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Love after Marriage part-Intro

Hii guys this is Shalu a very good girl, hope u all remember me. So now I have decided not to put my face in the ff, cause atleast the previous to previous ff was atleast going good and I only stopped it, but the previous one did not even get much response so after long thinking I have again decided to write a new ff, and as before I also want ur sincere comment for this ff of mine.

So I would like to give the intro……..

This ff is based on a movie so u ppl can view which movie it is.

It is based on three ppl and their life.

There were three cousins……..

They all had a grt time in their childhood and wanted to spend the rest of their lives just like this.

They would never care about this world and would always stand for each other.

Even they don’t care about their parents, but at times they do.

They all had spent their childhood in such get bonding that even a million try of their parents, they never got separated.

They all studied in the same school, did a lot of mastii in their childhood.

Got scolding from the teacher……..all that can happen in the world happened with them.

Now all have grown up, even though they all have a difference in opinion on a issue they all support each other.

They have set their own goals to achieve in life, but their one and only common goal which they set in childhood was to go to Mumbai.

Now that all r in different directions in achieving their goal or their parents goal.

They still have that goal of going to Mumbai in the corner of the heart.

Now how these ppl go to Mumbai and wat awaits for them at Mumbai is my story……

Now that some would surely have guessed the movie pls do tell me so that I may now it.

And now for the characters
The three cousins r

Ishitha: Cute girl, doing BBA and wants to do MBA. She obeys her parents but never lets her cousins down infront of her parents. She wants to do something for the upcoming women entrepreneurs.

Arnav: Handsome boy, loves to do racing but he does not, he does the job whatever he like at that present state of time and it may change for every five minutes. He does not obey to his parents.

Pragya:A girl who has not set any goal for herself and her only goal is to fulfill her parents wish. Wants to give her parents a grt life and ll do anything to achieve it. Loves being with her cousins

Now ll these three ever reach Mumbai, wat ll happen to them if they reach their and wat next does fate have for them.

I know some may know, the story buy guys guys these movie is just the base line of my ff, my ll surely put in my ideas also so I am telling u all in advance so that fans of the movie won’t be angry with me.

Cause that movie was a super duper hit and it had so many fans. So now ppl knowing movie to and rest others to and break ur heads as to how the story ll proceed. And sry if I did any mistake. This is just the promo, with the comments for this I ll decide whether to proceed or not. Thank you guys……..??

Guys and one more thing is the title a good one or not…..if not pls do say something as I am not able to think anything……..????

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