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love between swasan (part-8) maha episode

Hello guys this is a treat of my birthday to u all which is today ;)….. n guys sorry for the delay but I want to give maha episode on my birthday so that’s why im uploading today… and im now perfectly fit n fine no pain no sprain in actual it was a muscular pain:P but ya 4 days I literary cried while sleeping because pain was unbearable at night time but now everything is perfect…. And ya guys one more secret I never saw swaragini drama except few episodes I only came to know about the story from fb pages and from telly updates and I start reading ff when once im reading written update of swaragini’s episode so after that I start reading ffs…now enough of bab bak…

Part 7


Let’s start:-

Next morning sanskar woke up and he is again in the get of ruthless and heartless man when he is getting ready he receives a call from someone… that someone is a lady…

Sanskar: how r u??

Lady: im fine u tell??

Sanskar: im fine like always

Lady: ya I know soo don’t lie

Sanskar: u know about me each and everything

Lady: more than u

Sanskar: I know

Lady said something which is muted

Sanskar: I know what u want u say but I can’t

Lady: not today but I bet one day u will

Sanskar: let’s see

Lady: okay take care I have to go

Sanskar: okay take care…
(guys u will not be able to guess the lady because the lady which I took for this also don’t know dat I took her) ? the name of lady will be disclosed soon ?

After taking to the lady sanskar got another call this time it is from a man

Sanskar: how r u??

Man: im fine what about u and what about her??

Sanskar: im fine and swara is also fine

Man: good I hope everything is going according to plan

Sanskar: yes till now everything is under control

Man: but we are changing the plan

Sanskar: why??

Man: because is the necessary

Sanskar: okay so whats the next plan??

Man: tells him something which is muted (will disclosed soon)

Sanskar: r u sure??? But how can i??

Man: we are sure and u have to do this

Sanskar: but she is very stubborn

Man: I know that’s why u have to make her agree by your techniques

Sanskar: okay u will get the result within 3 days

Man: best of luck

Sanskar: thanks

Man: bye take care

Sanskar: byee and he cut the call

Sanskar to himself: first time im feeling nervous but I have to do thiss soo mis swara gadodia get ready for another shock of your life..

While on the other side swara got up early and left for the clg because she don’t want to face sanskar after their last night encounter…

Swara murmuring to herself: I don’t want to see that jerk face but what can I do I have to live with him because I having no other option… I wish I could kill him arrghhhh swara leave them there is much more bigger task is waiting for u in the clg pheewwwww

Swara reached clg and goes towards the garden where kd and neha were sitting it’s their habit before

The starting of the class they spend sometime in the garden.. soo she goess towards them and saw both of them sitting in the ground kd is doing something on his cell phone while neha is readying a book…

Swara: hi guysss

Both looks up towards her but again got bzy in their work

Swara: guys??but no answer swara peeps in kd cell and saw he is playing temple run… swara jerk him due to which he shouts

Kiran: what the hell swara due to u I missed the diamond

Swara with O face: whaattt??? Swara? Who is swara?? Kahan ki swara??

Kiran: u only idiot swara

Swara with pout: but im your sweety naaa

Kiran: noo u r not my sweety… my sweety is such a sweet girll but uuu useless idiot dumbo creature

Swara: nehaaaaa?? Look your kj

Neha while closing her book: what look han?? Whatever he is saying is saying 100 percent correct if im at his place I will call u with more abusive words

Swara: hawwwwwwwwww but what I have done??

Both kd neha: what?????? U asking what u have done??? Wait we will tell u by saying this both got up and start running behind her

Swara while running and laughing: array im sorry na yar I know it was my mistake that I didn’t told u before getting off from clg for 2 dayss

Neha: u donkey head your sorry didn’t work on uss

Kiran: ya right

Trio is running kiran and neha is chasing swara… while running swara dashed with someone…

Swara: oooiii maaaa

Other also oooii maaaa

Kiran: swara,kakalii

Neha: swara kakalii

Swara: stands up and gave hand to kakali

Kakali: swara u fighter plane where r u going?? With the speed of light?? Ooiii my back

Swara: sorry kaks but your dear cousin and and his soon to be wife is chasing me for beating

Kaks: bhai why r u chasing sweet shona??

