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Love is not waste of time – Episode 3

Lucky fully drunk in that shail and regana also coming to same party

Lucky : oh ragini in dreams also u are coming but u are not coming in real

Regana : oh leave my hand iam not your ragini leave my hand

Lucky : ragini I don’t know its real or dream but u are with me now so iam. Happy ragini

Regana : oh iam not your…oh my god from your hand blood is coming

Lucky : no iam fine its just a accident ragini I fell now also just my ragini is speaking to me?

Regana : no its not fine from hand your lot of blood is coming I will do first acid come with

Lucky: no u look like my ragini. ragini where are u I love u so much I will waiting for u…..

Regana: no come with me

Regana is doing first acid for lucky

Lucky: u do just like my ragini in first acid also

Regana : just shut up iam not your ragini k u have fully drunk who came with ??

Lucky: my ragini is with me so I will go with her she is in my heart I will go

When lucky get up lucky fall on ragini ..reganai shouts ahhhhh

And then she keeps quite .

Regana: yeah u pls get up what happened to u???

Then shail comes

Shail: who is this stupid lieing on u ???yeah u ???

Shail beats lucky and says how dare u leing on my wife shail beatsbeats badly

Regana: shail pls cool down shail pls don’t beat him pls shail

Shail: no iam going hand over to police this guy

Regana: shail no pls stop beating him sahil he is not in concises pls

Shail: no iam not going to leave him

Regana: sahil pls pls he did not do wantedwanted

Shail: k then u slap him I will leave him otherwise I will not leave him what???

Regana: no sahil it is not fare I will not do this no way?

Shail: then fine I will not stop beating him

Regana: shail

Shail : what are u going to slap or not if u are going to slap

Regana: k I will slap him pls stop beating him pls pls ?

Shail: k carry on?

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