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Love vs Trust-epi-18

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sanskar was trying to talk with ragini but she ignores him…after dinner sanskar was waiting for ragini in their room…by his badluck laksh came…he understands ragini was with ansh nd sara..he gets disappointed….

sanskar wakes up nd went down nd searches for ragini..but he didnt find her he asks sujatha about ragini,she says swaragini went to temple…he gets frsh nd waiting for ragini…finally swaragini came..ragini gives prasad to all,while she giving prasad to sanskar,he says sorry,nd he pleaded with his eyes..but ragini leaves without uttering a word…sanskar felt bad…he gets a call,nd he left for office…while sanskar leaving ragini sees him with sad cute face..sanskar doesn’t noticed this….(she was angry with him but she also feels bad for not talking with him)

sanskar came frm office,he gets fresh nd thinks how to talk wirh ragini….he comes out frm room nd saw ragini was talking with swara in corridor…he went towsrds them…sanskar says to swara mom was calling u nd he gestures her plz go,swara understands nd leaves…ragini was about to go,sanskar holds her hand…ragini asks him to leave….sanskar drags her to their room nd locked d door….nd says listen to me once…ragini says i dont want to listen anything..sanskar says dont behave like a kid….he makes her sit on bed..nd sits beside her….nd says kavitha is my college mate,when i saw her first time iwas attracted with her beauty..that time i feel that was love..after 1wk i proposed her ,she accept it…some days passed..i felt uncomfortable with her…i understands it was not a love just infatuation….so i told her to this…she too agreed nd we broke up..after that we became friends…after one year she went abroad……..(sorry if anyone disappointed with kav-san story…)…sanskar says i have no feeling for her,it was just a crush… ragini sits silently….sanskar asks dont u trust me..ragini says i trust u..i was angry bcoz u didnt told me about her before….sanskar says im sorry,i forget to tell u,nd he holds his ears,ragini removes his hands frm his ears…nd hugs him tightly nd she says im also sorry for behaving like that with u…sanskar hugs her even more tightly….after sometime they broke d hug….sanskar kissed her forehead nd says i love u…ragini replies as i love u 2…sanskar asks ragini to forget about tha matter…ragini nodded nd says all r must be waiting fr us to have dinner ,lets go….. sanskar says k before we could leave,u have to kiss me,ragini smiles nd slowly she placed her lips on his lips,sanskar too reciprocates…after sometime they aparts…ragini blushes hardly nd hugs sanskar…..after a while they went down….

@next daye
dp says to ragsann,we should leave to Mumbai…ragini felt bad hearing this….she asks to stay fr some more days….dp says no beta , i have important meeting so we have to leave,dont wry we will come after some days….ragini givesa wk smile…all bid bye to ragsan nd left…sanskar says to ragini,dnt fl sad i will come early frm office..ragini nod ded,sanskar pecks her forehead nd left fr office….

ragini was waiting fr sanskar,she was tensed bcz sanskar said he will come early,but its 10Pm,he didnt come at,jst then door bell rings ,she opens nd shocked..

Epi ends……

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