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Love In Arguments ~ Shatakshi and Ria (Prologue)

Hellooo lovely ppl
Guess what?…I Shatakshi the Author of So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) and Ria Author of Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? are together her but not with an Os instead we are gonna write an ff together
Its completely a comic ff
Hope u all will like it
As u all know that we both are not a comic writers but its our first attempt so do support us in our journey

So let’s start

• • • •

Love In Arguments❤


A girl wearing a crop top and jeans came running inside the college campus. “Mahi, wait”, shouted another girl from behind. She turned around and said, “Twinkle, be quick or else today also that Hitler will make is stand outside the class.” “Oh come on Mahi. Don’t be such a spoilsport. If he doesn’t allow us inside the class we can roam around and have fun”, said Twinkle walking slowly. Mahi held her hand and said, “Shut up and come quickly.” Mahi pulls her inside the class and both of them are relieved on finding the teacher’s absence in the class.
They noth went inside and as Twinkle was about to sit on the last bench someone came and kept his bag there.
Twinkle: Oh hello! (And turned around)
Boy: Namaste (says the boy dramatically folding his hands)
Twinkle: Aj achanak kya hogaya jo aap itne sanskaari hogaye hain? (What has happened suddenly that you’ve become so well-mannered?)
Kunj: Oh please! Badtameez tum ho. (You’re the one who’s shameless.)
Twinkle: Anyways, apna bag hatao. Class shuru hone wala hai aur ye meri jagah hai. (Anyways, move your bag. The class is going to start and this is my place.)
Kunj: Kahan hai? (Where’s it?) (Asks Kunj looking carefully at the desk.)
Mahi: What are you looking for?
Kunj: Ye aapki behen ka naam. (Your sister’s name.)
Twinkle: Hogaya? (Done?) Thank you for your cheap jokes. (Says Twinkle and throws Kunj’s bag on the floor.)
Kunj: How dare you?
Twinkle: (laughs) Mahi, come let’s sit.
(Twinkle was about to sit down when Kunj sat down on her place and she accidentally sat down on his lap. They share an eye lock which hardly lasted for a second when Twinkle yelled.)

Twinkle: Ahhh!
(getting up…she was rubbing her hands)
Pagal ho kya….Sorry sorry iss mein koi shak nahi hai ki tum high level ke pagal ho…kabhi kabhi to mujhe lagta hai ki tumhari Agra ki ticket karva doon….aur haa metal hospital me tumhara bed already reserved hai…Cartoon kahike.
(Are you mad? Sorry sorry I don’t have a doubt that you’re the madest person. Sometimes I feel that I should book tickets to Agra for you and in mental hospital a bed will be already reserved for you. Cartoon!)
(She curses him.)
Mahi : What happened twinkle?
(Mahi asked confused.)
Twinkle: Dekh na mahi…yeh cartoon ne mujhe pinch kiya…iski to mai. (See na Mahi, This Cartoon pinched me. I won’t leave him.)
(She says moving forward to beat Kunj who was smiling cunningly but Mahi stopped her.)
All of a sudden Yuvi jumped on the bench.
Yuvi: Par kaha? (But, where?)
(he says sitting)
Mahi: Kya kaha? (What where?)
Yuvi: Kaha pinch kiya? (I mean where did he pinch?)
(Saying this he started laughing along with Kunj)

Twinkle: Yuvi ke bacche tu kabhi nahi sudhrega….jaise sangati rahegi vaisa hi behave karega…cartoon ka dost bhi cartoon. (Yuvi, you will never improve. You’ll behave like the person who accompanied you. Cartoon’s friend also cartoon.)
(She yells frustrated)
Mahi: Vaise Twinkle Kunj ne kaha pinch kiya…I mean on ur hand or waist or….. (Btw Twinkle where did Kunj pinch u…I mean on ur hand or waist or…)
(She asks teasing.)
Twinkle: Shut up Mahi…tu meri dost hai ya in pagalo ki? (Shut up Mahi. Are you my friend or of these mad people?)
She continued, “N u Mr Cartoon be in ur limits…”, she says showing him fingers.

“Oo hello tu bhi kuch duckling se kum nahi h….badi aaye mujhe cartoon bolne wali”, he says pointing her back. (Oo hello, you’re no less than a duck that you’re calling me a cartoon.)

Yuvi and Mahi look at each other and say, “Inka kuch nahi ho Sakta.” (Nothing can happen about them.)
• • • • •
So how was that??
Its just a prologue…picture aabhi baaki h mere dost?
Do give ur views whether u liked it or not…
So that we can continue this story
And one more thing we will be posting it every weekends… So stay tuned

N so sorry guys for being late with my next episode of So a lion fell in Iove with the lamb (season 2) as I was busy with os and this ff…will post soon ~ Shatakshi ?

Hi friends I will be posting Is everything so perfect as it seems to be? Soon ~ Ria?

Love u all❤

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