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LOVE IS BLIND (EDKV)….part 15 (part 1)

Hello my dear friends here I am
Ohk ohk first of all a big big sorry to u all for being soooooo late….
U know what u will get tired of forgiving me I know but what can I do when there is so much of work piled up
First there was a nature carnival in my school and I was the in charge of it and it was for 2 weeks then I had my file work piled up I had to complete all the files which was really a lot of written work so didn’t get time so now m getting time and writing this part
I just hope u will like it and it will upto ur expectations
So enough of my bak bak here starts the next chap

Recap: all were playing truth and dare


They spin the bottle again and now it pointed towards sumo and opp her was vihaan
Vihaan: so miss suman tiwari TRUTH or DARE
Shravan was very confused he didn’t liked the way vihaan was smiling and had a feeling that something wrong is going to happen
Sumo: dare…
Vihaan: hmm nice so ur dare is I have to go inside the jungle roam there for 5 mins and then come back..
Before sumo could say something shravan said
Shravan: r u mad?? The jungle is so dense she can get lost and more over its night how is she going find her way back she is not going to do anything like this
Vihaan: so say it clearly that u got afraid fatto..
Sumo: hey suman tiwari is not afraid of anyone u got it I will do it
Shravan: damn it sumo zara apni queen size ego KO side rakhke Socho it’s Not safe
Sumo: don’t take tension I will be fine bye

Saying this she goes despite numerous efforts of shravan to stop her

As sumo is going inside the jungle she gets an intuition that someone is following her she looks here and there but finds None

A DARK room is seen and inside it only 1 candle is burning which is Not giving much light
In the room a girl is seen lying on the floor with hands and feet tied and mouth closed
She was none other than sumo…
After some time sumo gained consciousness
Sumo: yeh main kahan hun….ahh damn my hands r paining why the hell am I tied up and why is my mouth also closed ahhh
This was all that was running in her head she tried to free herself from the tie up but was not able to
Then she stared remembering what all happened before she was taken here and tied up

As soon as I entered the jungle I repented my decision but was too arrogant to accept defeat and go back
The jungle was more dense and scary than I had thought I was not liking it at all now I really thought that I should have listen to qutub minar…after all he was saying right
But now the damage was done I was inside so subsided my fears and started going inside when I heard the bushes rustling for a moment I thought it must be wind or some animal but as I proceeded further I and the rustling still didn’t stop then I thought that some one is following me and was quite sure that the person would be shravan who would have came looking after me
But that was my biggest mistake I turned around and found no one but as I was sure it was shravan maybe trying to scare me I called out his name the rustling sound came again but from a lil far
I thought that now I will follow the sound and find shravan so I started following the sound and then I came across this hut I was left dazed coz there was no chance getting a hut which was looking quite new in such a thick forest But still my brain didn’t worked I still believed it was shravan and went inside the hut that was it as soon as I entered the room someone hit me hard on my head from back and I fell unconscious and then I don’t remember anything except that now m here in this dirty room all tied up without knowing who did all this I really wish I had listened to shravan

POV ends..

Just then 2 ppl come inside they were big fat bearded and not pleasant at all they were hell scary they looked like perfect goons..
1 man had a plate in his hand and kept it near sumo and told her to eat it…..
2nd man: abey pagal muh toh khol de how will she eat ….
1st man: Ohh ya I forgot and Vaise bhi if she will scream also then also who is going to hear it….
They opened her mouth and went before she could say anything….
Sumo: gadhe hai dono ke dono
After half an hour they came back and saw that sumo was sitting and the food was there as such she had not eaten anything..
Goons: why have u not eaten a thing……come on speak up…
Sumo: khana Kya khud chalke mere muh mein jayega ya phir Koi invisible straw hai yahan jiss se I Wil suck the food u fools u have not opened my hands damn it how will I eat….
The goons started thinking
Goon 1 : Ohh ya u r right how will u eat then wait I will open ur hands
As he was going to open her hands a voice came from behind
Voice: what r u doing
Goon: Tu kaun hai be Chal phut le yahan se nhi toh acha nhi hoga….
Voice: u stupids m ur boss damn it
Goons: Ohh sorry boss
Voice : what were u doing ??
Goons: boss we were opening her hands so that she can eat her food
Voice: r u out of ur mind if u will open her hands she will run away…
Goons: boss aap bhi na avein hi dar rahe ho how can she run we have not opened her feet….
Voice: urrgh mad ppl can’t she untie her feet with her hands u stupid jerks
Goons: yeh toh humne socha hi nhi…boss sorry
Voice: get lost
The goons leave now there is only sumo and the suspicious man left there
The man took the plate in his hand and extends his hand to feed sumo
But sumo bites his hand
Man: what the hell r u crazy
Sumo: crazy?? Yeah I am don’t u dare come close to me or even touch me I swear I will kill u
Man: ahh the same attitude the same killer anger this is what I love about u
Sumo: who r u?? What the he’ll do u want??
Man who was fully claded and had a hat on his face took the hat off and sumo was shocked ……

Here in the camp when sumo left all waited for her but after 5 mins when there was no sign of her shravan said
Shravan: hogaya tumhara yeh stupid dare complete don’t know where is sumo m going to find her and if don’t get back in 10 mins call help
Saying this he ran towards the jungle….

Shravan’s POV
I knew something wrong will happen but sumo never listens to me Ohh god don’t know where she is he went inside and started searching the jungle but was not able to find him but then suddenly his eyes caught something…

Precap: no precap the second part of this episode is coming soon today only so guys keep reading and be hooked on if u want some more thrill

Guys this was chap 15 1st part the 2nd one coming soon
Do comment and tell how it was
I have noticed that I have lost my readers and comments are also less but no prob I understand
Do tell how it was guys and ya silent readers u also plz comment…
Love u all
C u all soon….

And Ariana I saw ur comment on my previous episode there u write that after what kamini did to lalaji pushkar has become anti love types
Dear kamini has not done anything she died in an accident I will unveil the whole story soon but she is dead dear….

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