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Love Is Blind (Episode 53)

Without further ado, let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Ranbir Malhotra turns out to be our dushman. Kunj enter’s Twinkle’s house at night. Twinkle gets some unclear flashes. Kunj says he’s leaving and only Twinkle can stop him. Prisha sees Twinkle and refuses to leave her. Twinkle is shocked.


Twinkle stares at Kunj who is dragging a crying Prisha away with a roller coaster of emotions running through her. Suddenly, she gets flashes of a hospital and a baby.
Twinkle- Babaji, what is happening with me? Please give me the answers to my questions please.

The Next Scene…

Kunj enters Ankush’s home. Twinkle was not home at that time. Kunj barges in and holds Ankush by his collar.
Ankush- U came here again! How dare you!
Kunj- Oh just SHUT UP!
Ankush gets startled and becomes quiet.
Kunj- Now tell me why u are doing all this.
Ankush- Doing what?
Kunj- Don’t act so bl**dy innocent. Why are you taking my Twinkle away from me? WHY!
Ankush- She is not Twinkle! She is Jasmin, my wife!
Kunj- Ahhhh!
Kunj punches Ankush.
Kunj- U better tell the truth otherwise u won’t recognize ur own face in the mirror!
Ankush gets scared.
Ankush- Ok ok…..One day, I was walking near a river in Amritsar. I saw Jasmin and Aarav lying unconscious near the river. Jasmin was shot in the arm. I took them both to the hospital. Jasmin lost her memory and couldn’t remember anything. As I started taking care of her, I fell in love with her. So I said we were married. Aarav remembered everything and denied me as his father. So I sent him to boarding school so Jasmin would not get suspicious.
Kunj- U rascal! U lied to my wife and…..
Kunj lowers his voice.
Kunj- How dare you touch her! How dare you!
Ankush- No believe me, I didn’t touch her. I admit, I tried, but Jasmin never let me. She always said she felt uncomfortable and wanted to wait until her memory came back. I realize now that u two have true love. Even though Jasmin had no memory of you, she still loved u and that prevented her from coming to me. I’m sorry. I realize my mistake. Go, take ur wife and son and go.
Kunj- That’s too late now. Twinkle doesn’t remember me.
Just then Twinkle enters.
Twinkle- U here again?
Twinkle sees Ankush is bleeding from his lips.
Twinkle- Ankush! Oh my God what happened? U! U hit him didn’t u?
Ankush- NO…Jasmin…it’s just a little scratch I got…
Kunj- Twinkle, I’m leaving today….hamesha hamesha ke liye…
Kunj gets up and as he does, Twinkle’s locket falls on the floor. Kunj leaves the house.
Twinkle- Ankush, I’ll get the first aid.
Twinkle gets the first aid and notices the locket on the floor. She picks it up and opens it. She sees the picture of her and Kunj. Suddenly pictures flash before her eyes….their memories…
Kunj lifting her up at their first meeting in Priya’s house….
Twinj in jail….
Ranbir kidnapping Twinkle…
Twinj confessing their love…
Their wedding….
Their suhaag raat….
and Prisha…..

Then she sees a bullet coming towards her as she falls of the bridge and hears Kunj yelling her name and everything goes dark….
Twinkle covers her ears with her hands.
Twinkle- NOOOOOOO!!!
Twinkle opens her eyes as a tear rolls down her cheek. Her voice cracks as she speaks.
Twinkle- Kunj…
Twinkle runs out of the house in slow motion. (Cue dramatic music ?).
Twinkle sees Kunj leaving.
Twinkle- KUNJ!
Kunj stops in his tracks. Everything becomes silent and the wind is heard. Kunj smiles and turns around. He sees Twinkle running towards him. He spreads out his arms and in a matter of seconds, Twinkle wraps her arms around Kunj’s neck and hugs him tightly. Kunj smiles with tears in his eyes. Before Kunj could say or do anything, he felt a pair of soft lips on his own. He closed his eyes and kissed Twinkle passionately. Twinkle caressed Kunj’s hair while Kunj pulled Twinkle closer to her. Twinkle’s lips formed a smile against Kunj’s lips. After a few minutes, they break the kiss. Twinkle whispers very softly, her lips still touching Kunj’s lips.