Kiran; sweet my foot… u don’t know what she done kakali u just get a side

Swara: no kaks don’t move otherwise your bro will eat me alive.. she said while hiding behind kakali

Kakali: bro let be naa pls forgave her look how innocent she iss

Neha: innocent my foot

Swara sticking out her tongue and to kakali: kaka look both are bad mouthing about me

Kakali: broo shame on u both.. soon u both r going to get engaged soo stops this childish behavior

Swara with loud voice: whatttt??????? Engagement

Kiran, kakali and neha: close their ears but neha and kiran looks at each other and then swara who is giving them death glare… both gave her a sheepish smile and run backward now the scenario is swara is behind while kiran and neha is running infront of her… swara is throwing things on them like water bottle bag or anything which comes in her way..

And kakali saw them with bright smile and said mental pieces and she goes towards her class ( kakali I hope u don’t mind on being the sister of kd ?

Swara: u rascals here im feeling guilty for not telling u both about my sudden absence and here u both hide such a big thing for mee trio stopss

Kiran sweetly: sweetyyyy

Swara: to hell with your sweety kd u…uuu just go to hell

Neha: swara darling plzzz

Swara gave her death glare and said when your engagement is??

Both looks towards each other and gulps in fear and again going backward and runs and while running they said tomorrow

Swara saw them with shocked expressions she didn’t react for few second and later when she came in her senses she again shouts: u both r dead today for sure…

Like this trio spend time while pulling legs of each other and after attending the classes goes to their home.. Before going

Neha: swara……. engagement will be in my house soo u have to come early morning okay

Swara: okay dear

Swara: ooo God I have to take permission with that jerk I hope I will permit me to goo…

At dinner:

Both are sitting on the dining table sanskar is not giving a damn look to swara…

Swara in mind: why he is soo silent… oooo god but I have to talk to him

Swara: sans..sss…kar

Sanskar look towards her and said what with eye movement

Swara in low tone: actually tomorrow in an engagement of my frnds so I have to go tomorrow early can I go??

Sanskar looks towards her for a second: hmmm what is the name of your frnds??

Swara: kiran and neha

Sanskar in don’t care tone: both are getting engaged to each other

Swara: yess

To which sanskar choked and while coughing: what????

Swara become scared and give him a water: whaa.a..at happened??

Sanskar being shocked: your both frnds going to engaged with each other

Swara nodes while being confused

Sanskar become more shocked: to girls going to engaged with each other

Swara gave him a confused look and said: 2 girls?? But later she got

Swara: noooooo kiran is not a girl actually he is boy but his name is look alike a girl’s name

Sanskar looks her for some time and later burst into laughter: what a boy is having a girl name it’s too funny he said while controlling his laugh

A smile came on swara lips she said to herself: he looks good while laughing but later jerk this though and to sanskar: soo can I go??

Sanskar compose himself and in a rude tone: okay u can go and by saying this he goes towards his room

Swara jumps in happiness which is seen by sanskar

Sanskar with a smirk: enjoy swara because after tomorrow u will cry

Next day:

Swara woke up and got ready she is not wearing engagement dress because she will change in neha’s house… while going swara felt something strange

Swara: why im feeling like something bad is going to happened.. forget it it’s just my imagination

Swara reached at neha’s home and all her family member’s welcome her whole heartedly but swara feels that neha is somehow sad

Swara: neha what happened why r u sad??

Neha: nothing swara it’s just my siso is not coming for my engagement

Swara: why?? What happened to her??

