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Hai guys this is my first one short.hope you all will like it.please ignore my grammatical error.lets start our os.



Laksh:son of dp n ap.a sports car admirer.one and only son.
Dp:father of laksh and husband.businessman.
Ap:mother of laksh and wife of dp.(dead)


Ap died when laksh was 2 years old.Dp will do anything for his son’s happiness.laksh miss his mom very much.will ask anything from his dad.do not know the meaning of difficult.dp showing lots of love towards laksh.when laksh went to school dp cried like a child.dp caress for laksh so much.do not say no to anything which laksh want.when laksh step in university dp only say one thing.
Dp:eventhough you step into university you are still baby for me.you are the love symbol of in my life and your mom ap.i will love eventhough if I died.

Laksh will be graduating from university soon.for months,he had been admiring a beautiful sports car in a dealer’s showroom.knowing his father could well afford it,laksh told him that it was his dream car.on graduation day,laksh’s father dp called him into his room and told him how proud he was of him.he handed his son a beautifully wrapped gift box.curious,laksh opened the box and found a holy book with his name on it.he was very disappointed and raised his voice saying,”with all the money you have,you give me a holy book!”He stormed out of the house,leaving the holy book behind.Dp seated with full of shock and his eyes filled with tears.

Many years passed and laksh became very successful.He had not seen his father since that graduation day.one day,he received an e-mail from a relative telling him that his father had passed away,and he had willed all his properties to laksh.he needed to go home immediately.when he arrived at his father’s house,sudden sadness and regret filled his heart.After the funeral,he began to search through his father’s important documents ad saw the holy book that his father had given him years ago.with tears rolling down his cheeks,he begun to turn the pages.as he did so,a key dropped out from the book.it had a tag with the dealer’s name;the same dealer who had the sports car he had desired.on the tag was the date of his graduation,and the words, “PAID IN FULL”laksh cry from his whole heart.his eyes was cherry red colour.that time he realise his mistake.he hug the holy book very tightly.

Guys I hope all of u will like this one shot.all your comments which positive or negative I will take by my whole heart.please avoid grammatical error and typos.thank you.

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