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Love…love…love(KKB and MATSH) epi-10

Sorry guys i thought of not continuing but due to some people asked me..so i have decided to continue and 3 more epi to go as per i told.

Ishveer and abhigya wedding!..


The episode starts with Ishaani hugs baa and their wedding preparations starts in hurry..Abhigya wedding preparations also starts. Usha asks abhi there is any problem?He denies. she asks then why r u sad?Pragya packs shalini bags..shalini bids bye.Dadi comes near pragya and tells her to send her happily and not to create any issues..Usha comes near pragya house..pragya hugs shalini..Dadi gets feared that usha would see them and she gets into trouble..but dadi tells shalini to leave fast..she leaves..Pragya comes inside just then usha also comes there and gives shagun.

Pragya gets stunned. Usha gives 10lakhs necklace and makes pragya wear it..dadi also gets one. She tells it is awesome. she thinks if i am getting like this means i would have married her before. Pragya was about to speak about shalini but dadi shuts her mouth with sweets,.abhi tells i need to speak with pragya..All agrees..Abhi tells her not to tell about shalini to his mom..she asks why?He tells after marriage i will make her accept pls be quiet..pragya makes an issue..usha does not hear due to problem in road side.

Abhi shuts her mouth and cuts his wrist..she asks what is he doing?what he wants to prove?He tells i can even die for u…she tores her sari and ties his hand and brings him inside house and puts oinment.usha gets concerned. Dadi sheds crocodile tears..

Wedding prepartions finished…

Abhigya wedding…………..near beach wedding takes place..Abhi exchanges garland to pragya..she also makes him wear..they takes rounds..usha and dadi smiles..He makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra..wedding completes..

Ishveer wedding in isolated island. Ishaani makes ranveer wear garlands and they takes rounds..finally wedding completes,….

so both of them wedding is over..this is short next epi will be long..and u all guess what will happen in next epi?other 3 epi will be full of thrill so wake up from all family drama and soon i will update next epi

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