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Precap: SwaLak and RagSan marriage

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Scene 1:
In Maheshwari Mansion:
In RagSan room:
Sanskar is in his room moving here and there impatiently..Just then Ragini enters with a glass of milk..
Sanskar feels happy and smiles looking at her..Ragini comes forward and gives him that glass..
Ragini: Drink that milk and sleep..I’m tired I’ll change and then sleep..
That smile on Sanskar’s face fades and he looks at Ragini with a confused expression..
Ragini moves towards the dressing table and starts removing her jewellery.
Ragini looking into the mirror looks at Sanskar who is standing there with blank facial expression..
Ragini: What happened?
Sanskar: Are you sleepy?
Ragini: After so much of rituals anyone will become tired and sleepy na Sanskar..What type of question is that?
Sanskar mumbles to himself: On first night which idiot will sleep..She is putting silly questions and asking me what happened..
Ragini: Did you say anything?
Sanskar: (with a faint smile) No..Goodnight dear!!
Sanskar moves towards his wardrobe to pick a night dress but just then he feels himself wrapped in two arms from behind.
Sanskar smiles and says: Love you!!
Ragini: Love you too but don’t you want to express your love to me?
Sanskar gets surprised by her comment and turns back to face Ragini..
Ragini: I was just joking about sleeping early..But look at your face how disappointed it became..(chuckles)
Sanskar holds Ragini by her waist and pulls her closer to him..They share a lovely eyelock..
Sanskar (whispers): Are you sure?
Ragini: Very much!!
Sanskar leans and kisses on Ragini’s cheek..He then kisses her forehead..Ragini gets lost in his love and closer her eyes..
Sanskar then places his lips on hers and starts sucking her gently..Ragini feels a current passing down her spine..She quickly places her one hand on Sanskar’s back and one in his hair..She starts sucking Sanskar’s lip hardly..
Soon the kiss turns into a wild one and the couple just enjoy taste of each other’s lips..
After a while the duo break the kiss..
Sanskar looking into Ragini’s eyes says: I never knew you are so passionate about me..
Ragini shys and turns her back towards Sanskar..
Sanskar back hugs her and places wet kisses on her neck..
Ragini clutches her lehenga and enjoys his kisses..
Sanskar picks her in his arms and places her on bed.. He then buries his face between her neck and shoulder and starts giving her wet kisses over there..
Ragini makes him face her and kisses him again on his lips making him realise how much she loved him. Sanskar kisses her back with equal passion.
After that he kissed her cleavage and started unzipping her dress. He continued touching and kissing her all over the body. Within minutes they were in each other’s arms loving each other.
Sanskar watched her moaning in pleasure and when it became irresistible for him, he entered into her.
Thereby they consummated their marriage with full of love.

Scene 2:
In SwaLak room:
Laksh is seen staring at the sky from the window..
Swara enters and he smiles seeing her..
Laksh: There is a cover on bed..Go and open it..
Swara excitedly goes and opens the cover..She gets surprised and also shocked to see just a casual night wear in it..
She places the cover on bed and looks up to Laksh with a puzzled face..
Laksh comes closer to her and says: I asked Ragini what does your dii like the most..
Ragini replied- Sleep..My di just loves sleeping so much..
Swara: Ragini ki bachi..She always makes fun of me!
Laksh: So I thought you will get a peaceful sleep in this night wear..Therefore I brought it for you..
Swara says okay and pouts cutely..
Laksh places his hand on her shoulder and says: A husband’s duty is not only to love his wife but also to care for her…I’m caring for you so be happy na..
Swara face glows listening to Laksh and smiles cutely..
Laksh: You look very beautiful while smiling…
He picks the dress from the bed and says: Go and change now..
Swara goes to washroom and comes back after changing..Meanwhile even Laksh got into casual wear..
Swara notices Laksh on bed and comes and sits beside him..
Swara: Can I ask you one thing..Be honest please..
Laksh: Okay!! Ask whatever you feel..
Swara: You actually found the ring but why did you portray like both of us found it?
Laksh: Because I wanted my lovely wife to be there with me in my every success..
Swara looks at Laksh with happy tears in her eyes..
Laksh: No ways Swara..Don’t start now..
Swara: What? (in a low tone)
Laksh: Crying.. Even mom is like you..Always crying..I don’t understand your problem..You people cry in sadness and happiness too..
Swara: It’s because we have you in our life who touches our hearts through your words..So it’s natural that our emotions flow through our tears..
Laksh smiles and says: Then okay..
He hugs Swara and says: I love you so much..
Swara: I love you even more..
Laksh: No I love you more.. I even proved that by asking your hand from your father!
Swara: No I love you so much Laksh..For you I rejected Sahil also..
Laksh: Who is this Sahil..
Swara: Dad brought a alliance to me the day when you proposed me..
Laksh: Wait a second when did I propose you? Instead you proposed me..
Swara: Liar..You proposed me..
Swara: No..It’s you!!
This way they keep arguing and started their silly fight..
Finally Swara gives up and says: Let’s sleep…
Laksh: Pata hai..Tum kumbkaran ki behen ho..So jao(I know you love to sleep..You are like kumbkaran in sleeping..)
Swara: You are jealous that I get peaceful sleep..
Laksh laughs and says: You are one piece Swara..One in a million..
Swara pats her back and says: I know!!
They sleep on their respective side of the bed without touching each other..

Precap: SwaLak and RagSan married life

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