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love between swasan (part-1)

guys so here is the next part but before starting i want to tell u something guyss that if u want me to give update daily then u have to compromise with little update and if u want bigger part then u have to wait for 2 days because i don’t want to write things in hurry which i always doo soo choice is yours what u all want ?




Later at lunch time sanskar is sitting on the dining table and waiting for swara today is Sunday that’s why sanskar is at home…

Swara came down from her room in a half pant and sleeveless t-shirt…

Swara: sorry mr. meheswari for being late actually I was tied due to flight…

Sanskar gulps on seeing her and in mind ( oo god this girl will surely leads to rape her ) control your lust sanskar… and to swara its okay swara but plz stop calling me mr. meheswari u can call me sanskar..

Swara nervously : okay sanskar…

Sanskar : smiles..

Both are having dinner when swara take the glass of water for drinking sanky looks towards her and gulp because they why water flowing through her throat it makes sanky throat dried and he got up immediately… swara looks towards with confused expressions…

Swara: what happened??

Sanky by composing himself: nothing im done u eat your lunch and take rest.. by saying this he goes from there..

Swara shrugs her shoulder and start eating…

On the otherside in sanky’s room

Sanky is throwing things …

Sanky: aaahhh what the hell yar how can I tolerate such a tempting beauty in my houseee….. oooo god… I have to make distance from her otherwise she will regret for being here… by saying this he grabs the car keys and goes out for having the lust fun in his farm house after saying to servant for cleaning the room…

Next day sanky goes before swara’s arrival to hall because today is her first day…

She is eating breakfast when she got a call from sanskar (guys they already exchanged there numbers)


On call:

Sanky: swara today is your first day soo I have arranged the driver for u who can pick and drop u from clg…

Swara: whats the need of it sanskar I can manage by myself

Sanky: first I don’t have the habbit of repeating anything again and secondly u r my responsibility in india soo u have to follow my rules okay??

Swara nervously: ooo……ookayy

Swara after disconnecting the call strange he didn’t talk to me like thiss may be some work loadd forget itt… and she goes out where a driver is waiting for u…

While in office after disconnecting the call

Sanky: uffff this girl’s voice also making me madd… I think I have to take some break by saying this he calls her sectary…

After few minutes a girl came in a short and hot dress and bolt the door… and goes toward sanky…

Sanky whose eyes were closed.. open it after sensing weight on his lap and he saw his sectary reena is sitting on his lap…

Sanky: reena baby I want to get fresh..

Reena: oo darling who is stopping u I,m all yours as always…

After listening this sanskar digs his head on her neck and start giving her wet kisses while reena mourns in pleasure and sanky took her toward the couch and after spending hr with each other reena goes out and while sanky goes out for a meeting….

The hotel where meeting is going on he near the swara’s clg… after completing the meeting sanky goes towards his car but suddenly his attention got something and he became shocked…

To be continued…..

Soo guys what sanky saw on which he become shocked???

Precap: swara got to know about sanky being a womanizer ( guys don’t worry about the precap much more ahead so relax)

Guys thankuu for reading and plz doo comment 

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