his mission. When he reached… he look around while taking a breath of fresh air before smiling ” let’s do this” he says..

kunj While walking, stop to see a letter fall on the floor. He read it and look to see no one their at the window…before walking.

End flash back

Shana now sitting says what can she do to help him. Kunj told her what ever happens to help him without questioning his action. She nod, before wiping her tears. She couldn’t believe
That their friend died, and the one before them is some stranger. But she had come to like this stranger, only to find out he will die soon. determined she decided with all her been to help him, so that won’t happen.

Twinkle after coming to realization that Kunj and her had some type of chemestry doing the night before. She tried to get him out of her head. The way their body we’re in sync to the music. His touch and body heat….they we’re all distracting her. She hit her hand on the table and got up. Everyone turn to watch her, she told them she just need water. Which made them get back to work.

While getting water to drink. Twinkle wonder where Kunj disappeared too. It wasn’t like she misses him…right??…. I mean she’s just concern like any boss would. Speaking of the devil, Kunj walks in smiling ….saying good morning to everyone. He saw twinkle and walk up to her making her froze ” twinkle mam..here’s your coffee.

Twinkle confuse says ” I don’t drink coffe-” but before she could speak Kunj left. It wasn’t long before everyone left, Kunj asks her if she would like for him to stay. She says no, and that he’s not obligated too. Kunj frown, but complied. He said his good bye and left. As soon as he left, the gang from before showed up and pour gasoline around and inside the shop. By that time twinkle was printing a copy of her sketches.

She didn’t nottice when the men light a match and drop it. Making the fire surround the building. The gang laugh before quickly getting on their bikes and leave. Twinkle starts to couph… she wondered why. She grab the paper to put it in her binder when the ceiling fall, making her scream. She fell on the floor just. She tried moving her foot that was stuck.. but nothing, so she cried for help.

Kunj on the other hand didn’t Get far. he Was walking when he heard an ambulance . Then people pushing him while talking about the fire at twinkle shop. Kunj surprise ran to the store all while thinking about twinkle safety.

To be continued…………


Twinkle is scene at the hospital , Kunj told her not to take the casket off. She says it itches. Kunj grab her foot and massages it.

Twinkle after getting better have been treating Kunj really well. She would come to his house bringing food upsetting yuv. She says ” I Love KUNJ!!” OUT SIDE SO LOUD PEOPLE WOULD HAVE complain, but luckily they we’re asleep. But Kunj secretly heard it so did yuvraj

Kunj says to yuv ” twinkle thinks she love me because I saved her….. I want you to tell her you did”

Yuv surprise says ” why?”

” just trust me on this, she will need you more then me” he says

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