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Hi, Guys..I’m so blessed for getting ur all huge support and love..Thank u..so much…! And Guys i know u all having some confusing recording story..But I will clear ur all doubts soon…Till then, STAY TUNED..My Dears..!!

Soon, Ansh falls asleep on my chest..I just lost in some thoughts while caring his innocent face…..


I just thought about my DESTINY AND IT’S GAMES……..and I must praise it…hahh… I went to my past ..5 yrs ago
ABHISHEK KHANNA! A leading Rock star of country..but, he has so much things which he stores in his Heart….sry..My heart is stolen by a girl 5 yrs..ago..her name is Pragya Kundra! Hahh, she is so simple, sensitive and talk Active girl… I Just fell in love with her deeply, madly and Truly…At that time I used to stay in Mumbai with my parents…We are a very Family…..! My mom is best-est friend with whom I shared everything…..My life is just as a open book to her..!

I still remember that Day, I have to perform In a Famous youth college…! Actually, It’s a competition and I’m Invited as Cheif Guest! By their request I accepted to perform there…! I know Youth are very powerful..They can Achieve anything if they want..!

I entered Collage with Full security! and All students are busy in asking photographs and selfies, Autographs..I’m so happy to receive their Warm Welcome…! When i was entering I just saw a beautiful Rose garden ….! I just saw a beautiful Lady in That Garden…yes, It’s my Pragya! She’s in white salwar and spraying water on Rose plants…I just get’s mesmerized seeing her Beauty! She’s so simple…and 1fact which attracts me most is her simplicity Nature….! All the people in clg are busy with me..but, she never give me a look…. I just Smiles seeing her …and slowly came to senses….


I was seated on stage and Principle and Other staff are so busy in praising me..I just smiled at them..But feeling Bore..My eyes were searching Just Pragya! I notices Pragya slowly comes with her friends and seated in a row..she is beautifully smiling and listening to their Principle speech! But My eyes are just stick on her…! After sometime, I starts my performance and completes it perfectly…I received a huge applause and Then, I had a break..!

I’m getting fresh up..just then, some one knocked the door…I opened it and Get’s shock..! It’s Pragya! But at that Time, I didn’t know her Name..! so, I just smiled with out saying anything…Pragya slowly comes in..and Introduced her self….! I ‘m still confused wither it’s my Imagination? Pragya slowly congratulates me..and say’s” Mr.Abhi..The Rockstar! Actually, I just came to congratulate u…U r performance is so nice…! plz don’t mistake me Rockstar..But it’s my habit..! To appreciate if i like their work..that’s it..” and leaves from there with A Cute Smile!

After break, we started Music competition..! I noticed Pragya is boost up’s her friends …! I just smiles and concentrates on Competition….Finally 2 members were announced as Winners..! Later, I didn’t saw her anywhere …..


I saw Pragya in my consert..! I was surprised but, I came to know she’s accompines with her friend Naina! …After consort I receives a Call….It’s Naina’s call ! She talked lovely and slowly confessed her feelings..Hahh i just smiled …It’s not new to me..! I know It’s not Love for me….It’s love on My profession..! I just answers her in funny manner..But i can hear 2 person’s smiles..I understood Pragya is next to her..! I slowly traced their location….and went there…I’m still talking to Naina..But Pragya took the call and say’s” Hello! Rock star….It’s not necessary that All girls are crazy for u..understood?” I said” Is that soo..then, why u came here..?” I just stand beside them saying this…Pragya’s face becomes red..I hardly controls my laugh seeing her expression..she is scolding her friend.. Just then I pat’s her and she turned towards me…Hahh she get’s shocked seeing me…She quickly runs from there with her Friend….I just say’s” Hey stop!” But she runs from there..her Eyes is in fear! hahh… I just Enjoy’s her expression..! .

By heavy chain of thoughts were broken By Ansh! he slowly wakes up and say’s” Papa! stoly[story]..!” I smiled and slowly took him in Arms and starts to tell a story…Ansh fall’s asleep again..I just layed him on bed and slowly joins him and get’s in to sleep….I know’s it’s not easy to tell about her in 1 day….!

Next Morning, Ansh insisted to go Park….I know it’s been a Long time..I took him there..so, I said kk..and Informs Mary…! We both get’s ready and leaves to Park…! Ansh is so excited becoz, he’s having some friends to play..! We walked for sometime in Grass…Ansh is holding my fingure and asking some questions…I just smiles and answers him….! After sometime, I slowly leaves him in Play area….! I just stay there to see wither he’s comfortable or not..But Ansh involves in playing with his friends….! I receives a important Call…I just answers it and talks for sometime…Suddenly, I saw a beautiful girl with Lot’s of balloons in Hands…! I just remember My Pragya seeing this….! My Pragya loves Balloons…! she just behaves like a child if she get’s balloons….! I lost in remembering her…Just then, I heard Ansh crying..He get’s slipped and fell down ..I hurriedly Runs towards him….He’s crying in pain..I slowly consoles him and takes him in Arms…His tears are hurting me…I consoles him and slowly wipes his tears…I buys some Balloons for him..he get’s calm and lay’s his head on my shoulder….I know he’s scare! After sometime, he becomes Normal and we both visit’s ZOO….and I noticed his cute smile back on his face.. and get’s happy…After some hours we both left to home….Ansh runs to Marie and explains about everything in ZOO! with full excitement.. Marie hears everything with smile on her face..! . I smiled seeing their conversation….and slowly left to Work with out his knowledge..while Mary helps me…!!


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