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love…love…love(matsh and kkb)epi-11

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The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer comes to house..they both enter into house after completing rituals..suddenly one girl comes there..all stands shocked..Ishaani asks who r u?she tells her to ask ranveer?Ishaani asks ranveer?who is she?he tells i don’t know..his face changes..she comes near ranveer and holds his cheeks..Ishaani pushes her and tells her to stay away from ranveer..She raises hand but ranveer holds and slaps her back and asks who is she?the girl shows many pics in which ranveer and she was toooo close in bed..Ishaani gets teary eyes..she asks what is this?he tells i don’t know about it..ishaani slaps ranveer..all stands shocked…Usha comes there and tells ishaani to beleive ranveer and not outside person..Ishaani tells proof speaks and leaves from there in marriage dress with baa..Ranveer keeps hand on his head and sits near door..She comes near ranveer and tries to calm him but she shouts at her and throttles her and asks her who sent u??she tells u slept with me..he tells i never came to u r house and i did not even seen u before..She tells my name is Anamika…u came to club two weeks before with u r friends?


Ranveer nods his head..anamika tells that time u drank more and i am a dancer..u told that u will marry me and took me with u to hotel and she sheds crocodile tears..Ranveer was taken back..,he comes to room and locks him inside and cries..Hamari aadhuri kahani plays..Ishaani comes to house and throws her shawl and leaves inside room crying..Anamika smiles..happily..

now matsh show is on current track and kkb will take 15yrs leap!!..alone..

Abhi comes to his room and sits on sofa and asks tea from pragya..she tells him to take tea which is kept on table..he tells her to bring it..he takes popcorn and watches Kawach..she comes there and asks him why r u watching this show??he tells this is my fav show..She smiles and sits near him..small kid comes there running and hugs both of them..his name is raghul..he is abhi and pragya son…Pragya gets a call from shalini school..pragya thnx them..pragya tells abhi that shalini is coming..he tells i have told maa and she too agreed..she smiles

Raghul runs out to play..Pragya walks near sofa..he keeps legs…she falls on sofa..they share an eyelock,,allah warriyan plays..Abhi takes popcorn and makes her have it..pragya also takes and makes him have it..

Precap:Shalini comes there marrying a boy..Ishaani was admitted in hospital due to health issues..ranveer tries to see her but baa stops him..Abhigya stands shocked after seeing shalini like this..Anita curses her that she is born to another man so u will be also cheap..Pragya stops anita..

so kkb alone 15yrs leap and matsh no leap it is current..so from next epi i will seperate scenes..and one more news i am gonna extend this ff to 20 epi..so 9more epi to go..so keep reading and don’t forget to leave a comment

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