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Love vs Trust-epi-22

Thank u so much for ur lovly comments…..


sanskar came frm office nd gets fresh,ragini came to rm nd says sanskar i want to talk to u..sanskar says im feeling hungry,we will talk after dinner..ragini nodded ,they had dinner nd goes to their room…sanskar asks her to now tell,what u want to tell,ragini was about to tell,jst then ragini mbl rings,ragini thought to cut d call but seeing swara name she lifts d call,after a while she cutted d call nd hugs sanskar happily nd says sanskar u r becoming mamu,sanskar doesn’t understand nd asks what..ragini says sanskar swara was pregnant,sanskar asks really,ragini says ha i want to see swara…sanskar says we will go tomorrow evening..ragini says i m very happy sanskar,after 9months one cute little baby ll comes to our house,i will play with her/him,she says this with so much of excitement on her face,sanskar smiled at her,nd he lifts her in his arms…ragini asks sanskar what r u doing,sanskar says i too want baby,dont u want,ragini says ha i,then she realized what does he meant,she was blushing,sanskar makes her lie on bed,sanskar removes his shirt,while ragini remembers about kavitha ndsays san…….sanskar says shhh,then he slowly leaned to her,he kissed her both eyes,both cheeks then he kissed her lips ,ragini too reciprocates,while kissing he unpinned her saree pallu,he removes her saree,they made their love…….

ragini wakes up,gets fresh,nd makes breakfast,she thinks to talk with sanskar about kavitha, nd went to their room nd sees sanskar was still sleeping…ragini wakes himup….sanskar says ragini plz let me sleep for sometime…ragini says its 9am,dont u go office…sanskar wakes up with jerk,nd says i have meeting at 10am, i forgt about that saying this he runs to washroom,nd he gets ready,ragini asks him to have breakfast,sanskar says i have no time,i will eat in office…he kissed ragini forehead nd says i will come early frm office…ragini nodded,he leavs ….ragini thinks i didnt get chance to tell about kavitha,i should tell him,before she could do anything…..

ragini was waiting for sanskar,he came but he was fully drunken state,kavitha was holding him..ragini moves towards them,she looks at kavitha angrily,she holds sanskar by removing kavitha hands on his shoulder…kavitha says we went to a party,i told him thar dont drink but he doesn’t listened….ragini doesn’t respond,she takes sanskar to their rm,nd makes him lie on bed,nd she thinks i know it ws all bcz of kavitha ,but what happened to sanskar,he told me that he wd took me to swara,hw could he forget about thá,nd went to party with her nd y he doesn’t informed me,after sometime she dozzed of while thinking…..

sanskar wakes up with terrible headache,he remembers last night,nd he thinks ragini must be angry,he thought to take cool shower first,he went to washroom nd gets fresh.ragini comes with lemon juice,she gives to him(angry), sanskar takes it nd says sorry,ragini doesn’t said anything ,she was about to leave sanskar holds her hand nd says im really sorry,when i started to come home,kavitha came to me nd forced me to come to party with her,i refused but she insists,..ragini asks then y u didnt call me,nd what is d need to drink that much….sanskar says i forgot my mbl in home itself,nd kavitha said as her mbl ws dead, i didnt take alcohol,i just drank juice after that i didn’t remember ,what had happened,i dont know who was mixed alcohol in that….ragini says kavitha.a.sanskar says kavitha ????,ragini says ha,she came here to create misunderstandings bw us,she tries to snatch u frm me,sanskar was shoked nd says ragini y did u thought like that,i think u r mistaken,e she was not like that,ragini says it was true sandbar,she still loves u,i saw ur pho,jst then sanskar got a call ,sanskar says to ragini that ,i have some urgent wirk in office,i should leave now,he hugs ragini nd says dnt take tension,we will talk abt this latter..he left

ragini was restless thinking about kavitha nd alll,tjen she got a call frm unknown number,hearing something,she slips d mbl nd went to someplace ,it was hotel,she goes to o one rm nd opens d door nd shocked to see shirtless sanskar beside kavitha on d bed….

Epi ends..

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