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Love Is Blind (Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi) Epi-2

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The episode starts with Ranveer’s turns good from evil face.

Ranveer:Wow now I have to somehow impress Ishani.

Next day Ranveer calls Ishani at a park and she comes in some minutes.

Ishani:Why you called me?

Ranveer closes her eyes with his hands and says

Ranveer:I know that yesterday night Harshit uncle went out of India so he can’t celebrate today’s date.

Ishani:What is there today?

Ranveer comes close to her ears and says

Ranveer:It’s a surprise

Ranveer takes her to a side and opens her eyes.Ishani gets happy seeing that.

Ranveer:Happy birthday Ishani

Ishani:How do you know my birthday?

Ranveer:I know everything

They go inside hotel and there was a special table for Ranveer and Ishani.

They have breakfast.Ranveer sees in Ishani’s eyes and gets lost.For some seconds he forgot that he is impressing her to marry and get her property.Ranveer then comes in sense and thinks

Ranveer:I should concentrate on her property instead on her.

Ishani:What are you thinking Ranveer?

Ranveer:Nothing you have your breakfast.

After having breakfast they leave for a long drive.

Ranveer:Ishani what type of guys you like?

Ishani:I like who cares for me and will give lots of love.

Ranveer smiles unknowingly.

Ranveer:And I like that type of girls who are very sweet and caring and will love me.

Precap:Ranveer to arrange a candle light dinner for Ishani.

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