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love between swasan (part-10 & 11)

Guys u know im wearing steel suit which soldiers wore in cartoons ? because I know u will surely beat me ? after reading this plz don’t beat me harder ? after all I have to write naaaaa and guys this is 2 episodes which I combined (epi 10 & 11) I hope u will like it and gave same or more response like previous one if not then next time I will give epi only of half page ? choice is yours ( ans yes mica im blackmailing ? )

Part 9



Sanskar is sitting on the couch and seeing swara with love and tears in his eyes…

Sanskar: swaraa I know u hate me soo much….. but it is also true that I can’t imagine my life without u even for a single second.. u know it is very difficult for me to stay away from u that’s why I hurt u very badly… im sorry swwara im ashamed for whatever I done to u… but today when u said about death I can’t control my anger and I slapped u… how could u think about dying??? By saying this he stands and goes towards swara and kissed her cheek where he slapped and on her forehead and again sat down on couch by facing swara

Sanskar smiles bitterly: but I deserve this… swara I don’t want to come into your life but due to all this mess we are having no other option…

U know when I saw u for the very first time… that time itself I lost in your innocence and cuteness… but that day u didn’t saw me because u got the asthma attack due to playing in winter rain… ( now everything is sanskar telling to himself and swara is sleeping all the time)

Flashback starts:-

Shekhar and dp family is living in London but sanskar is living in India for studies… that time sanskar is only 19 yrs… both swasan didn’t know each other because sanskar hardly come to London in holidays and that time swara mostly gone to her grandparents who are living in America…

Sanskar is having holidays so he goes to meet his parents… swara was not there in London…. She came back when sanskar is going to India after 2 days…

One day shekhar invited dp’s family for dinner.. sanskar came late because he has gone to meet his frnds.. when he came it is raining heavily… he is coming to shekhar’s mansion he is holding an umbrella when he is going inside he saw a girl around age of 13 or 14 is playing in the garden with rain he mesmerized after seeing her because she looking to cute.. but later sanskar frowns and said to himself

Sanskar: is she gone mad who plays in this winter rain because may be weather is not much cold but due to raining in London it becomes cold… after 20 mins rain stops and the whole time sanskar is watching her… the girl makes a pout when rain stops and sanskar chuckles on seeing her expressions butt he become worried on seeing her because.. girl is coming inside but after taking few steps she starts breathing heavily.. and stumbles…

Sanskar who is seeing all this runs towards her and picks her in his arm and runs inside by carrying her… the girl is seeing sanskar with blur vision because she is not in a state of talking and seeing anything…

While inside both parents chit chatting but the startled on hearing sanskar scream

Sanskar: daddd mommmm

Dp: sanky what happened beta?? But stops on seeing the girl in his arms

Shekhar who saw this immediately runs towards them by saying sumi something

Sehkhar: sumii bring swara’s inhaler hurry up (yes the girl is swara)

Sumi nodes and runs upstairs

Shekhar grabs the girl from sanky and lay her down on the couch… he starts rubbing her hands

Shekhar to ap: bhabi plzz say sumi to bring towel and blanket for swara… to which ap nodes and runs upstairs behind sumi

While sanky is seeing all this with worried and confuse face..

Sanky to dp: dad what happened to her?? Before sometime she is playing in rain and when rain stops after few minutes she starts breathing heavily

Shekhar while rubbing swaras hand: beta she is having asthma problem with cold water in winter season… on the same time sumi came running and give inhaler to shekhar..

Shekhar make her to inhale and sumi is rubbing towel on her body and hair while ap drapes blanket around her

Shekhar: sumi I think we take her to the room and u get changed her cloths

Sumi: okay let’s go…. Followed by dp,ap and sanky

Shekhar lay her down on bed and sumi and ap stays there to change her cloths while dp, shekhar and sanky goes out

Sanky: uncle why u don’t call the doctor?? She is fainted

Shekhar: don’t worry beta she is not fainted actually due to weakness she doses off

Sanky: ooo okay…

After 15 mins sumi and ap came down

Shekhar: how is she??

Sumi: sleeping

All talks for some time and later dp’s family take a leaf…

While going sanky has an urge to saw swara for once but he didn’t… next day at night sanskar has a flight to Inida soo he came to shekhar’s house for bidding bye and specially to see swara..

When he entered swara is standing facing her left side.. and shekhar is scolding

Shekhar: how many times I told u shona not to play in rain why don’t u understand that u r having a problem?? Beta we r not your enemies we loves u a lot… what will we do if something happens to u??

All the while swara is standing by bending her head down.. finally she spoke in her cute and teary voice

Swara: sorry dad and she runs upstairs..

