Hi Guys Its my birthday today so I am here with an OS Hope you Like it
It was raining since morning the sky was dark it seemed as it marked something bad to happen a call disturbed his thoughts 
“Twinkle listen it’s over there is no point meeting” I said with a sigh
“Kunj please meet me once in the cafe where we used to go “she said in a pleading  voice 
“Fine “i said in an irritated rude voice I continued”if I come today you won’t call me ever ” “Kunj ”  She said at the verge of crying
“Twinkle decide first you want to meet me or just keep on calling and getting a negative response ” I said in a harsh voice
“Fine  at 8 I will be waiting for you ” she said as she gave up she couldn’t argue much
It was still raining
The two souls made for each other meet at a cafe where once they used to surprise each other

Same cafe
A girl was sitting and waiting for someone
A boy came  from behind and closed her eyes
“Kunj” The girl seated on the table remarked 
“Twinkle it’s not fair you always guess that it’s me ” said the boy with a cute pout to which the girl replied with a smile “I don’t need eyes to see you Kunj ”
Flashback ends
The thought of their past moments brought tears in their eyes
She was standing their all wet she had an umbrella God knows why she did not use it this girl her once beautiful eyes were swollen all because of me
“Hi ” she said trying to behave normally
“Hi” I replied rather coldly ” bye ” I said avoiding an eye contact with her
“Kunj can’t we sought out things between us and get back together “She said with a little hope “No” I replied crushing her hopes
“It’s dark now so let me drop you home ” I  said trying to look away from her eyes which might make me loose my control
She just nodded
We started walking I drooped her to the metro station but it was crowed there was no train due for the next 30 minutes “Shall we go by the cab” I questioned “There is a Cab strike” She replied “So we have to wait”I said being disappointed but I felt happy in some corner of my heart “Or we can walk “She replied “Okay fine” Said I may be wanting to spend time with but why questioned my brain to which I really had no reply
We walked and as we walked I could remember the first time I saw her She was my college mate It was Love at first sight for me I fell in Love when I saw herder the first time The University of Information Technology was were we meet She was Mahi’s sister ,Mahi UV’s girlfriend ,Uv My best friend cum brother we four shared an apartment here in Delhi And as I passed it I could feel all the memories being refreshed I saw her she too had the somethings She thought she could hide her tears in the rain but she forgot that as she does not need Eyes to see me I too do not need her tears to know how sad she is feeling
My thought were broken with her words”Kunj can I just visit the park where once”she pleaded “Fine” I replied without looking into her eyes It was the same park where I proposed her


Flash back:
Kunj:Twinkle I wanted to say something to you for a long time but I could not Twinkle
Twinkle:Kunj don’t move round and round talk to the point
Kunj:(sits on his knees) Twinkle for the first time I saw you to the time i am seeing you now all the while I have felt a different connection with you it seems you attract me I would die without you coz you have my heart with you the pillow fights we had in the apartment and the joint cleaning mission with you were just a reasons to spend time with you
Twinkle I want to grow old with you I want to see the ups and downs of life with you I want to take away all your sorrows and want to give you all my happiness So Miss Twinkle Taneja would you Like to Marry me Twinkle you may leave without saying no but don’t say no I would die
Twinkle:(with tears of joy in her eyes) Shock her head
Kunj:Twinkle I told you not say no so you are using actions
Twinkle: My Saddu I noded my head to say I wont let you die you would have to bear me for your whole life
They hugged each other and wrote their names on a tree Saddu Sarna Loves Saiyappa Queen
Flash back ends
She cam back “Kunj the tree where we had written our name is no more “She choked I could not even reply “Lets move its getting late “ I said rudely She followed me we were near the bridge (I live in Mumbai don’t know about any place in Delhi) “The bridge” He gasped

Flash back
Twinj were on the bridge when suddenly ..
Kunj:Twinkle do you love me
Twinkle:Kunj what kind of question is this
Kunj:Answer me Twinkle
Twinkle:Yes I do
Kunj:Can you prove it
Twinkle:Yes I can tell me what should I do
Kunj:Jump from the bridge
Twinkle:Kunj(Shocked) Okay fine
she was about to jump when Two hand pulled her back
Kunj:Are you mad
Twinkle:You asked to prove my love so I did it and I knew you wont let anything happen to me
Kunj:You trust me so much
Twinkle:More than my self
Kunj:Love you Twinkle
Twinkle:but I hate you
Kunj:Why ?
Twinkle:Because you asked me to prove my love
Kunj:So give me any punishment but don’t hate me
Twinkle: So Kunj promise me you will never leave me
Kunj:I promise Twinkle
Kunj kisses her forehead and then they hug
Flashback ends
The thought of breaking the promise made me weak “How could I keep the promise “ He questioned himself “I have only a few days to live “ His mind replied Yes he suffered from a whole in his heart he was to undergo an operation the next day but the chances of his survival were very rare or can say minimal “I don’t want you to breakdown Twinkle I want you to move on “ Was what he wished for
We reached her house she wanted to say something but she could not her voice choke and the only words I could here was “I still Love you Kunj” she left
The rain was still pouring and my tears too the whole way I did not make her realise that I was crying she should not see me cry she should regret falling in Love with me that is why Twinkle I left you I left you for you “I Love you too Twinkle” I shouted and sat down crying in the rain.

