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Remember the episode is in Twinkle’s words

Hope it gets posted on 26th September 2016
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Saiyyapa queen the word and the grain he gave reminded me of our past when I was 6 years old and Kunj was 10  Dad had introduced me to the Sarna’s Usha Aunty and Manohar Uncle were very good and kind people but this Saddu could not even …

Flash Back:
Sarna Mansion :
Kunj:So this is my room Twinkle
Twinkle:Wow your room is so clean
Kunj:Yes I like keeping my room clean
Twinkle:Kunj whats in that drawer
Kunj:Imported chocolates

Twinkle:Wow Imported chocolates can I have one
Kunj:No ways They are mine
Twinkle: Please only 1 promise I wont ask for more Please
Kunj:Stop it Twinkle no means no I don’t share my things with others
Twinkle:Ma says If you share things babaji will give you more
Kunj:But these chocolates are not given to me by babaji Dad gave it to me
Twinkle:Saddu Sarna
Kunj:Saiyappa Queen
Twinkle:Saiyappa Queen Why ???
Kunj:You forgot today in the morning while coming you stepped Tommy’s tail
Twinkle: (A bit embarrassed )But it wasn’t my fault He was sleeping in the middle of the way so how could I know he would be sleeping right there
Kunj:Okay fine but then the vase incident
Twinkle:I did not break it purposely it fell And I said sorry to Aunty and she forgave me too
Kunj:My mom respects guests so she forgave you
Twinkle:So you also respect your guest and give me a chocolate
Kunj:No means No Saiyappa Queen (Turns his face away from Twinkle )
Twinkle:Saddu Sarna (Makes an angry face and turns towards the other side)Tashan e Ishq Title song plays in the background

Flash back ends
“So miss” said he and broke my thoughts “Yes Mr.Sarna “ I smiled as best as I could “ Meeting you after a long time” He said with a smile “Yeh Long time “ I said with a even better smile
I left the place to attend another guest while a few of the top most business men surrounded him Though he is quite young and does not have a MBA degree He is one of the youngest business man in India and the topmost too He has a natural flair in business thinking He was doing his MBA in Londo but had to stop it and takeover the business after the sudden death of Manohar Uncle the business was in losses but I must say In a year he had turned it into India’s best company “Twinkle stop praising him “My mind shouted at me “Why cant she “ retorted my heart The fight between my heart and brain continued for a while and as usually there was no conclusion to it
The couple dance was announced as all the guests present were in couple me and Kunj were made to dance together I must say he dance quite well and many people even thought us to be a couple and blessed us too Thank god mom cleared their confusion but the next remark made by mom confused me she said “Bebe apke ashirvad se jlde he Kunj jays Lakda Twinkle ke liye miljaye” to which Bebe’s  reply was even more shocking 

“Kunj jaisa khyu Kunj Khyu nahe “ O looks up at Kunj He have BBebe a stern look and said”Thank you Aunity for inviting us and Bebe was just kidding she has a habit of joking don’t take it seriously “ Ma was have me another shock with her words” Kunj beta there was nothing bad in what she said “ “Ma me and Kunj together never “ was my reply to which Kunj chuckled and said “Who wants to Marry you Not me of course “ “Oh Mr. What do you think of yourself “ “ Nothing much just Got dashing handsome irresistible and yes of course se*xy “ he said winking at me I blushed wait a minute why did I blush Oh babaji this man is making me mad I came out of my imaginary world and found Ma too blushing Ma was standing just in front of me so did he wink at Ma “Young man she is already booked “ said dad giving mom a side hug “I am sorry sir but watch out your wife is so beautiful anyone can fall for her I wish some of her features could be inherited by your daughters “ he said with a grin to which dad have a sweet and a fitting reply “My daughter is different and the world’s most beautiful girl only blind people don’t see her beauty “ dad said politely “Okay Uncle I give up you have 2 beautiful possessions “ he admitted

The party got over late but I left it after dinner during the whole party I felt someone staring at me but when I tuned back I was blushing thinking about the wink Kunj have was it for me or Ma was he flirting with me or Ma ? “Twinkle why are you thinking about him Think about how not to let Uv and Mahi come close “My mind reminded me “You should not separate two lovers” My heart said “So shall she keep on seeing her love go far away from her “ My mind asked my heart “Does Uv even love her relation’s can’t be forced they are made with the consent of both the people
The unending war between my heart and brain continued for Long but then I finally slept.
The next day at college people were discussing something serious I mean it’s quite obvious that people discuss things but they were serious my group was serious too Strange I went up to them and then questioned them guys you ditched me at the last moment you left me alone in the party I had to bear the old people talks and what not “Sorry “ all of them said in unison “The owner of Sarna group of industries Is joining our college “ said Randhir

“His name is some……” said Sanyu but I spoke in between “Kunj” everyone looked at me in surprise “You know him” they asked “Yes since childhood “ Uv spoke in between O I have him a death glare “Childhood “Sanyu “No enemy “said Uv “But I have heard he is handsome is he “asked Sanyu “He is….” before I could speak Randhir said in between “That is none of your concern Sanyu “ He was angry “Baby I was just asking “she said trying to cool him down

The only thought which disturbed me now was that Kunj Link was going to join our college What will I do
Out of nowhere Mahi came in and then Uv got up from his seat and bent on his knees in front of Mahi and proposed her OMG he did it O I was waiting for Mahi’s reply she said a big yes and kisses him I his lips it was a short one but How could UV do that I left the place in pretext of  an important call O I went in the corridors My vision blurred as my eyes were watering as I walked I banged into a wall I guess no it was a man I was about to fall but he held me by my waist and then I saw him ……….

I know many of you might have guessed who the man is so guys let’s continue …..
It was him “Kunj” I spoke “Twinkle ….you are crying” he said with concern “Yes” I said and sobbed harder “Shh.. don’t cry” he said wiping my tears he continued “You look like a joker with a red nose “he said trying to make me smile I smiled in between my tears “ Idiot “ I hugged him don’t know why but I felt as if I was in heaven i got back into my senses and parted “sorry “ I said avoiding eye contact I left the place


The next part may have A bit of Kunj’s voice too so be ready for the fun hope you liked this episode so please do comment a small one will also so love you guys
And Keep guessing why Twinkle told Kunj that she was crying though a Tomboy does not do so ????

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