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Love after Marriage (YHM,IPKKND,KKB) Part-1


Hii guys so wat v saw till now……..and I also told about me writing an ff to my friends and my friends were super excited. And they said that they ll surely read my ff and reply me at class but I don’t want u ppl to do like pls do tell me where u feel good or bad by which I can improve or change my writing.


And as now all have guessed the movie, r u ppl happy that I am writing an ff based on that movie with Ishra, Arshi, Abhigya. If not then pls do tell me, so that I may stop writing, cause fans of that movie may not be able to see their characters being portrayed by someone else. If so u can pls tell me I won’t feel bad.

Recap:Intro of all the character to my story.

Let’s go into story.

A small place in Punjab……..

Sarla: Pragya where r u? come fast u have to go to ur interview right.

Pragya:Coming maa….!

A girl comes running from her room.

Stops infront of the idol.

Prays to Lord Ganesha.

Pragya:Bapa, today is an important day for me, pls be with me in this interview na. I ll surely get tensed and blabber something so pls be with me na.

She prays and goes to have breakfast.

Pragya:Maa, jaldi karo. Mujhe late ho raha hain.(Maa, do fast. I am getting late.)

Sarla:Coming don’t hurry up, the stove won’t cook for ur needs.

Sarla comes and gives her a paratha.

Pragya:Maa, bas kar I have to go bye……

She leaves from there.

On the other side……

Madhavi:Ishu come fast v r getting late.

Ishu:Maa, I wanted to do MBA but u r think of taking opinion from some swamiji. Now ll u also take permission from the swamiji and only eat.

Madhavi: Ishu, don’t talk bad about swamiji, he is our God.

Above Ishu’s moms head a swamiji’s photo is shown who is blessing Ishu.

Ishu:Maa, it’s my ambition, which I want to fulfill.

Madhavi: Yes Ishu v r not stoping u but, let’s ask swamiji’s decission also na.

Ishu:Wat if the swamiji says no????

Madhavi: He ll surely say the best for u dear, if he say no, then I am sry no is no.

Ishu:Daddy u atleast tell maa na.

Vishwa:Madhavi, let Ishu fulfil her dream na.

Madhavi: I know everything Vishwa, let’s ask swamiji’s opinion and then proceed only I am saying.

Vishwa:Ur maa is also right Ishu beta.

Ishu is in state where she can’t escape from them so she leaves with them.

Pragya is very much tensed as her number is next for the interview.

Ishu is also tensed as to wat the swamiji may say.

Pragya enter the conference hall for her interview.

Ishu also enters with her parents to meet the so called swamiji.

Manager: So wat do u think about the stocks of our company.

Madhavi: Swamiji, this is my daughter’s kundali, pls tell how her future may be and wat she should do.

Pragya:Sir ur company has shown wonderful growth in the past few years but I think some corrections r there still.

Swamiji:So just now ur daughter has finished her studies right and she wants to do higher studies right.

Madhavi:Yes swamiji….!See Ishu swamiji knows everything.

Ishu(to herself):Maa, just now u filled up that stupid form outside right.

Manager:What do u mean by corrections Miss.Pragya!!!

Swamiji:This type of kundali only my brothers daughter also had. She also wanted to pursue her studies.

Ishu(to herself):UU better say yes, varna main tumhara face thodhungi………. (otherwise i shall smash ur face)

Pragya:Sir, I mean to say, if u give some new ideas into actions and some more effort put in by the workers of ur company then surely our company ll achieve double that target which is achieved now. And I assure u that, sir.

Swamiji:Even my brother asked wat do next, I said seeing her kundali that it some faults so u better get her married.

Ishu’s face is ragging with anger.

Madhavi has a shocked face.

Madhavi: Then wat swamiji???

Manager:Ur answer r excellent Miss.Pragya.

Pragya:Thank you sir.

Swamiji:But he didn’t listen to me, as he did per his daughters wish she pursued her studies and now wat happened, that girl ran away from the house with her boyfriend.

Madhavi gives mixed expression.

Manager:One more question Miss. Pragya, if u get selected for this job then what ll be ur first question.

Pragya:Where is my cabin sir?????

Manager as a smiled expression.

Swamiji:Ur daughter also has the same kundali, so be careful.

Madhavi and Vishwa stare at Ishu who is sitting between them.

Ishu is very upset that now she can’t pursue her dream and on top of that these ppl r getting her married.

Manager:V ppl over here a very much impressed with ur answers Miss.Pragya. But ur job posting is in Mumbai.

Pragya has a big smile on her face and accepts the job.

She shakes her hands with the boss and leaves from there.

On the other side Ishu’s parents r busy in searching a suitable boy for her but she is not at all interested.

Ishu is in her mobile chatting with her cousins……..

Grp:-Chuddy Buddies…….????

