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Hi, Guys…I’m so sorry if i bore u all with my episode…But I’m trying my best to present story in a best way….!! Don’t worry by this episodes..I hope i will clear some doubts of u…!




While I’m leaving to my hotel…I find’s Pragya on road…she is searching for some thing…she esquires every one there…I went to her and ask’s what’s the matter…she simply say’s nothing…she’s having some work and leaves from there..i feel’s something strange in her behaviour and ask’s about it but she changes the topic….!

Gradually, Pragya’s behaviour turns into fishy…I was sensing some thing is there which she’s hiding from me..!! But i’m not her husband to raise a question to her..! So, i just stay calm and starts absorbing her….!!


I was returning to New york..becoz, My work is completed …I get’s ready and leaves to Airport..! While i’m on the way…I saw A lady is hurriedly running towards a Dark isolated direction…When i get near her I was hell shocked…I find She’s Pragya!! She really looks so scare and hurry..! I really can’t able to understand why she’s here? That too at this time? I Strongly believes some thing Fishy..! so, I followed her secretly and get’s into Surroundings of An Old Building..! It looks like a old factory..! I saw Pragya went inside by hiding..! I decided to wait outside only…So that I can catch her RED HANDEDLY!!

I waited nearly for 2 hrs in my car….Suddenly I heard some Screams and Noises…. I tries to go there..but I saw Pragya is coming towards my Car by carrying a Li’ll boy in hands…!! I get’s shocked seeing her and get’s down from my car..and tries to help her…Pragya falls in my hand and handover’s Ansh to me… For the first time, I feel some unconditional love towards him by looking at his innocent face!..Ansh is not in conscious and his hands are tied with ropes…It’s so horrible to see a child of Just 2yrs..in that situation..I tries to removes the ropes and after a lot of struggle I became successful in it..then, I found some wounds on Ansh’s lip corner and get’s Angry.. I come to my senses and find’s Pragya is in pain..find’s she is bleeding.. Someone stabs her….I tries to carry her but she resists me and say’s” Plz take my Ansh and go from here…plz don’t inform anyone..plz plz .!” I get’s confuse but she hurry up’s me. and say’s”Plz don’t leave Ansh alone..plz be with him..for ever..!”.i didn’t understand anything…Soon, I lifts Ansh in my hands and placed him in my car..later, I lifts pragya but find’s she is semi conscious…..I cries seeing her and carries her to my car and places her back…I started my car and Soon reaches Hospital…Doctors take Ansh and Pragya inside…I waits outside tensely..Soon, Doc comes to me and informs that Ansh is having some wounds and he is starving from 2 days…After Listening this I couldn’t able to control My Angry and shows my Anger on near by things….I just sit silently and tries my Best to control My Anger…Later, I apologize to doctor for my Behavior..!

After sometime, Doc informs Pragya is NO more! I just get’s shocked and sit’s as lifeless body…2 day’s just passed like that I was still in shock sitting like that…..Soon, A small hand touches my figure and see’s me innocently and call’s Mamma?…yes, it’s Ansh…! I just looks at him with tears…and thinks .Hw can I make that Child understand that his mother is no more…tears r rolling in my eyes… Soon, I takes him in my Arms and hugged him emotionally .Soon, A nurse comes to me and say’s”Sorry sir..we r so worried seeing his bed empty..and tries to take him from me..but Ansh holds my shirt tightly and starts crying…I signs her to go and slowly takes Ansh to his room and lies him on bed and sit’s beside him…Ansh looks so weak..his hands has selain tubes… I couldn’t see him like this…. Slowly Ansh falls asleep…I just thought to take Ansh responsibility..! I slowly comes out from my thoughts and cares his innocent face…

I know I’m most Luckiest person who got a lovely son..who loves and cares his Papa..!! Though My destiny makes Pragya away from me..But It gives Back some love in the form of My Ansh..!! For this, I always thanks God..!! Slowly I saw time and Lay’s Ansh on bed and soon get’s in to sleep..!!

To be continued.…..!!


Hi, guys..I know i make u sad ..by killing pragya…!! But plz.don’t worry…!! As a Abhigya Fan…i too can’t separate them .!! Just Drop ur comments/ suggestions down ..So, that i can make some changes in my story line…..!!Silent readers i’m requesting u too..plz drop ur valuable comments..plz

Thank u….Akshaya Di, Saranya, sandy,AS,prathi, Sugan, Asmitha, Reshma, varsha, Madhura, Di…sry if i miss any one…
I’m so sorry Mukund Bhai..for making u feel bored by my episode…I will try to clear everything soon…Plz keep supporting me…

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