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Love Making wedding night (OS)

Love Making wedding night – One Shot(OS)
Sanskar : Handsome rich guy
Swara : Fairy beautiful attractive girl

Swara had just finished her graduation, n her marriage get fixed in very rich house,it was arrange marriage,swara n sanskar likes each other n tell their family to proceed further..,
Soon their engagement done,after their engagement they started talking wid each other freely,they used to spend tym together to know each other well…,

N slowly slowly they started feeling for each other,but both hesitate to say,just den 10days before their marriage they confessed their feelings to each other,n at last their marriage day came,they were very happy,n all rituals got completed.., 
Soon d most awaited time came,their wedding night,swara was sitting on big,flowers decorated bed,den she saw one gift  kept aside on table wid note,she take it n read it, it was msg from her hubby to her
‘I wanna see u in dis attire’,

Den she opened box n it was short transparent red nighty,n he understood her hubby’s intentions n blushed while thinking about him,she took dat nighty n move towards washroom,she took bath n wore dat nighty which her hubby brought for her,n came out of washroom..,

Den at same time her hubby entered n he saw swara in dat nighty..,he immediately locked d door n moved n looks towards her..,he was stumbled n awestruck to see her stunning hotness…,

increasing more n more desired in his..,

He came forward while looking towards her from top to bottom wid desired eyes… 
N soon he held her hand n pulled her towards him,she lost her balance by his sudden action, n fell on him.., 
N he lowered his head towards her neck n started caressing her neck by his lips.., swara closed her eyes..,  

While kissing her neck he said..,

Sanskar : swara u are looking like too much s*xy n hot.., I’m going to crazy on u.., see ton8 i won’t allow u to take even breath…,

Swara by listening her Hubby’s naughty talk opened her eyes in jerk n smiled looking towards him n understood his intentions.., 

N he lost in her beautiful eyes..,

He said..,

Sanskar : I love u swara..,
Swara : I love u too sanskar

Den passionate eyelock takes place for a while,n then after breaking eyelock he started to move his hands all over her back,
she was feeling excitement,

He raised her chin while looking into her beautiful eyes deeply, n brought her face close to his n she closed her eyes while giving him +ve sign,

He smiled seeing her reaction, n soon he captured her yet soft rosy pinkish lips,their lips touched,he were kissing smoothly n she also started giving response, he were kissing her softly in romantic way while swara was also spreading love in her  kiss, the heat in both got increasing more n more, n they started kissing passionately..,

simultaneously his hands roaming on her body sensuously,

He started sucking her lips hungrily, n he takes her lower lip in his mouth n started sucking n biting it,swara takes his upper lip in her mouth n started sucking it,n after some 10 n half min,he starts suck her both lips very hungrily by taking both of dem in his mouth,her legs started getting
weak.., he understood it n engulfed her fully in his tight embrace,now swara was standing wid full support of sanskar,

He was biting on her Rosy lips in a desire of drinking all juice of dem,n den she opened her mouth for moan n he quickly took dis chance n entered into her mouth,started sucking her tounge by his,their tounges get entangled wid each other,likewise they were too busy in their kissing, after 25min of kissing they parted away for breathing,they joined their forheads n was breathing heavily..,

Sanskar:(desiredful eyes) swara I eagerly want u badly
Swara : (shy) I’m all urs sanskar…,

After listening dis he smiled by getting signal from his gorgeous wifi,

n she was blushing hard after meeting his gaze by her..,

he held swara in his arms n moved towards bed, he was holding her in bridal style,n gently placed her on bed n kissed her forhead,

He lied beside her,started kissing eyes,cheeks,nose tip sensously n passionately,n again started drinking n kissing her rosy lips hungrily yet passionately,

While kissing he started rolling his hands on her soft boobs,n soon wid rhythm of kiss,he started pressing his hands on her boobs,n she was struggling for breath,he was pressing her boobs more n more,

She started to push him for gaining breathing, but he was nt at all moved by inch moreover tight his grip on her, n biting her lips more wildly wid pressing boobs more,
Soon he was out of breath n he left her,den she took deep breath n hit on his chest by her soft hands..,

