Hi Guys Its SidMin here with a brand new ss The story line  is quite unique because none of the previous and ongoing ff’s have introduced this concept of Twinkle being a TOMBOY so we hope you like it 
(I wish it gets posted on the 21st of September )

I Had written this post a long time back but wanted to post it on a special day so what more special than your birthday Rashi So here is a small gift from my side for you ? Hope you like it ?
Lets begin : 
Daam. He was there yet again .This time with the hot chick of our college Mahi.I don’t understand why he does not see me Do I look ugly ?
I am Twinkle Taneja rich and tomboyish.I am 5’5 and 55 kgs and I am a ……………….women yes I am I have I have b**bs I were a ripped jeans with a crop top or a sometimes a shorts and a long top I tie my hair in a bun and I hate those lipsticks which these hot chicks in our college keeping applying on their lips I were hoops in my ears and wrist bands .I am quite popular in college me along with UV, Randhir, Sanyukta,Suman,Shravan, Dev and Sonakshi together our group is called the back benchers I am very looked up in college and Scary too.
Me and UV were friends since we were in school.


UV is a player He changes his girlfriends faster than he changes his moods.It is such a pain t remember the names of his new girlfriends.But this time its Mahi Kaur whom all the boys move around sticking out their tongues and wagging their tales about I hate her.And here she is just wanting to join our group. We will see that …

“So Mahi our college has 3 types of girls the first who are Nerds By nerds I mean those who help everyone out during exams and project submissions The second one are those girls who only come here to show out their body who these boys(pointing to the boys in our group) Love hanging around with” I paused “And the third one” she asked curiously “Well the Third one is Me Twinkle the only girl to be of this type wearing ripped jeans and hoops and writs bands “”and  bit type of gangster “ He added to it Mahi smiled I kicked him on  his a*s and he winced in pain Dramebaz I know he is Mahi stared at me in disbelief and I stared at her giving her a what’s your problem vala look to which she preferred changing the topic “Are you all right she asked Uv” “I am fine Miss It just that this Girl Twinkle my baby doll Is my childhood friend we have kissed each other may a times when she had a flat chest and I had a……..”He shut up abruptly seeing my face “You are so funny I like you “Said Mahi with an artificial accent that I knew was not her own .My blood boiled as I saw UV lost in her eyes I left the place.

In the corridor as I walked in my thoughts thinking of what UV and Mahi would be doing I was about to slip and I closed My eyes in fear but then a pair of strong hands Held me tight I did not see his face nor did I  thank him just left the place abruptly.
“This evening we have a party” announced my mom as I entered the hall “Mom pls no I am not in a mood to attend one” I replied “Twinkle you have too as a special client is coming to meet you “ Dad requested me “Fine” I replied “Twinkle your clothes are ready and the parlour girl is also there Just choose the dress you wish to were “ My mom said and I nodded .
As I reached my room I could see it full of traditional dresses Mom says that the beauty of an Indian women gets glorified when she were’s a traditional dress I choose a A pink a golden and  Baby Pink colour lehenga accompanied with a silver long ear ring which had a peacock design  “Neck piece” asked one of the parlour “ I don’t ware them coz I get rashes” I replied politely 

In the evening the party began and as I descended down the stairs I saw people staring at me Am I looking like a fool I thought But Mom and Dad said I look beautiful … Oh God for a parent their child is always the most beautiful Hope someone could tell me how I am really looking like sighed Thank god UV isn’t here otherwise He would burst into laughter seeing me in this dress He never attends such parties for him these are boring He would never like to attend them I am always left out alone in such parties as all the oldies are present here complimenting me on my looks I always had to reply back with a smile “Thank you so much” These were the only words I could speak in these types of parties I was walking thinking about these things when I suddenly slipped I closed my eyes in fear When I felt two strong hand holding my waist preventing me from falling down When I opened my eyes I saw Two chocolate brown deep eyes seeing me I felt as if I would get lost in them I was just about to  when our eye lock was broken by my Mother’s voice “Twinkle beta are you fine” He immediately helped me stand up I wanted to know his name but the only words that came out of my mouth were “Thank you “ I kept staring at him He was Hot Se*y and what not he was well dressed His fashion sense was awesome he was dressed in in a blue three piece suite

(Kunj’s dress:https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLjEGbG5R7SyODT0EyH-UALO0G2IApC9gWkiPgTVoySQ80WfB4)

Looking Hot Twinkle stop thinking about him you don’t even know him I reminded my self 
“Kunj beta “ My father said and hugged him “Twinkle beta he is Kunj Manohar Uncle’s son” My father tried reminding me about him  “Yes I remember Saddu right “ I said with a grin on my face “Saiyappa Queen right ?”He said with a similar grin 


Guys I hope you aren’t confused regarding the ss The characters would be introduced as and when required and yes This part was in Twinkle’s POV and so will the next be Vey soon I will introduce Kunj’s voice and then you would get a clear view of all the things and the missing links too 
Hope you like it please do comment A long comment is not required a short one will also do ? So please do comment The number of comments will decide the fate of this SS and the next update will be on 27th-28th(Hopefully) ?

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