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love between swasan (part-3)

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Part 2


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Swara is shocked after listening thiss and she got scared because she is living with sanskar in the same place… she was in her thoughts when kiran and neha came..

Kiran: sweety what happened???

Swara lost in her thoughts nothing kiran

Kiran: its means something must be happened

Swara gave him a confused look and said :haan???

Kiran: yes because I called u sweety and u didn’t react..

Swara: its nothing like that actually I was very tired can we go home??

Neha: okay dear let’s goo

Swara smiles and trio left the place… kiran and neha in one car and swara with her driver…

Swara came back and find sanskar sitting in the hall waiting for her..

Swara gulps in fear and said to herself why he is starring me like that?? Did he saw me in the disco???

Sanskar: where were u??

Swara in nervous tone: i..iiii was with my frnds kiran and neha

Sanskar: really???

Swara: yee..ssss.sss.

Sanskar: okay go to your room

After listening this swara moves as fast as she can while sanskar is seeing her going

Sanskar: why she lied to me??

Actually sanskar saw her in the disco with kiran and nehaa on the dance floor and he is also thinking about the boy who is actually kiran… but he didn’t know that swara saw her and came to know about him

Next day swara came out for breakfast and praying that please gos sanskar will not be there butt her bad luck sanskar is sitting in the dining table and eating breakfast..

Swara in low tone and with a fake smile: good morning

Sanskar who observed her fake smile easily just nodes and finishes his breakfast and goes..

Swara signs in relief and start eating her breakfast happily but she didn’t know that sanskar observes all her action from behind.

Sanskar: what wrong with her?? She is not comfortable with me but with that bl**dy boy she he talking happily…..This girl is getting into my nerves he said to himself in anger and left out

After 2 weeks swara has her exams that’s why she is bzy in studying and most of the time she ask the servants to serve her at her room.. while sanskar is bzy in his usual routine because he knows about her exams soo he didn’t said anything…

Swara’s exam got over and on the last exams she hesitantly ask sanskar that can she goo out with her frnds??

Sanskar: permits her withour saying anything…

Swara becomes happy and she kiran and nehaa enjoys a lot on their last day by doing lots of fun and masti.. watching movis etc…

Swara came home late and didn’t find sanskar in the hall she signs in relief and goes to her room… but before going upward she heard some sounds coming from sanskar room..

She goes towards his room and put her ear on the door.. and she came to know that he is enjoying with some random girl… because the voice is mourns of a girl

Swara: chiiii disgusting mannn

Swara angryily goes to her room and changed her dress she is very tired soo she slept but before she didn’t forgot to lock the door because the day she came to know about sanskar she always lock the door…

Later at night swara feels thirsty she saw towards the jug but it is empty… she goes down… she totally forgot about sanskar and the girl…

She is in the kitchen when she heard someone’s talking she goes at the door of kitchen and saw sanskar in a rough dressing and girl with messy hair.. both were shamelessly kissing each other at the of the house… ( it is a pent house that’s why one can easily saw entrance from the kitchen door)

Swara gritted her teeths: does they don’t feel any shame.. aaargghhhh chiii disgustinggg….

Sanskar who broke the kiss bids by to the girl..

Swara who saw sanskar coming hurriedly hide behind the door…

After few minutes she peeps and didn’t find sanskar she take a breath and start going but froze at the moment when she heard sanskar voice from behind…

Sanskar from behind: Sooooo u came to know about me everything???

Swara feels like her blood is freezing in the veins she didn’t turned back…… but she heard a footsteps came nearer to her and the next moment she felt a huge pain in her arm and her back…. Becauseee sanskar grabs her by arm mercilessly and pins her to the wall hardly….

To be continued……..

Precap: not Today: P because u all will be panic after reading the precap ?

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