Twinkle- I love you.
Kunj touches his forehead with Twinkle’s forehead.
Kunj- I love you too.
Twinkle- But I hate you.
(Funny music).
Kunj- Huh?
Twinkle- I hate you!
Kunj- But I love you!
Twinkle softly slaps Kunj’s chest.
Twinkle- Ur the worst Kunj!
Kunj- Kamal hai! Ur the one who couldn’t recognize me and I’m the worst? Us men…hum kuch kare toh kare kya?
Twinkle- Ok fine, I couldn’t recognize you but I had a valid reason…but u! U were leaving me, even after knowing I lost my memory. Ur so bad Kunj!
Twinkle starts hitting Kunj’s chest. Kunj holds Twinkle’s wrists and pulls her into a hug. Twinkle tries to free herself but Kunj holds her tighter. Twinkle eventually gives up and hugs Kunj back. Aarav arrives there with Prisha. They see Twinj hugging.
Prisha- Bhaiya, mumma papa kitna weird hai na? One minute they fight, next minute they are friends.

Aarav- Prisha, did you see Tom and Jerry?
Prisha- That’s my favorite cartoon!
Aarav- Haa…well this is the real life version.
Prisha giggles. Aarav and Prisha run to Twinj and hugs their legs (They’re so tiny after all ?). Twinj look down at Aarav and Prisha and smile. Twinkle bends down and touches Prisha’s cheek.
Twinkle- My princess…my Prisha….
She hugs Prisha.
Prisha- Mumma u won’t leave us again right?
Twinkle- Never! I’ll never leave.
Prisha- U know mumma, papa missed u the most. He cried every night.
Twinkle looks at Kunj lovingly.
Kunj- Ok now no more crying. We are going home!
Ankush- Not so fast!
Twinj turn around and see Ankush looking at them angrily.
Ankush- U are not going anywhere!
Twinkle walks up to Ankush.
Twinkle- Chi Ankush! U tried to take me away from my Kunj! But remember, I was never urs and I will never be. I am only Kunj’s. I am leaving right now with him.
Ankush- Bola na meine, U aren’t going anywhere!
Twinkle slaps Ankush. Ankush holds his cheek and pouts.
Ankush- Kunj….dhek na yaar, ur wife is hitting me.
Twinkle is shocked. She looks at Kunj, who smiles. She looks back at Ankush confused.
Ankush- Let me explain Jasmin…I mean Twinkle. U can’t leave…not without this at least….
Ankush holds up Twinkle’s locket. Twinkle makes a hawww face and bites her tongue.
Twinkle- Sorry…
Ankush laughs.
Ankush- I should be saying sorry to you. If u can, please forgive me. And Aarav please forgive me also.

Twinkle- No Ankush it’s ok. U are a wonderful person, despite living together for 6 years, u never misbehaved with me and respected me. Don’t worry, so what if I wasn’t ur Jasmin, u will find ur Jasmin soon.
Kunj- Haa. This one is taken!
Ankush laughs and Twinkle blushes.
Twinj, Aarav, and Prisha leave together, hand in hand.
Kunj- Ok everyone, in the car. Next stop, Amritsar!
A minivan pulls up which has three rows of seats, a seven seater. Twinkle goes to get in the car, but Kunj holds her back.
Kunj- Where are you going, let the kids go in first. Ur sitting with me.
Prisha- Hawwww! (Like mother, like daughter ?) Papa, I’m sitting next to mumma.
Kunj makes a sad face and Twinkle smiles.
Aarav- Hey Prisha, come in the back seat, we can see the view together.
Prisha gets excited.
Prisha- Ok bhaiya coming.
Prisha sits in the back row with Aarav. Kunj smiles at Twinkle. They both get in the car and sit next to each other.

Precap: Twinj and Prisha and Aarav come back to Sarna Mansion. A little girl stops them from entering. Everyone is shocked….

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