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love is forever (episode 1)

hello everyone i am starting a new series on adi and aliya’s love
hope you will enjoy it!

the episode starts with a beautiful girl reading a book, her friend taps her on the shoulder she turns back. she is aliya.
aliya: hey isha! i was just reading book on love, pure love.
isha: oh! you never stops reading about love. who is special in your life?
aliya: stop!
they both laugh.


a young lad checks files. his face is shown. he is adi.
adi: nahul! is this the way you work? give this file to papa and let him check this.

nahul takes the file and give it to raman.
nahul: mr. raman adi told me to give this to you to check.
raman. ok leave it here.

The scene shifts to the bhalla family.
a girl is shown doing her makeup. she is ruhi
ruhi: ishi ma. come here please.

ishita brings a milkshake

ishita: why? what is the-
ruhi turns and show her face. ishita get shocked

ishita: oh my! ruhi. you look very pretty today.

mrs. bhalla comes to ruhi’s room.

mrs bhalla: ruhi! my cute little princess! why are you dressed like this?
ishita: yes. whats special.

ruhi laughs.

ruhi: oh ishi ma! oh dadi! can’t you remember pihu is coming today!
mrs bhalla: ahhh! thats why. i remember very well. even i prepared her favorite food today.

ishita looks worried.

mrs bhalla: don’t worry ishita.
ishita: no mami ji. i should go to my amma’s house. pihu won’t be happy.
ruhi: no ishi ma. stay here. please. but if you want dont talk to her.

ishita and mrs. bhalla smile.

in the next scene aliya and isha is shown.

aliya: i don’t want to go to my house. with shagun creating problems. appa is so helpless to beleive her tricks
isha: but what about pihu?
aliya: yes she is so cute and fun.
isha: look there’s the bus. lets go.

they get on to the bus.

precap: pihu comes to the bhalla house. everyone welcomes her. ishita looks on from far.
aliya trips on a rock some one catches her. isha looks on smiling.

so thats it for today! i hope you guys enjoy it bye. and please give a name for adi and aliyas couple.

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