Sanky saw her going he can only saw her side face…

Shekhar saw sanky and greets him… for sitting half an hr sanky left from there… all the way he is thinking about swara he felt bad after seeing tears in her eyes but shekhar is also right in his place…

Finally sanky left for India…

Flashback ends…..


Sanskar: I was very happy after meeting u which is not actually a meeting but I fell for u on the first moment…. That year im eagerly waiting for my holidays because I wanted to see u again… I always go once a year but that time I wanted to go early… because I got 2 times holidays once a year… I didn’t know that I will not be able to go there and saw u because that year my life changed and it becomes worse


Episode 11:- ( guys if u ever thought that im coping other’s idea then pls do let me no because i always try to bring new idea i never thought to copy others)

Flashback of past:-

I was very happy when I landed in India because im eagerly starts waiting for holidays… im having a gf kavita but I don’t love her she is just my gf for name sake…

She always tries to seduce me but I being a studious student and topper of the clg not paid any head to her we didn’t even kissed each other…. And I have decided that I soon break my relation with her because I was always in swara’s dreams…

But one day everything shattered… that day was the worst day of my life… I received a call from my frnd she is very closed to mee (same girl who calls sanky in one previous epi) and is engaged to my one of the bestest best frnd raj….

Girl: hello sanky where r u??

Sanky: at home why??

Girl: actually I saw kavita going somewhere with your frnd arjun

Sanky: so maybe they are going somewhere

Girl: I know but I saw both kissing each other.. first I thought it was u but later I found that it was your frnd…

Sanky: what??? Where u saw them??

Girl: they are going towards kavita’s home

Sanky: okay thankuu I’ll see them

Girl: if u need any help call me

Sanky: okay

After cutting the call I goes towards kavita’s home.. the front door was opened soo I got in…

I starts calling kavita….

Sanskar: kavitaaa… kavitaaa????? But got no answer so I go in search of her… im going from a corridor when I heard some voice from one room I opened the door and become shocked after seeing the scenario in front of me…

Kavita and my so called frnd arjun are lying on bed all naked in intimate position…

I shout: kavitaaaaa

Both become shocked after seeing me but later that shocked expressions change into smirk

Kavita: ooo sanky baby soo finally u got u know about uss

Sanky in anger: why u do this to me??? I didn’t forced u to be my gf then why??

Kavita: oo baby u know being a gf of most popular and handsome boy of the clg who is also a topper is something which u don’t understand

Sanky fumes in anger and slaps her hardd

Sanky: u bl**dy b***ch and he turns towards arjun and slaps him also

Sanky: u traitor u r the one who said to me to make her gf then why u did this???

Arjun pushed sanky and said: how dare u to slap me?? I’m not interested to make her your gf this is only she who wants to enjoy fame being your gf..

Sanky: go to hell u both and never in my life come in front of me otherwise I don’t know what will I doo… by saying this I turned to go but found two more people at door one is girl and the one is boy…

Kavita from behind:

Kavita: why should we all not enjoy and have fun before u go??

Sanky being confused said: what???

Arjun: thiss by saying this he inject something in my neck and all the things around me starts revolving…

Next day when I opened my eyes I was in hospital….. I tried to get up but I felt immense pain in my lower body which I don’t know why

I came in senses when I heard door opening sound.. I saw my frnd coming inside who told me about kavita.. and behind her is raj

These both are my frnd from childhood we trio shares a great bond

My frnd is crying.. and I asked her

Sanskar: how come I here?? And what happened to me?? Why im feeling immense pain in my body???

But both are numb finally raj spoke

Raj in choking voice: actually sanky………..

Sanky: what actually??

Raj: aaa….ccc…ttuu…a….allllyyyy u ..rrr…rrr ra…aaaa..ped ( guys I didn’t copy from anyone’s ff I got this idea from a story but in that story the boy is being raped by 4 American gays)

Sanky feels that hospitals’ roof fall down on his head

Sanky: wwww…hhhhh..attt??

Raj while having tears nodes his head

Sanky starst crying: how can this happen??? He panics

Raj and the girl calms her down.. finally half hr crying sanky somehow calm down but he is like a lifeless body…

Sanky is crying in the arms of girl while both girl and raj is also having tears in their eyes..

Finally sanky spoke: how u got to know about me??