Sanksar :(huskily) I told u na.., dis is just starting babe..,

Swara blushed more..,

Sanskar started kissing her neck by lieing on top of her,n den he moved towards her ears,licking her earlobe,

She was lieing on d bed under him wid closed eyes n moaning slowly which driving him more crazily…,
She was holding bedsheet tightly,

den soon he released her nighty from her delicate body,n also took his clothes off,
swara was now in her innerwares only,

Sanskar slowly moving his face to her boobs which were waiting to jump from her bra’s grip,he appreciated for d assets, n started folding her boobs,
Touch on her boobs provoke her to moan,

He turned her around n started licking behind her neck,n kissing her shoulder..,

She was going mad with his every lick n kiss.

He brought his hands close to d hook of her bra, n moving it slowly n sensuously on her back,den soon he unhooked her bra,He still went down kissing her bare milky back more passionately, n reached her delicate waist..,

Den he turned her around, took her bra n threw it aside..,
His eyes widened in excitement by seeing her milky circular tight boobs wid erect nipples,

He looked up little, n was watching her boobs wid lustful eyes n immediately brought his face on her left curve,

His warmth breath on her boobs was increasing heat in her body,he took his tongue n liked her nipples, her body was vibrating now,she caresses his hairs,

He took her nipple in his mouth n started to suck,now she held his head n was pressing him more on her,he was started sucking hungrily n more hard n also starts biting,she was moaning ahhhmm…. 

AaaHhhhmmm… Aaahhhhmmmmm 

Den he came towards her r8 curve,n started fondling both boobs by his hand n was pressing dem badly..,
Den she raised her moaning wid taking his name sssaannsskkarr… While taking deep breath….
Her moaning increased more..,
N he started sucking her r8 curve..,he 
started biting her r8 nipples more n more passionately n hungrily..in pain she said..,
Swara : sanskar slow plzzzz

But he was nt ready to listen her, he was pressing her both boobs forcefully.., N sucking her r8 boob, simultaneously was squeezing her left boob by his hand..,

She was moaning loud.., Den he again goes towards her lips n started kissing wildly,den came towards her boobs..,

pressing dem more hard by his hands.., started sucking her nipples one by one hungrily.., n soon starts biting on all over her boobs..,
Now she was moaning more loudly..

Swara : ssannsskkkaaarrr slow plzz,its became hard..,

For making her calm he came towards her face N kissing all over her face softly by opened mouth..,

Den he came down wid his tongue n licked her deep cleavage, n soon started kissing n sucking her boobs..,

Den he shifted to her navel,sucked her navel deep,she was moaning loudly..,

Slowly came towards down while kissing, take off her panty.., again came down more,n starting to licking her feet n sucking her toes,moving up he licking n kissing her s*xy legs,reached her milky thighs,n starts bit dem..,
While she was pressing her boobs in pleasure wid closed eyes,n still making s*xy sounds,

n soon she became out of control n pulled him up n rolled ,came on top of him, n starts kissing n biting all over his bare chest,den came towards his lips n starts kissing he was also responded, n den she bite his upper lip hard now he went all crazy n starts kissing her lips wildly..,den he rolled n pressed her under him…,

He was pressing her boobs hard by his chest,n slowly slowly his kiss beacame more passionate n hungry n den after sometime he left her when he was out of breath,n kept his head on her boobs n starts breathing heavily,while her condition was same she was breathing heavily n was panting.., 

Her boobs was moving up n down in a preocess of gaining breath.., his head was slightly moving up n down wid her boobs..,

It was same for 15-20min den she spoke wid desired..

Swara : sanskar now stop teasing me plzzz,I want u eagerly….

Sanskar by listening dis looked at her face n starts squeezing her both boobs by his hands harder n harder he came down n starts kissing all over her hips n waist,she was moaning loudly,

Swara : ssaannnsskkkaarr.. Plzzz stop… I want u….,

by listening his name through her moaning he came on top of her,lick all over her face n bite her soft fairy pinkish cheeks,den lips n shifted to boobs… Sucked dem hard… Bite dem hungrily.. She was moaning loudly by taking his name,he got more excited n started sucking,pressing,biting all over boobs more erotically once again.,N finally went to her lower…,

1st slowly kissing n licking her thighs n biting dem, came upward slightly n starts doing love on her lower while she was moaning n pressing his head more,

now she was moaning more loudly
 Swara : ssaaaannnsskkkaaasrrrrr….

