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love between swasan (part-2)


hi guys rabia here again… guys i want more comments plzz :'( because im writing such story for the first time ever otherwise i hardly mentioned romantic scenes in my story soo i want your support because without your support im not able to write this type of story and please tell mee that u r liking it or not… and guys today i want to know from where r u all because by this i came to no that u r my close neighbor means from Pakistan or my durrr k neighbore means from India and guys im from lahore ?


Part 1

soo here is the next part guys:-


Sanskar become shocked after seeing the scenario and fumes in anger and sits in the car and goes from there…

At evening swara came back she is very happy sanky who is sitting in the hall saw her happiness and clutch his fist tightly to control his anger and ask swara with a fake smile…

Sanky: howz ur day swara

Swara who didn’t saw sanky become happy on listening him and goes towards him and sit on the sofa opposite to him…

Swara: sanskar my day was awesomeee

Sanky in mind why nottt and to swara: it’s good did u make any new frnd??

Swara happily: yess I made 2 new frnd kiran and nehaa

Sanky: only 2??

Swara: till now only 2 let’s see later okay im going to fresh up

Sanky nodes and after swara left he throws the file in anger which is in his hand

Sanskar: bl**dy lier why she didn’t told me that she also made a frnd which is boy?? Or may be boy frnd because by looking them it is easily showing that they both are very close…


Sanky saw a boy is kissing swara on her lips (yes kakali ur guess is right ?

Flashback ends….

Swara came down after changing and both sat down for having dinner…

Both ate silently because servant told swara that sanskar don’t like to talk while eating soo they finished there dinner and goes towards the rooms…

Later at night swara receives a call from kiran…

Kiran: hello sweety how r u???

Swara: don’t call me sweetyy

This line is listened by sanskar who is passing by and fumes in anger and goes towards his room without listening any further…

While swara on call

U know what kiran

Kiran: what??

Swara: ur name is like a girl name

Kiran while making faces and said: swara plz u don’t start yr I don’t know why my mom put my this name u know what in school everyone tease me a lot by calling he kiran di :@

Swara: hahahahahahaha kiran dii hahahahahaha

Kiran: stop it or else I will call u sweety

Swara: okay okayyy

They talk for some time and both bid gud night to eachother…

Swara remember today’s day:

Flashback in clg:-

Swara is going from corridor when she bump into someone the someone is a boy..

Swara: sorry I didn’t saw

Boy: relax its also my mistake btw im kiran

Swara on listening his name starts laughing while kiran poutsss

Swara: hahahahaha kiran

Kiran: plzz yrr don’t tease mee

Swara: okay okay and hi im swara

Kiran: u r new comer??

Swara: yes and u??

Kiran me also

Swara: which class??

Swara: mba 1st sem

Kiran excitedly: same pinch and he pinched swara

Swara: aaaowww and she pinched him hard…

Kiran: aahhhhh okay sorryyy

Swara: better soo now lets gooo

Both are going while talking when kiran bump again into someone and she was a girl…

Kiran lost in girl’s eye while the girl also lost in kiran’s eye

Swara who is seeing the scenario smile and said: love at first sight

Kiran and the girl became embarrassed and compose themselves

Kiran: sooryyy mis??

Girl: its okay and hi im nehaa by this she gave the hand to kiran for shake hand which is grabbed by swara and she shake hands with neha in excitement and said hii im swara and he is kiran and wishper in neha’s ear or may be your would beee

On listening this neha turns red

Kiran pushing swara and said hi im kiran and he shakehand with nehaaa

Neha: kiran u have a girls name

Swara starts laughing on listening this while kiran make an angry pout

Kiran: u both goo I don’t want to talk to uu huhhh

Swara: okay sorry buddy and to neha from which class u r??

Neha: mba 1st sem

On listening this kiran’s face light up like a 200 volt bulb on which swara and neha burst into laughter

Swara we both r also in the same class soo let’s goo

Kiran and neha both nodes and trio moves towards the class

Later at off time swara is talking with nhea and kiran like this.. kiran is standing infront of swara while neha is standing besides him

While talking in swara’s eye something went and after seeing this kiran tries to blow of her eye and this is the same time when sanky saw both of them…

Kiran is standing like a way that its seems that he is kissing swara and to which sanky misunderstand swara…

Flashback ends.

Like this 3 weeks have been passes and in these 3 weeks both swasan didn’t talk much to each other…

Swara is bzy in her classes and assignments while sanky is bzy in office and enjoying with the random girls…

One day kiran invited both neha and swara to a disco because he wants to gave them a party of his birthday.. sanky has gone to attend some meeting soo swara’s goes with the driver…

In disco:-

Kiran welcome both neha and swara and later in the party kiran propose neha to whcihs wara jumps in excitement and hugs both of themmm.. and congratulate them

Swara gave them some privacy and goes towards the bar for soft drink while sipping the juice he saw sanky is coming from the upper portion of the disco and behind him there is a girl coming in a short and s*xy dress..

Swara: he has gone for a meeting na then what is he doing here??

Swara: may be came with some frndss.. so she ignores him and start drinking the juice while sanky didn’t saw swara and goes out suddenly swara heard something and become shockeddd

Swara while sipping heard 2 waiters talking with eachother..

Waiter 1: u know ramesh today sir gave me a tip of 2000 rs..

Waiter 2 (ramesh): what are u saying rajuu really???

Raju: yess I think today sanskar sir is very much happy that’s why he spend 2 hrs in the room with that girl otherwise whenever he came here with any girl he only spend half hr or 40 mins in the room…

Ramesh: rich ppls are having very unique interests I must tell uu rajuu

Raju: haan u r right rich ppl being a womanizer enjoys a lot and look at us u didn’t have a fun with a single girll

Swara how listened all this become shocked and numb

Swara: sanskar is a womanizer???

Screen freezes on shocked face of swara….

To be continued….

Precap: swara distant from sanskar due to fear…. Sanskar came to know that swara knows everything

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