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Hi, Guys…i have uploaded this episode ..yesterday night but it shows some error..so, i’m again uploading..sry for late…



After our cute and lovable love track..Finally, I reveled about our LOVE to my Mom..She agrees for it..Later, I met her father..Firstly, he rejects me becoz, of our economical problems at that time.. and my Rock star Position.!…he just say’s he want his daughter to have a secure life…! I and pragya tries our best to convince him..but, he is not ready to agree for it…We felt so sad and stops talking for 1 week…but soon realizes Pragya and I can’t stay’s without each other ..so, we decides to get married! On her birthday I took pragya to temple and fill her maang with sindhoor! And ties a black thread as mangalsutra..! I just saw happy tears in her beautiful eyes..and promises her I will be there for her always..even we r together or not…I promised her to marry legally once I clears my Economical problems…she to accepts this with full happiness… Pragya and I return to our homes..
Soon, I started to concentrate on my Problems which I want to solve..It’s some Economical problem about our business..So, I want to help my dad and starts to work on Business..…But, unexpectedly I find something fishy in Pragya’s behavior..she just ignores me and didn’t talk to me properly..Firstly I take it light..but, I can’t stay without her so, I just comforts her in our meeting and asks about reason…Pragya simply say’s “Now, we can’t be together..becoz, I’m going to marry my aunt’s son…”.I just get shocked and scolds her angrily and leaves from there with heavy heart…. I just couldn’t understand anything..Why she’s doing like this..?? I really can’t able to believe..My Pragya, who loves me Madly..wants to go away from me forever..?

After 1 week:
Pragya came to my flat …I just starts leaving by seeing her..she holds my hand and stops me..I just stand like a statue with no expression in face..she slowly Ask’s” R u still Angry on me?” I’m hardly tries to control myself…She slowly cupped my face and say’s” Abhi! I’m sorry…But it’s true…We have to get separated…!! I slaps her hardly …and stares her Angrily…! I found sad and tears in that same beautiful eyes in which I always found love and care for me…She cries and say’s “I want to leave from ur Life..! It’s My decision..Abhi!!” I pull her closer to me without leaving a gap..! and say’s” U want to go away from me? U don’t love me..Right? Then, why u r breathing heavily when i’m near to u? Why I can still noticing some feeling in your eyes for me? Is This Not Love?” She sees me emotionally and finally breakdown. in my Arms and hugs me tightly…! She sobs hardly.. My heart melts seeing her tears and Slowly I understood something is behind her decision..I slowly care her hairs and calm her down…!
I made her sit beside me and cover her with my protective hands….! I then, slowly Asks” What happen Pragya? Why u have to marry ur Aunt’s son? Pragya sit’s silently…After some time she slowly say’s” I have to do this….For My Father!” I get’s surprise and ask’s” What? He knows that U love me!” Pragya nodes and say’s” But he rejected our Love..!” I stood up and slowly goes to face to face and ask’s” What’s the reason? I know u love ur Dad..but Hw u agree for this marriage?” Pragya looks at me with teared eyes and say’s” Abhi! I have to do for my Dad..! It’s his LAST WISH…..Abhi! I get’s shocked and holds her shoulders Ask’s” What?” Pragya hardly tries to control her tears and say’s” Yes! He’s suffering from pancreatic cancer..! Just 1 yr left for him..” I ‘m hell shocked and ask’s” What? but how suddenly…??” Pragya say’s” As a medical student…I came to know about this matter 2 weeks ago. Abhi say’s” But cancer? With out any symptoms..?” Pragya slowly wipes her tears and say’s” It’s pancreatic cancer..it will not have any symptoms..!”..What can i do Abhi? How can i ignore my dad?” I say’s” Hw can u ignore my Pain pragya? ha? ” Pragya see’s with teared eye and say’s” I have to do this for my Dad..Abhi! I just have only him…! He’s going away from me soon… I can’t hurt him…Abhi!” I just lost my control and say’s” It’s ur Life..Dammit! why don’t u understood? U can’t be happy with any other….! For ur Dad’s wish..U r going to ruin ur Life..Pragya?” Pragya wipes her tears and say’s” This life is given by him..Abhi! I can’t forget ….He’s my Father..! Who brought up me with much love & care! He won’t let me feel Motherless..Up to now! Today, if he didn’t accept my love..So, I too don’t care about him…right? No..Abhi! If i do this na? then,It won’t called as Relation..It’s just called Business…Abhi!”.I just see’s her helplessly….! I control hard to hide my tears and slowly say’s” Pragya…!” She turns to me and hugs me..I just broke into tears..she slowly console me..and say’s” Abhi! plz if ur love for me is True!..then, i’m just asking u ..plz don’t make me loose this only chance..by which My dad will be happy…plz Abhi!” She then leaves from there..with tears….! I just stood like a statue can’t able to understand what to do?
I just can’t able to understand anything…Hw can i make her away from me.? After thinking a lot, I just want to take her with me,,becoz, she is my wife now!…but I understood that she will never be happy by being with me becoz of her guilty about her father’s last wish….so, I frees her from my love and leaves from there along from her Life…
I not only left her…But left my Passion..my Goal…My Rock Star position..! becoz, without my love I can’t compose any love songs..ect, so, I can’t give justice to my Position..for my Fan’s who made me Rock star..but, My heart cannot leave MUSIC…So, I take up Dad’s business and also starts signing New Albums and consorts with New faces….!

I just came back to senses and found It’s 10 at Night! I calls back my Dad and say’s”” Dad! I’m coming..u don’t worry…” My dad’s cut’s off and say’s” What about Ansh….abhi?” I slowly see’s Ansh face while he’s sleeping and say’s” Don’t worry dad! I will handle everything..” My dad had no option than to agree so, he just say’s” KK..”


Later, I informed Marie about our Trip…she too wanna come but, her daughter is ill health..she needs her..so, I leaves to Airport with Ansh….! Ansh is so excited to travel….but I know hw much he has to face…I want to hide his past from him..!…. After checking in, I entered into Plane With Ansh..and seated in our seats… While flight takes off…Ansh hugs me tightly with fear…and after sometime, he fall’s asleep in my lap… I just cares his face and thinks” Ansh! I know I’m taking u back….in which u again recall’s ur past.which i want to hide from u…but, I don’t have any option than this…and I’m promising u..beta..I will try best to handle everything…”!!

I’m not able to sleep so, lost in My Pragya’s thoughts….! A journey like this 6 months Ago..changes my life completely….!

Thank u so much..Friends…. Hope u will like this episode…Next episode will surprises u..!
Thank u..Di, B.k Maha, Asmitha, varsha, Akshaya Di, Surbhi,suhani, prathi, saranya,Riya, rithu, durga, mukund bhai, reshma, sandy, smiti…sry if i forget any one..By all ur support and love..I have successfully completes 5 episodes..Thank u so much..!
Thank u..so much for ur sweet surprise..Akshaya Di.

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