Pragya:Ishu, heard that bua has fixed ur wedding date also.??


Pragya:Does he know about this,??

Ishu:I don’t know where he is at present then how can he get to know about this.??

Pragya:Don’t wry Ishu send him a msg???

As these two r talking about that person, In Mumbai a man is shown at the top of some cell phone tower, doing something and taking a selfie near it.

Suddenly the alarm rings, cops start to surround him.

But that man does not care about the cops and starts to run.

He uses all the shortcuts present to escape.

Suddenly he comes to a place where he as to jump from a wall to escape from the cops and also the cops r about to round him.

But all of sudden he jumps from the wall, and while jumping also he takes selfie.

Then his face is shown…….

It’s Arnav. He escapes from the cops and goes to his house.

Then he opens his mobile to look into the group chat.

And becomes shocked on hearing that Ishu’s marriage is being fixed.

He calls Ishu…..

Ishu smiles on seeing his call.

Ishu:Hi stupid atlast u called, I never knew where u were and all these occurred ur so called bua has planned for my wedding and no one is helping me.

Arnav:Yaar Ishu, there is no use fighting with bua, u better accept to her. And who knows u may also run with someone just like that girl said by Swamiji.

Ishu:Arnav ke bache, u don’t talk to me get lost, I called u for u help and ur making fun of me.

Arnav: Sry meri ma now tell me, r u interested in this marriage.

Ishu:I don’t know yaar. But maa says that’s only good for me.

Arnav:Ishu u just give it a try if not v all r there for ur support. V shall give poison in the coffee for the guy u comes to see u.

Ishu:Tumse bath karna hi bekar hain. Tum mujhe aur Pragya ko jail main dalkar kudh jail se bhag javoge.(Talking to u is such a waste. U would put me and Pragya in jail and u urself ll ran away.)

Arnav:Ishu ishu wait na…….

She cuts the call angrily.

Arnav laughs seeing her antics.

He opens the gallery and looks at a photo which he took along with Ishu and Pragya.

He feels happy that now he can meet them all.

The next day, a boy as come to see Ishu.

That boy looks so obedient and so sincere in his work. He has no smile on his face.

His name is Raman Kumar Bhalla.

Ishu comes and serves coffee to all.

Madhavi:Have these pls, cause it’s all made by Ishu by herself.

Ishu gives a starring look at her maa.

Madhavi:So shall v all give them privacy so that they talk for sometime.

Saying this her maa takes everyone out.

Ishu tries to stop Pragya but that also goes in vain.

Now only Raman and Ishu r present.

Raman:So Ishitha right.

Ishu nods her head.

Raman:See I work in Mumbai, so u may have to stay in Mumbai with me i mean after marriage.

Ishu ke man main ladoo tuto rahe hain.(Ladoo is bursting in Ishu’s mind)

Raman:So my mom said that u have finished ur BBA and want to do MBA.

Ishu:Yes but my mom wants me to get married.

Raman:If u want u can proceed after marriage also. I don’t have any objection.

Ishu smiles at him.

Raman:See I ll come straight to the point, I was in love with a girl. My mom does not know about this.

Ishu gives a shocked reaction.

Raman: But now that relationship is no more. But I need some time to over come that, so…….

Ishu smiles.

Raman:U don’t wry I fulfill all my needs as a husband.

Ishu nods her head and smiles.

Raman:From the start I was myself talking, now atleast say something. Anything is fine.

Ishu then all of a sudden burst out.

Ishu:That coffee and wat ur eating was not made by me, so u can eat without fear.

Raman laughs at her reply and childish behaviour.

Raman starts to drink the coffee and Ishu signals Pragya that all is okay with her.

Pragya runs……..

Pragya:Bua, Ishu has accepted to do the marriage

Madhavi smiles and all happy to hear that news.

All have started to do the wedding preparations on one side.

And on the other side Pragya and Ishu r happy that they ll be going to Mumbai and can be with Arnav and fulfill their childhood dream of being in heaven(i.e.)Mumbai.

Arnav on the other side is making preparation to reach Punjab to meet his cousins.


Guys thx for the support…….

And Amal the movie is Bangalore Days……..

Im his chashmish thanks for us support, and I also like the character played by Arnav, and ur name is very unique.

Yes Veronica its Bangalore Days only and I hope I ll do justice to the movie and I ll surely make u understand the story.

Thx Priyanka for ur support and I hope u ll also like it.

Thx yaar Nisa……..

Thx Reshma and yes it is Bangalore Days movie only.

Thx Princesskrisha and u can call me dhi…….and u ll get to know only about half of the movie cause I ll surely put in my ideas and even in the intro also it was my idea to add Pragya, cause the movie revolves around two boys and a girl. Buy for my convince I have done some changes.

Thx Guru but I need more support so that I may know that I can continue or not.

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