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Love Is Blind (Episode 52)

Thank you all for all the love…actually looks like u guys love Aarav the most ?He seems to be so popular…I love it!

Recap: Aarav comes back from boarding school. He remembers everything and meets Kunj and Prisha. He goes back home and pretends to accept Ankush as his father.



Kunj was sleeping when he got a phone call.
Kunj (sleepy)- Hello?
Person- Sir we caught madam’s murderer.
Kunj immediately sits up. He hangs up the phone and with infuriated, red eyes, storms out of the room. Kunj goes to a warehouse. He sees someone tied up on a chair. Kunj turns the chair around and looks at the person.
Kunj- YOU!
The person smirks.
Person- Shock laga? Never thought u would see Ranbir Malhotra again did u?
(How many of u thought it was Sia? ?Who still remembers our lovely Ranbir?)
Kunj- YOU! U tried to take my Twinkle and Aarav away from me! U ruined my happy family! I’ll kill u!
Ranbir- To hell with ur happy family! That Twinkle put me in jail. She put Ranbir Malhotra in jail! I won’t leave her. So look, I finished her.
He laughs evilly.
Ranbir- I finished her! Hahahaha!
Kunj- Ahhhh!
Kunj punches Ranbir’s face. He continues to punch him. Ranbir starts bleeding from his nose and mouth. Kunj’s men hold Kunj back. The police arrive.
Police- Sir, we will handle it from here.
Kunj- NO! I’ll kill him!
Ranbir laughs like a maniac as the police take him away. Kunj calms down.
Kunj- I’m coming Twinkle. I will take u from that Ankush. When I get my hands on him. That bl**dy….how dare he call u his wife!

Next scene…

It was raining heavily that night. Aarav was still asleep. The light suddenly went out.
Twinkle- Ankush! What happened to the light?
Ankush- The fuse went out! I have to get a generator, but it’s a mile away. I’ll go get it.
Twinkle- Be careful!
Ankush takes an umbrella and goes out. Twinkle runs around the house, closing all the windows.
Twinkle- Omg how big of a storm is this?
The light flickers and Twinkle gets scared. She turns around and sees shadow.
Twinkle- Who…who’s there?
She lights a candle and looks around the room. A shadow moves.
Twinkle- Come out right now! Who…who are you.
Twinkle turns around and sees a person. She goes to scream when a hand is placed over her mouth and she is pinned against the wall. From the candle’s light, Twinkle sees Kunj. Kunj looks at her and smiles.
Kunj- Don’t scream. Aarav’s sleeping in the next room.
Kunj removes his hand.
Twinkle- HOW DO YOU…..
Kunj- Shhhhhh!

Twinkle lowers her voice and speaks quietly.
Twinkle- How do u know about Aarav? And u! What are you doing here so late at night.
Kunj sits on the bed and looks around the room.
Kunj- Why can’t I come here? It’s not like I’m disturbing ur privacy.
Twinkle- Hawww. U are disturbing my privacy. I’m a married woman.
Kunj- Oh really? So I’m disturbing the private moments u have at night with ur husband?
Twinkle- Of…of…of coarse. Yea.
Kunj raises his eyebrow. (Haven’t seen that one for a while ?). Kunj stands up and walks towards Twinkle.
Kunj- Oh really? So u have private moments with ur husband?
Twinkle gets nervous as Kunj walks closer to her.
Kunj- How close does he get?
He walks closer to Twinkle as she walks back. Twinkle hits the bed and falls on it. Kunj comes on top of her.
Kunj- Does he come this close?
Twinkle (nervous)- Ummm…ye…yes.
Kunj gets mad.
Kunj- He gets this close!

Twinkle gets scared. She pushes Kunj and stands up.
Twinkle- Y do u care? My husband can get as close to me as he wants. He is my husband and it’s not of ur business!
Kunj holds Twinkle’s wrists and slams her agains the wall, pinning her arms up.
Kunj- He CAN’t touch u. And if he does, I’ll kill him. Only I have the right to go close to u. Only I have the right hug you, to kiss you…
Twinkle looks at Kunj, with a different feeling and display in her eyes, one that showed love and adore. (Sajna Ve plays). Kunj suddenly hugs Twinkle. Twinkle is shocked. She slowly lifts her arms and hugs Kunj back.
Twinkle thinks- Why do I have this fear? This fear that if I let go I will lose something very important. Who is he and why does he affect me this much?
Kunj (still hugging)- Twinkle u know I can’t stand it when someone else touches u. U know how much I love you. These six years u stayed away from me. These six years has been the hardest years of my life.
Twinkle- Six years?
Kunj thinks- Oh no. I said too much.
Kunj breaks the hug. He starts to leave.
Twinkle- Suno.
Kunj turns around.

Twinkle- Do u know anything about what happened six years ago? Tell me, do u know anything?
Kunj- Twinkle? U don’t remember anything?
Twinkle- Y do u keep calling me Twinkle?
Kunj- Because ur my Twinkle, my love.
Twinkle- But I don’t even know ur name…I don’t know u.
Kunj is heartbroken.
Kunj- U do know me Twinkle. U can never forget me.
Kunj walks to Twinkle and puts one hand on her back and pulls her closer to him. Thunder roars outside and lightning flashes. Twinkle gets scared and hugs Kunj. Kunj smiles.
Kunj- See I told u, u can’t forget me. That’s y u still have no problem coming into my embrace.
Twinkle breaks the hugs and tucks her hair behind her ear nervously.
Kunj- U know my name Twinkle. And u will call me and u will stop me. I’m leaving tomorrow. Stop me Twinkle, or u will lose me forever.
Kunj leaves. Twinkle is stunned. Some unclear flashes come before her eyes. Her thoughts are disturbed as Ankush enters the room.
Ankush- Jasmin, are you ok?
Twinkle- Huh? Oh umm yea I’m fine.
The whole night, Twinkle thought about Kunj and tried to figure out what those unclear flashes were of.

The Next Day…

Kunj and Prisha were at a farmer’s market. Prisha was looking at all the types of fruit that were there. Suddenly she drops the apple in her hand and runs off. Kunj looks theyPrisha ran and his eyes widens seeing Twinkle buying fruits. Prisha runs to Twinkle and hugs her leg. Twinkle looks down in surprise.
Prisha- Mumma!
Twinkle looks around awkwardly. She bends down to Prisha and Prisha hugs her tightly.
Prisha- Mumma! U came back?
Kunj watches this and tears up.
Twinkle- Are are…umm are u lost? Did u lose ur mommy?
Prisha- NO! I found her. Mumma I won’t leave u now.
Twinkle is shocked. Kunj goes to Prisha and pulls her away from Twinkle.
Prisha- Papa no! I want to go to mumma.
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj- Come Prisha. U will go when ur mumma will call you.
Kunj pulls Prisha away as she struggles and holds her hand out to Twinkle. Twinkle is shocked. She is speechless.

Precap: Kunj leaves Manali…with or without Twinkle?

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