Then widout waisting any tym he starts entered into her

Swara :aahhh aahhhh 

Sanskar starts thrusting 1st slowly slowly.., but it was of no use.., she was so tight,den he inserted slightly into her by thrusting some more hard shots,
Wid dis she started crying in pain.. N was saying 

Swara : (crying)sanskar leave me plzz,its paining so much,I can’t bear dis,
N starts pushing him forcefully.., 
But he was tightning his grip more on her,her all efforts goes vain..,

Den she gave up..,
N being lieing like dat only widout any movement,

Den he looks towards her,n seeing her in pain he feels somewhat guilty, goes upward,n starts to make her calm…,

Gave peck on her lips wid massaging her boobs,n was looking into her beautiful eyes lovingly..,while she also participated in eyelock wid painful eyes.., den he said widout breaking passionate eyelock..,

Sanskar : (lovingly wid caressing her fairy pinkish cheeks by his one hand while his other hand was busy roaming on her boobs,he slightly pressing bith boobs side by side)

Jaan..!!! I love u more Dan anything..

Swara was just staring him in unable to replying him back..,

Den he starts sucking n licking her neck,beautiful face,nose tip,rosy soft lips,ears,bare shoulder,callerbone wid pressing her both boobs by his hand passionately yet erotically,

Now she was becoming normal slowly slowly…,

He was squeezing her both little candies by his hands Passionately,

Den starts moving his hands on her boobs softly yet passionately,

Den swara took his face into her palms n moved his face upward n stops at her rosy soft lips,starts giving kiss on his lips softly.., den he also joined her wid kissing passionately.., it was soft kiss showing love towards each other.., which broke after 20 min for grasping breathing,den their forheads joins both of them was breathing heavily..,

she cupped his face n looks into his eyes deeply.., n said

Swara : I love u too sanskar…,

Wid saying dis she hugged him,n he hugged her back n said wid tightening his grip on her bare delicate soft body wid pressing her curves under his hard bare chest…,

Sanskar : I love u more

Swara while smiling : I know

N after sometime they broke d hug, he was looking into her beautiful eyes intensively n deeply.., wid asking permission from her to move further..,

Then by seeing her Hubby’s desperateness,Swaragave him permission to move further by closing her eyes..,

Sanskar smiled seeing his wifi’s cute,beautiful,innocent face,n move downwards, 1st starts thrusting slowly n den afterwards increased his speed.
Now he was half into her…

Den again he sees who was moaing n crying in pain..,

Den he called her name..,

Sanskar : (lovingly) swara..,

Swara looks towards him n assures him dat she is fine..,

Den he took sigh of relief.., n again starts stroking..,
After more hard deep thrusting he was into her fully

Now she cried loudly..,

Swara : (crying) ssaannsskkkarrr…

Sanskar goes upwards n starts loving her to make her normal…,

Soon she became silent…
 Den he came downward… N started giving hard stroke. Swara moaned loudly…,but he was not in his sense now to listen her n starts thrusting hard n deep..,

He was applying all his force, likewise he was totally involved in making love wid swara by helding her delicate waist firmly..,

Now slowly slowly swera’s pain was vanishing..,n she started to feeling nice,sanskar looks towards her while stroking into her.,now he was feeling good by seeing dat swara also starts enjoying….

sanskar was applying strokes n moving in n out,

Sanskar was more faster now…, while swara was moaning his name..,

Likewise after 2hr of hard n deep thrusting he spurted all his joy into her while she was too much tired due to series of orgasm.., she was sweating badly…
While sanskar falled on her boobs wid panting heavily..,
Both was panting n sweating while swara was too tired but sanskar was nt done yet, he was breathing heavily..,

Then they stayed like dis 15-20min den he came towards her lips n starts kissing passionately n lovingly by pressing boobs wid his hands…

again goes downward while swara was pleading him by seeing his actions..

