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love is forever (episode 6)

the episode starts with shagun waking up pihu

shagun: wakey wakey
pihu: 5 mintues more mama
shagun: pihu you need to go to school.


pihu gets up lazily. she sees aliya at her door.

aliya: good morning lazy head.
pihu: good morning

pihu yawns and aliya smiles. aliya enters pihu’s room.

shagun: get out of here. this is my daughter’s room.
aliya: shagun please stop. why are you blaming me for everything?
shagun: because you are not my daughter. you are an orphan!!!

aliya cries. pihu sees this.

pihu: mama why were you so rude to aliya di?

shagun gets shocked. she leaves. pihu goes near aliya.

pihu: don’t worry di. mama was in a bad mood. i am with you. don’t worry. don’t cry.

pihu wipes aliya’s tears. aliya smiles and leaves.

the next scene shifts to the bhalla house.

ruhi: ishi maa, it is time.
ishita: what time?
ruhi: it’s time to tell pihu the truth.

ishita gets shocked.

ishita: no no ruhi. she is just so small. she won’t understand.
ruhi: no ishi maa. i understood a lot of things at that age. you and papa’s marriage and that all.
ishita: but you were mature ruhi.
ruhi: pihu is mature too.
ishita: oh you don’t understand ruhi.

ishita leaves. ruhi looks on.

scene shifts to aliya’s house.

aliya is thinking in her room.

aliya: i need to say it. somehow. i need to thank adi. he did so much for me and i’m not even saying thank you. but how can i? should i surprise him

she gets her phone.

aliya: no he did only small things. i should only call and apologize.

aliya calls adi. adi answers

adi: hello
aliya: hello its me aliya.
adi: oh aliya? are you okay now?
aliya: yes yes i am. but i need to..
adi: yes…
aliya: i need to… you know…. say….
adi: what? please aliya. im very busy. call me later.
aliya: no no i need to say…. thank you!

adi gets shocked.

adi: you know to apologize?
aliya: what do you think? i am a human being.

adi laughs. aliya smiles.

adi: well aliya, you are welcome.

nahul enters adi’s room with some files.

adi: i am busy, i will cal you later. bye
aliya: bye.

they disconnect the call. aliya smiles.

aliya: what is happening to me?

she smiles.

the next scene shifts to adi’s office.

nahul: adi sir, these files?
adi: keep it here.
nahul: adi sir i need to ask you something.
adi: yes?
nahul: i need a leave for a week.
adi: for a week?
nahul : yes sir. for my wedding.

adi gets shocked.

adi: your wedding?
nahul: yes, i did not want to tell you.
adi: you have a girl?

nahul gets shy.

adi: did you say your feelings? i man like i love you?
nahul looks up and nods.

adi: how? i am looking for some tips.
nahul: why sir? do you have someone?

adi stammers.
adi: well- no.. i mean.. yes.. for my .. you know..friend. yes.. my friend.
nahul: oh. well adi sir. tell him to say from the bottom of your heart.

adi gets thinking.

nahul: you don’t need to plan it. it just comes out.
adi: okay.

nahul gets a call.

nahul: excuse sir.

nahul leaves. adi smiles thinking of aliya.

adi: aliya… i… what am i doing? i need to get to work.

the next scene shifts to a park.

shagun is there waiting for someone. a lady comes. shagun smiles.

shagun: hello. thank you for coming.
lady: its okay.nidhi told me about you. i am miss abhita.
shagun: nice to meet you. i’m shagun.
abhita: so your problem?
shagun: i need to…. kill someone.

in the bhalla house..

ruhi: i need to tell pihu the truth… but in a simpler way. who shall i get help from?

ruhi thinks.

precap: abhita and shagun shake hands and smiles.
ruhi goes to aliya’s house.
adi goes to a shop to get a gift for aliya and aliya too does the same thing for adi.

so guys that’s it for this week. i will not be posting on weekends. see you next week
bye ! i love you guys.
please comment of what you think of this week’s episodes. also comment
the suggestions for the future

i know you all want to expose shagun, and i will do it soon.

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