My Kunj I knew it he could never betray me that day
Flash back
Twinkle:Kunj why did you call me here at midnight Saddu could you have not waited for tomorrow
Kunj:Twinkle Its over
Twinkle:Whats over Kunj
Kunj:Our relationship
Twinkle:K..u..n…j (laughs)You are joking right
Kunj:No i am not
Twinkle:Kunj stop it or else I wont talk with you
Kunj:Twinkle I wasn’t in Love with you It was a dare I had to full fill and I did it so now its over
Twinkle: Kunj you cant do this to me (she fell down on the ground crying)
Kunj:Bye Twinkle
Twinkle:You cant leave me Kunj you promised you wont
Flash back ends
I knew it Kunj you still Love me and I will surely find out the reason why You are doing this “Twinkle stop thinking and start following him” She said realising what she was here for
“Kunj”I said at the verge of crying when I saw him entering the Heart Care Hospital “He could have told me once “,”Why did he hide this “My mind question ,“ Because he loves you “My heart answered My Kunj My Kunj Loved me so much ,tears stated gushing down my eyes I followed him inside Their I could see Usha Aunty and Manohar Uncle waiting for him
“Where were you Kunj ?“questioned Usha Aunty “Ma foe the last time I went to meet my Life My Twinkle”He said in a choked voice “Kunj don’t say so the operation will surely be successful……”He stopped her in-between “Ma you know their are only 5% chances of this operation to be successful So don’t develop false hopes Ma I wont be able to full fill them “”Kunj “Usha Aunty cried out “Kunj don’t say this “My inner soul kept saying all the while
He was them brought out in a stretcher wearing the blue hospital clothes I must say he still looked hot
Flash back
Kunj:Twinkle its only in the play that I am going to act as a cancer patient
Twinkle:Kunj be it a play or anything you wont do it I cant see you die anywhere
Kunj:Twinkle i am the hero who said I am going to die
Twinkle:Kunj you wont means you wont
Kunj:Twinkle listen but do I look hot in these hospital clothes
Twinkle:Kunj.(gave him a stern look)
Kunj:Sheena Told me that I do (grins looking at Twinkle)
Twinkle:(holds his collar)Only I can say that you look hot
Kunj:But you haven’t ever said that
Twinkle:You are looking supper hot in this dress and se*y too
Kunj:Is it so
Twinkle:(realises what she said and turn crimson red )voh I mean…I mean …to say
Kunj:What do you mean Twinkle  (with a naughty smile)
Twinkle: Kunj you are only mine and only I can say that you look Hot but please go and change this  hospital dress
Flash back ends

I went near his stretcher moved my hands over his hairs his eyes were closed but he still said “Twinkle ” he opened his eyes and saw me tears were gushing down our eyes “Kunj why did you lie “I questioned him directly “Twinkle I am sorry” he said but then continued”Twinkle promise me that you would move on in life “I moved away from him “Kunj what are you saying ” I choked “Twinkle you have to there are only 5% chances of my survival The doctors also do not have any hopes” “But I have Kunj you would definitely survive you have to for your saiyappa queen “I said calmly “You are so stubborn Twinkle”He said being defeated “I know that tell me something I don’t know “He laughed as I said these lines
He was taken to the OT I was tensed all the while I kept on consoling Usha Aunty and Manohar Uncle but I myself was worried In some corner of my heart I had faith that Kunj wont break his promise after an hour the doctor came out “The operation is done only after the patient gains consciousness can I say something” My voice chocked “Doctor can I go in “ I asked “Miss I am sorry no one is allowed to go in the OT” He said “Please doctor I wont disturb anyone I just want to stay by his side” After requesting a lot the doctor let me enter the OT
As I entered it I could see My Kunj My Life on the bed with all the equipments attached to his body Though his body was in pain I could see a smile on his face a sweet one I sat beside him held his tightly as if I wont let anyone separate us I sat their for 5 hours after which I think I dosed off but then a faint voice broke my sleep The voice made me so happy Yes It was my Kunj’s voice calling out my name “Twinkle”It sounds so sweet from his mouth I then immediately called the Doctor I still did not leave his hand The doctor examined him and then said “I must say Mr.Sarna your Girlfriend loves you a lot The case where I lost all hopes has survived It is just because of her that you are alive and now please excuse me “ He left “Twinkle I Love you “ He said “But I hate you “ I replied faking anger “You look more hot when you are angry “ He said with a grin “Kunj “ I blushed “Twinkle Never say you hate me I would die “he said in a serious tone “Kunj I will punish you if you talk about death “I said “My punishment is to bear this Saiyapa Queen throughout my life “He smiled And I gave him a tight hug
After 6 months
The Sarna mansion was decorated as a new bride and it was ready to welcome the new bride Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna The rituals were performed and then Twinj were left alone in their room after all the Ladies had given Twinkle instructions for her first night and so did the men to Kunj
Kunj enetered the room Twinkle was sitting on the bed which was decorated by flowers with a veil over her face
Kunj came toward her sat on the bed and removed her veil he could not control himself so he started coming closer to her Twinkle too looked into his eyes even she could not control How could they Their lips were cm’s apart and slowly their lips meet Kunj sucking her upper lip while Twinkle was sucking his Lower lips But our naughty Kunj pressed her lips so tight that she mourned his name finding this opportunity he entered her mouth they played with each others tongue and explored each and every corner of each others mouth
Kunj slowly stated removing her Mangtika and kissed her forehead then he removed her ear rings and kissed her ears he removed her neckless and kissed her neck giving love bites making her mourn in pleasure He then removed her bangles and kissed her hands Then he removed her saree’s pallu and made a complement on her figure which made her blush then slowly they removed the only border between them that was their clothes and then they consummated their marriage
“I would be like the ring in your finger that would never leave you and even if I my thoughts would still be impressed on your finger I would never leave “ Said Twinj in unison
after a year Twinj were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Shruti (Birthday mera hai tho something special tho banta hai na )
Kunj:Shruti baby I love you
Shruti: Love you too (Papa) (Bache hu na iseliye Papa bhi add karna hoga)
Love you all Hope you like this OS and yes it originally had a sad end but I changed it because its my birthday so everyone should be happy
Love you all
Always stay happy ?
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