Girl: I received a call from your number I calls your name but didn’t get any answer I thought that by mistake u called me.. im with raj that time.. so im going to put down the cell but I listened kavita’s evil laugh

She is saying now we will enjoy and I also heard some other voices but not yours

I sensed something fishy and told about this to raj…

Raj calls her elder brother kunal bhai who is commissioner of police…

We all go toward kavita’s home by tracking your number and the moment we reached the scene in front of us drags the floor from our feet

Girl choked while saying soo raj continued…

We saw that kavita arjun and their two frnds were playing with uu.. the scene make all of them disgusted finally kunal bhai shot bullet in air and all four become shocked after
seeing the police in front of them…

Lady Constables grabs kavita and the other girl while man grabs the arjun

Raj and girl slaps many time to arjun and kavita…

Later raj make sanky wear his cloths and they take him to hospital where doctor tells them all.. clear all their horrible doubt… doctor said that they gave u a drug in which u loses all your senses

Raj and the girl collapsed down while raj brother kunal console them and assure them that he will make them rote in jail for whole life…

Raj now u got conscious after 3 dayss

When raj and the girl is telling all this sanskar is listening all this with no expression on his face

Sanky: did u call my parents??

Raj: no we didn’t told them yet

Sanky: no need to tell them

Raj: but why sanky?? They have the right

Sanky: I don’t want to give them pain

Raj: okay but u don’t worry we are with uu

Sanskar took 10 months to come out from this trauma and in these months kavita and all got severe punishment the all sentenced jail for 15 yrs due to the pressure of kunal and kunal kept all the thing as secret because he don’t want to drag sanky in all this he loves sanky like his brother raj..

Raj and the girl support sanky and now sanky only trusts raj and the girl nobody else…

Flashback ends…


Sanky is having tears while remembering all this ( sanky is saying all this to himself and swara is sleeping due to weakness and stress)

Sanky laughs bitterly and said: ppl thing that girls always become a rape victim but in my case it goes wrong…

10 months I was in trauma I know I don’t remember anything but after knowing everything I feels disgusted with myself I lied to my parents even and escapes from going london because I don’t want them to know about thiss… but that incident make me a womanizer… It doesn’t mean that that incident affects me soo that I becomes like that actually After kavita’s incident I found many girls who tries to lure me and tries to come near me for personal satisfaction from this I came to this conclusion that all girls are the same… I became stone heart

Raj and my frnd know all about this but they also knows about my pain…

My frnd always tries to make me normal… she knows about u (swara) but after that incident and seeing all the girls I stop thinking about u…..

I know that time also that u r not like other but I don’t want u to come in my life because I may hurt u and look I hurted u alott for which im ashamed u now after hurting u every time I beat myself with hunter every night to feel your pain …….

Swara believe me I even didn’t saw the video which I showed u for blackmailing…. I just put the cell phone in this your washroom to capture and after that I snd it to u because I don’t want to feel more ashamed im sorry swaraa plzz if ever in your life u came to know the truth plz forgave me…I have a fear that u will also become like the other girls im scared that I will lose my love also which I don’t want that’s why I treated u badly every time because I don’t want to rise my feelings for u in my heart but….

His thinking got disturbed when he got a call on cell… the call is of same frnd

Sanskar: why u called me at this time??

Girl: I was worried about u

Sanky: I fine shan (all shocked??? ? shan u also must be shocked but I want to give u a surprise because u guessed many thing correctly which I supposed to write that’s why that day I’ve decided to put u in my story  I hope u will like it)

Shan: sanky I knw everything soo don’t lie

Sanky : okay dear

Sshan: how is swara???

Sanky: she is fine sleeping

Shan: take care of her and I told u na that one day u will get her

Sanky: ya yaa I knowww baba g and howz raj? ( both got married 3 yrs before and living in Australia )

Shan laughs: idiot and he is also fineee okay now gud night u also sleep

Sanky: gud night dear

Sanskar starts talking again with himself:

The plan is only to make sure that u will be save here but shekhar uncle and dad changed the plan and due to which I have to marry u…. they only knows that I loves u because my dear frnd shan told them about this… they are planning to get us married they got to know about this when I first saw u because shan being a restless and impatient person call them immediately and tells them so that they parents decided to get us engaged after u become 15.. but before that…. That horrible incident took place and everything got changed…
I lied to parents being bzy… but I think God doesn’t loves me that’s why he snds u to me… dad and shekhar uncle don’t know about my past anything and the way I treats u
because how can I told them what happened in past.. they only knows that im taking care of u…

Sanskar to sleeping swara: u r making it difficult for me… u don’t deserve me I will surely let u go when everything got settled down… by saying this sanky lays down on the other side of bed and soon doses off….butttttttt it is not ended here ( it’s a secret why would I tell u :P) u came to know after few episodes

Till then to be continued……

Precap: someone beats sanky

Guysss plzzz don’t beat meeeee plzzzzzz I only wanted to clear sanskar image because why always girls tolerate harassment this time its boy turn and now see what will happens in future

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