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LOVE IS………….. (OS)

Hello?” asked Twinkle, who slowly entered the room. The whole room was dark. She began searching for the switches but couldn’t find them.

“Urgh..Kunj called me here and has himself has disappeared.”


Kunj had planned a date with Twinkle at his home. Twinkle was wearing a beautiful pink lace gown glittering in the moonlight.

Suddenly, someone’s lips crashed into hers. But Twinkle didn’t resist, because she knew this was Kunj’s.

They had kissed millions of times before and now Twinkle was used to it. She wrapped her hands around his nape, causing him to move closer to her.

“Oh god! You taste wonderful.” said Kunj, after they separated for breath.

“You too.”

Kunj had placed a beautiful table there, decorated with florals, which was looking really gorgeous.

A beautiful song, composed by Kunj himself was going on in the background.

“It’s looking stunning! Ah, I love you Kunj.” Twinkle screamed in joy.

They had their dinner there, which consisted of all Twinkle’s favourite delicacies.(which was actually everything)

“You are looking stunning.” he said, looking at her with awe.

“Only stunning?” she narrowed her eyes and asked.

“Hot!” he said and captured her lips again.

He trailed kissed down to her jaw line, then to her nape. He sucked it and left a love bite there.

He came closer to her.

As he came closer to her, he could feel her br*asts. Aroused by it, he left her lips and went to her br*asts. He took his clothes off.

He laid her down on the bed to make her feel comfortable.

He cupped her br*asts. They were so soft and fitted his palms perfectly, as it was made for him only.

He slowly massaged her left br*ast.  He then sucked on her right nipple, licking and biting it as he goes.

Her moans and groans were certainly loud. She was such a loud screamer. But that only added to the thrill.

Her hands were on his hair, pulling it for every pleasure she feels. She was feeling wet.

 “Ahh..” she moaned. She kissed him again.

She gave Kunj entrance and she felt him licking every part of her mouth.

“Take me.”

They switched their positions.Twinkle stripped her gown down. She was now on the top. She stripped his boxers off. She gulped at his arousal. It was huge!

She held it in her hand, and began pumping fast. She licked the tip.

Her lick sent warm shivers to Kunj, and then he pre-cummed.

She started licking his shaft, feeling the authority over him.

She swallowed his length whole, and began playing with his arousal.

They again switched their positions, and it was now Kunj’s turn to tease her a little bit.

Now on top of her, she made his way to her s*x. She moaned and moaned as he pushed his tongue in her slit.

He inserted his finger in her followed by the next. As Kunj began thrusting inside her, Twinkle kept moaning loudly.

She felt him position his erection in his entrance, she took a deep breath. She could feel it. As Kunj thrusted once more, she cried.

Kunj kissed her on her eyes, to make her stop crying.

Kunj asked her,”Shall I continue?”

“Go on.” she replied.

He started moving slowly. She tried to adjust herself to him, asking him to thrust faster.

“Ahh…faster, yeah.” she moaned.

He thrusted once more, and then they reached their seventh heaven.

“I love you.” she said.

“I love you too.” Kunj replied as they both slept, cuddling in each other’s arms.

Twinkle woke up and found that she had been laying in Kunj’s arms. She could feel the cool air coming from the A.C, and she realized that she was naked! And so was Kunj.

She quickly got up and wore her clothes. Their clothes had been scattered all over the floor. She smiled and blushed, remembering how wild they had gone yesterday night. It had been the best night ever for her.

She went inside the bathroom and freshened up. Kunj’s love bites oh her nape were barely visible.

She changed her clothes, into a simple green anarkali suit, and tied her hair in a ponytail.

Kunj too woke up, as the sun rays fell directly on his eyes when Twinkle drew up the curtains.

“Aye Twinkle..Close the curtains. I wanna sleep for some more time.” said Kunj.

“No, wake up! It’s almost 10.” she replied.

“No, please??” he said and pouted like a little kid.

“I said NO na, that means no.” she said calmly.

“Fine..but I have one condition!” said Kunj.


“I want a morning kiss!”

“NO WAY!!”


Twinkle had to agree, as she couldn’t resist that cute, pouty smile.

“Fine, but go and brush you teeth first.” she said, making an ugly face.

“Your wish, my command!” said Kunj, as he went and brushed his teeth.


Kunj returned and sat on his bed.Twinkle also went and sat in front of him.

Kunj’s hand slid around her petit waist, as Twinkle’s hands curled up around his nape.

The kiss started slowly, but grew passionate over time. Her tongue sweeped inside his mouth, expressing her dominance over him.

The same was with Kunj.

They left each other, only when they were out of breath.

“That was great.” said Kunj.

Suddenly,Twinkle stood up, and went running inside the bathroom. She lost herself, and began puking.

Kunj realized this, and called out,”HEY! I had just brushed my teeth. Do I taste that bad that it caused you to vomit?”

“SHUT UP!” was the reply.

Twinkle wiped her face and came out, looking very weak.

“Kya tum vahi soch rahe ho, jo main soch rahi hun?” she asked.

“Lagta toh kuch aisa hi hain.” he replied.

“Lemme check.” said Twinkle.

Kunj was surprised knowing that Twinkle carried a pregnancy kit with her around in her handbag. She went inside the bathroom.

When she came out, she had an expression of surprise and amazement on her pretty face.

Kunj understood the good news. They looked at each other and shouted together,



7 years later,

“Daddy! DADDY!” screamed Kyra.

“Just stop screaming my little princess. I’m coming.” replied Kunj.

“M.O.M.M.A!!” chanted Vihaan.

“Yes yes dear..I’m just coming.” replied Twinkle.

Both Twinkle and Kunj came running towards them.

“Where is my lunchbox?”

“Where are my studs?”

“Where are my specs?”

“Where is my water bottle?”

The two kids thundered them with questions, leaving a sweaty Kunj and Twinkle.

“Ha, ha ,abhi laaye.” they both said in chorus, and ran in different directions to fetch their things.

They both entered the kitchen, and banged their heads against each other.

“OWW!” they both cried.

Kunj-Twinkle never expected their two twin kids to boss around them like that.

Finally, when Kunj and Twinkle gave their things to them, they met in the kitchen.

“Baby, one kiss please.” said Kunj.


But they ended up kissing passionately, but only for a short moment.

Then, Kyra and Vihaan shouted again,” D.A.D.D.Y…M.O.M.M.A.!!!” 

They both separated as they ran towards them with a spur-of-the-moment.

Kunj thought,”Oh god!! Yeh kaise bachche diye hain tune mujhe? Shaanti se ek kiss bhi nahi karne dete.”

Twinkle thought,”Hey bhagwan! Aaj kal ke bacche bhi na!”

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