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love is forever (episode 3)

episode starts with everyone enjoying pihu’s acts.
ishita: my cute daughter. everyone is happy because of you.

after pihu finishes everyone claps.


mrs bhalla: very good. very good. come on let’s have tea. I made your favorite food.
pihu: no no dadi. i need to give gifts to everyone.
mr bhalla: gifts? pihu we don’t need gifts. the best gift is you.

pihu smiles. she gives gifts to everyone. everyone gets happy seeing the gifts.

pihu: this one is for ishita. where is she?

everyone smiles. ishita comes.

pihu: this one is for you.
ishita: thank you.

ishita happily opens her gift. she gets gets shocked seeing it. pihu laughs

ishita: pihu?
pihu: a frog is good for witches. isn’t it?

everyone gets shocked. ishita cries. raman signs her to go. ishita leaves and sit down on a chair
from far.
mrs bhalla wipes her tears.

mrs bhalla: forget everything. lets have tea.

suddenly the door opens and aliya enters. ishita smiles. adi gets shocked.
everyone sees aliya and smiles.

mrs bhalla: aliya you are just in time. pihu’s here today. come we are having tea. sit down
adi: dadi don’t give tea to children of wicked parents.

aliya frowns and adi laughs.

aliya: well… i came here to give this wallet of adi. he left it on the road. i called him
but he didn’t answer. so i came here to get it.
mihika: what a good girl! but now as you are here, come have tea.

adi snatches his wallet from aliya. aliya smiles and sit down for tea.

Everyone finishes tea.

aliya: i will leave now.
adi: yes yes that will be good.

ishita comes forward and hugs aliya
ishita: today pihu is staying too. you could stay too, shagun and mani can have their own time.

everyone nods

aliya: okay. but my clothes?
ishita: don’t worry. i will tell mani to send your stuff.
aliya: where can i stay though?
ruhi: you can-

ruhi sees raman winking at her
ruhi: i mean pihu’s staying in my room. so you can stay in adi’s room.

everyone smile. adi and aliya gets shocked.

precap: aliya and adi fights on where to sleep
aliya falls on adi. ore piya plays

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