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LOVE REBORN Episode 16

LOVE REBORN Episode 16

Hi dear friends Akshata,Guru,vp,jaz,moni,Parichari,Ruksy,Rushi,Janani,Reshma,Ishaan,Adejoke,sowmy and Kumud thank you for your lovely comments…Hope all of you are doing good.Here is my next episode for you..Please do read and enjoy….Apologize for being late and for not able to update on a daily basis. Pardon me if it seems to be little short.Thank you for waiting patiently…Sorry for any mistakes.

Shagun was pacing in her room restlessly.
Shagun (to herself): What is happening to me? Why I am getting perturbed seeing Raman and Ishitha together. Even I wanted them to reunite and move on in their life. What the hell is going on with me?
She sat in her bed in dismay
Shagun (to herself): this is not right. I should feel happy for them.
She wipes off the sweat from her temples and held a deep breath shoving off the unnecessary thoughts from her mind.

Shagun: I can’t take it anymore. Pihu is settled here in the company of Ruhi and Ayu. Even her bond with Ishitha is getting stronger. I don’t think I am needed here anymore. Everything is getting fine slowly. It’s better for me to leave from here rather than create any troubles for Raman and Ishitha. I don’t want anyone to suffer because of me. I am indebted to her for whatever she did for me and my children. Mummyji I am sorry. I am sorry I know it will hurt you but this is ineludible for pertaining the peace of this house. I can’t trust myself.
She packed her bags and paused for a moment realizing her heart aching for a last glimpse of her beloved daughter. With a heavy heart she moved towards Pihu’s room.

Aaliya lay awake in her bed tossing and turning all night. Adi’s face was etched in her mind which stole her sleep and her peace of mind. She was unable to decipher her feelings for him. Suddenly she felt her heart aches for his presence. She closed her eyes tight and try to sleep but the live in her heart started haunting her. She was touched by his innocence, and his decorum and most dominant trait that stole her heart was his selfless love for his mother and his respect and the way he care for others. Slowly she realized that she lost her heart to him.

Shagun saw her daughter sleeping peacefully cuddled up beside Ruhi. She sat on the bed near her and gently caressed her and kissed on her forehead. She saw Ruhi tightly holding Ayu’s hand reluctant to leave him even while sleeping. The current mishaps unraveled before her had a strong impact on the tender-hearted child. Shagun’s conscience warned her that once she is away, she is going to crave for her daughter. She moved to Ruhi, kissed her and placed a pillow beside her stopping her from falling down while asleep. She spreaded the blanket over the kids being careful not to disturb their sleep. Shagun felt a strange tranquillence overpowering her. Feeling despondent she discarded the tears welled up in her eyes and the heart-wrenching pain engulfing her. She casted a longing glance at her daughter.
Shagun: I am going to miss you badly my child. Please forgive your Shagun Mamma.
Saying this she walked out of the room.


Aaliya was startled hearing the low creaking voice of someone opening the door to her bed room. She sensed a shadow stealthily moving to her side. In a sudden movement she stood in her heels and tried to yell for help. The shadows moved close to her and hastily cover her mouth staring straight to her eyes. She felt herself to be witnessing some fantasy. She pinched her hand doubting her to be dreaming.
Adi started laughing seeing her confused

Aaliya: Adi? You scared me to hell.
Adi: I am really sorry. Couldn’t help myself seeing your expression. I am really sorry for scaring you and most importantly stepping in to your room like this.
Aaliya: What are you doing here this late night time?
Adi: Actually I wasn’t able to sleep. If I didn’t reveal my feelings to you I could never sleep peacefully. You may feel this little awkward but Aaliya I love you so much
Aaliya was taken aback by the sudden confession
Aaliya: What? You came here at this time to say this. From morning to evening I am roaming around you. You keep mum all the time and now you got time to confess your feeling. That also in this way. Hats off to you Adi
Adi: You didn’t said anything?
Aaliya: If I said yes then?
Adi: what? Is it true? Omg….

Adi was jumping out of joy…
Aaliya shushed him and said
Aaliya: What are you doing? Control yourself. If anyone heard you then we are finished.
Adi took her hand in his and gazed at her lovingly
Adi: I know it’s in appropriate to come like this. But I couldn’t control myself. I promise you I will never do this again. Trust me I didn’t had any wrong intensions.
Aaliya: I trust you Adi and it’s your innocence that made me fall for you. You seriously thought well about your decision right? I don’t want to be the reason for any confusions between our families.

He made her look in to his eyes and said
Adi: Aliya, you can read the truth from my eyes. I love you with every piece of my heart and I want to spend my whole life with you. You are that special to me as Ishimaa for Pappa.
Aaliya: I trust you Adi.
Adi: You are the perfect Bahu for my Ishimaa. So Close to her heart.
As soon as they cling to each other by a passionate embrace a knocking sound was heard followed by Mani’s concerned voice
Mani: Aaliya, you are still awake
Adi got panicked and clutched her arms in tension
She signed him to be quiet and answered while pressing her finger in tv remote
Aaliya: No Appa. Watching movie
Mani: Aaliya, It’s too late. Go and sleep.
Aaliya: ok Appa Gudnight.
She held her ears close to the door and heard his footsteps leaving the door side.
Adi: Mani uncle still awake late night?
Aaliya: That he should ask you once you are caught.

Adi: Don’t scare me.
Aaliya: You have to leave right now before anyone see you here. And for god sake don’t take such drastic steps again. I am not used to this type of tensions
Adi: haha.. Even for me this is first time and may be last.
Aaliya: Now leave my hand its hurting
Adi: Sorry. It was out of tension. You are ok right?
Aaliya: OMG Adi. Please leave now. I am ok
Adi: Can you please accompany me till that door.
Aaliya: What? If you are this much afraid, then how you managed to come here
Adi: In my excitement I forget everything. Now feeling little afraid.
Aaliya: Adi, you are unbelievable.
She patted his face lovingly
Aaliya: Now keep quiet and come with me.

She held his hand and carefully advanced towards the main door without alerting anyone.

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