Neha: she is studying in abroad and today morning she told us that she can’t come due to sudden exams

Swara: don’t feel sad yar she will be there on your marriage na soo don’t worry

Neha smiles: hmmm

At evening time everyone and everything is ready and all are waiting for kiran and family… and finally they came..

Kiran is looking for neha.. swara pats his shoulder and points towards stairs from where neha is coming down.. kiran mouth fell down he goes towards her and takes a round around her…

Neha is blushing and while blushing she asks: kj how im looking??

Kiran after taking 2 rounds around her finally spoke: nehaa u r justttttt…

Neha with curiosity: jusstttt???

Kiran: jussstttt

Nehaa: kj just?????

Kiraan: just eactly looking like an eggplant (bangun)

Neha first shies but later when she got his words she gave him adeath glare and goes from there after stamping his foot

Kiran: ooouccchhhh and with innocent face mai nay kiya kiya???

Swara who is laughing like hell said: kd dumbo is this the why to compliment anyone??

Kiran with puppy face: Im just teasing her

Swara: now go to her

Kiran nodes and runs towards neha but she ignores him

Kiran stands there by scratching his head later an idea pop up in his mind

Neha is talking with guests when all heard a song…

Gues the song guys??? ?

The song is nagin nagin… on which kiran is dancing…. Now imagine the scene… neha saw him with open mouth and with kiran swara is also dancing on the same song… finally neha laughs and she also joins them….

Later it is the time for ring ceremony but a voice came…

How can u both got engaged when im not here???

Everyone gave a confused look and saw towards the direction where a girl is standing by facing her back…

Finally the girl turns and neha jumps in excitement and said micaaaaaaa (:p) and she goes and hug her tightly and said: where were u??? u told that u r having your exams???

Mica: chill dii I want to give u a surprise that’s why I said that I am having my exam… soo howz the surprise??

Neha: its amazing.. best gift of today

Mica: now dii let’s have another surprise by saying this mica winks at kakalii who is standing nearby and the song starts playing…

Both start dancing by dragging kiran on radha.. later joined by neha and swara… all dance again on salam isqh song…

Finally kiran and neha got engaged… ( I hope kakali and mica u like it) (ya one more thing i didn’t copy any other writer’s idea of including u both because i thought to include u many days before but i was not well so dats why dis epi got late ?

Guys im not dragging engagement scene…

Finally time to swara to go home… she bids by to neha and goes home with driver…

Swara is getting negative vibes since morning but she is ignoring… she reached home and find sanskar is again sitting in the hall..

Swara in mind ( not again) and to sanskar: what r u doing here??

Sanskar: excuse me?? Who r u to ask me like this??

Swara: I mean it’s time for your enjoyment then what r u doing here???

Sanskar: ooo actually today my mood is of something else..

Swara: what do u mean??

Sanskar: have u checked your cell phone?? But I think u didn’t because if u checked already till now u r holding my collar

Swara: what?? What is in my cell phone?? By saying this she check her cell phone and by saying something cell phone fall down from her hand and tears start flowing from her eyes..

Sanskar with a smirk: now u got it what im saying

Swara with teary eyes: how could you?? Why u did this??

Sanskar by shrugging his shoulder: my wish

Swara goes towards him and hold his collar and shouts: u r such a shameless creature I have ever seen in my whole life.. why r u doing this to me?? What I have done to you???

Sanskar jerk her hand and swara fall down on floor… sanskar sat near her and grabs her by her chin harshly and said: what u thought that u will slap me and I will spare u easily

Swara shocked after listening this: whaattt?? Just for a slap u did all this??

Sanskar: yes my sweet heart

Swara: I will tell my dad

Sanskar: go ahead.. but remember one thing.. the moment u call your dad on the very next moment the video will be leaked out and everyone will get to know how swara gadodia looks when she is taking shower ( yes guys swara saw a video on her cell phone in which she is taking shower)

Swara saw sanskar with shocked and numb expressions and said with emotionless tone: what do u want??

Sanskar: marry mee

Now this is another bomb for swara…

To be continued….

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