Swara : Sanskar not more plzzz,I’m feeling so tired,I’m unable to bear it more,plzzz stop

But sanskar’s lust overpower on him n he was nt at all ready to listen her.,

He sets on entrance of her…,n starts thrusting hardly more n more.. Harder n harder..,was continuously giving non-stop wild shots…, he was trying his best to enter into her more deeply.., 

While she wants to pleading but her voice was nt ready to come out of her mouth..,
She was too much tired but her lustful hubby was nt ready to give any heed to her..,

He was giving stroke one by one,harder n harder..,

Den after 1:30hr he again came out of her, now he was panting heavily dan previous,n landed on her boobs wid panting heavily. after 25min he starts to move n move to take her short candies of one curve inside his mouth n sucking n biting it while his hands was on her other boob squeezing harder n harder..

While swara was in more tired state n after 2-3 min of sanskar falled on her curves she immediately went into her deep sleep.., due tomuch more tiredness,

While sanskar was busy in sucking,biting,licking n playing wid her boobs passionately n hungrily..,

After 30 min he again feeling desired of making love wid swara,wid dis longing he goes downward n starts thrusting harder n harder.,, while swara opened her eyes wid half unconscious state, Wid feeling tremendous pain..,n tried to look towards sanskar who was too much busy in giving deep n harder shots into her. But she was lieing like dis only coz she was unable to do anything..,

After coming out sanskar landed on her boobs wid thud.., n after feeling relaxation he starts playing wid her curves again..

This thrusting n after feeling tiredness stopped for sometine n after dat playing wid her boobs hungrily n starting kissing on swara’s rosy soft lips wid giving some bites on her pinkish lips…, this process of sanskar continues till morning 10:00am n after dis he was feeling much more tiredness due to heavy work of whole n8 n now wid dis sweating n tiredness sanskar left swara in all manner.., 

he lied on bed next to swara wid closing eyes n panting heavily, he came very close to swara n engulfed swara in his very tight embrace…, n went to more deep sleep due to much more heavy tiredness….,

While swara was nt in her sense coz she was really very much tired due to sanskar’s act of nt letting her to take sleep whole n8 which she was needed badly…, n moreover swara was nt in condition to speak

or do something in attempt of resist sanskar…,
Whole n8 was very much heavy for swara to pass.., coz of her Hubby’s too much hungriness..

Swara was only in half opened eyes due to tiredness, n was trying looking towards sanskar in a feeling of stopping him..  But she can’t due to unbearable deep pain..,

At last after beyond so much struggle when sanskar slept while holding n 
embracing swara very much tightly..,
Swara took a deep sigh of relief n she also went into deep sleep widin no tym in a trying of holding sanskar by her soft hands….,

Like dis heavenly couple went into deep sleep due to very much tiredness wid each other embrace peacefully engulfed wide smile on their lips of satisfaction…,

Sanskar was very much caring n loving husband.., he was nt able to bear single drop of tear in swara’s beautiful eyes,
He does love swara wid so much intensity  n deepness.., 

while swara also does love to sanskar by her heart although it was nt more n same like sanakar, it was little in front of sanskar’s love ,but her love towards him was very much true.., while sanskar’s love towards swara was increasing n growing more n more coz of her outside too much preety beauty n inside innocency…, sanskar’s love was also very much true n real towards swara. Swara was sanskar’s life,n was everything for him…

Wid this too much care n love towards each other…., 5 years were passed n now sanskar was on cloud 9, coz swara gave him good news dat he is going to b proud father soon… 

Sanskar’ s care towards swara was increasing more n more wid her every month passing, swara’s mood swings requested anything at any time,but sanskar was fulfilling her every n each little wish which she was saying or nt saying..,
Sanskar smiled lovingly by seeing towards swara when his wifi did so much naughty antics due to her mood swings…,

Like dis 9 months passed n swara gave birth to one little beautiful angel, n wid dis sanskar won bet wid swara coz he told swara always dat he wants baby girl just like carbon copy of his Wifi…, but swara was adamant dat they will have prince charm, just like his sanskar..,
But now sanskar n swara both was beyond happie coz of entry of gorgeous angel in their life “[email protected]”…,

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