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Hello everyone…Here is my episode 32…
I reached half century…Hehe ? I mean I got 50comments on my previous episode..So a really big thank you all my readers..Keep encouraging me this way ?

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Scene 1:
In Swaragini’s room:
Scene continues from where I stopped yesterday..
After that Laksh thinks to leave and heads towards the door..
Swara holds his hands..
Laksh looks at her with surprise..
Swara: Waise I didn’t say thank you to you..
Laksh: For what?
Swara: For accepting my resignation..
Laksh: Not again Swara..That’s like a bad memory to me..Wo..
Before Laksh continues speaking something Swara places her lips on his rough lips and sucks it..
Laksh is shocked at first but soon reciprocates with equal passion..
Now he takes her lower lip into his and starts sucking it hardly..
After a while they break the kiss due to lack of breath..
Laksh looks at her lovingly while Swara looks down due to shy feeling..
Laksh(smiles): What happened to you all of a sudden?
Swara: I don’t want any incident between us to be a bad memory..
Laksh: I don’t mind another thank you..(naughtily wink at her)
Swara blushes and hugs him tightly..
Swara: Please don’t leave me Laksh..
Laksh (laughs) :Even if I want to then also I can’t leave you…Shaadi jo ho rahi hai humari..(our marriage is going to happen)
Laksh makes her look into his eyes and says: And Mom says marriage bond makes two people to stay for seven lives together..
They share a cute eyelock for some time..
Laksh breaks the eyelock and says: You are talking about this life and I’m wondering about the rest 6lives(chuckles)
Swara playfully hits him with her hands..
Laksh: Ah Swara..It’s hurting..
Swara stops hitting and concernedly says: Sorry..Did I hit really hard?
Laksh(smiles): I can bear more pain than this just for you..
Swara gets tears in her eyes but composes herself and says: Now go..
Laksh doesn’t leave and Swara looks at this and slowly pushes him out of the room gently..
Laksh while leaving whispers: You can give me a good memory tomorrow also..
Swara shuts the door but blushes and smiles to herself..

Scene 2:
Sanskar walks upto Ragini but she angrily leaves the place and keeps walking in the corridor..
Sanskar: Ragini listen to me..
Ragini: I don’t want your sorry or any apology..
Sanskar: But who wants to apologize?
Ragini gets shocked and turns around to see Sanskar standing and staring at her..
Ragini (curiously): Then what you wanted to tell me?
Sanskar: Which perfume you use?
Ragini: Why? (with a attitude)
Sanskar: It is either not smelling properly or your using very less quantity..
Ragini: Really?
Saying so she checks her hand smell ..(back side of the palm)
Ragini: But Sanskar it is smelling so nice..
Sanskar: No Ragini..Did you spray near your neck?
Ragini: Yes..
Sanskar: Wait I’ll see..
Ragini innocently moves towards him..
From back side Sanskar slowly hugs Ragini..He slowly moves her hair aside and buries his face in her neck..
His hot breath falls below her ear..Ragini feels it and slowly clutches her lehenga unable to bear the proximity..
Sanskar places his hands on her waist and places a kiss on her neck sensually..
Ragini feels like current passing through her body..She is totally lost in the moment…
Sanskar slides his fingers on Ragini’s hands like a feather and says you were right..It is really intoxicating..
Suddenly they hear someone calling out for Ragini and it turns out to be Janki..
RagSan see her from a distance and compose themselves..
Sanskar leaves the place without uttering a word but Ragini stands like a statue and is thinking about the recent happening..

Scene 3:
AP: We enjoyed a lot today..
Janki: We also..
DP: Then see you’ll tomorrow after the haldi..
Shekar: Sure..
They hug and start to leave..
SanLak adoringly look at SwaRagini while leaving..

Precap: Much awaited SwaLak and RagSan marriage

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