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love after marriage (intense ardika & nesam) Episode 2

rads home. mala was preparing dinner for the guests. radhika were helping her. “choti i forgot to tell u that nandini aunty and sid uncle also comes tonight for dinner” “its great i m gonna meet them after a long time.im really happy”. after they finished their work they were waiting for the guests to come. neil were the first one who came for the dinner. he gifted dilip a watch, it was so costly. “why did u bring thismuch costly watch for me. i would hav accepted all heartedly even if u gav me a rose flower too” said dileep in sarcastic voice. “i m not ur gf uncle i cant giv u rose. if u deleberately want one then ask mala aunty not me uncle” said neil in a teasing tone. “neil, dont pull his leg today as it is his bday today. Radhika defended her dad ” oh now i m out is nt it” neil shown a fake disappoinment. “U wil be as me and papa allways plays in the same team” radhika teased him more.

Arjun reached his home. While sidni was supposed to go some where “ma, papa, where r u going. What is special today to go for an outing;that too love birds only” arjun teased them. “offo we r’nt going honeymoon beta, its dileeps bday today. Mala has invaited us for dinner” nandini cleared his doubt. “But dileep uncle& mala aunty here?how u found them” “its long story. I wil tell u later. I hav prepared dinner for u. Now we r going bye. Said nandini. ” K bye” said arjun. He came to his room. Got freshen up. The scene was continuosly flashing in his mind. /rads looking straight to his eyes and says i love u arjun sir/ her words were echoing in his mind. Arjun gets irritatted. his POV”i too wil get chances ms.Radhika mishra, u spell with me today the very known devil” arjun poured out all his anger. He was burning at every moment.how can a girl go this extent that too with arjun mehra it has touched his ego. Then he questioned him self”why didnt i replied her equally. Why did i got calm that time” the thought was spinning his head.


Meanwhile sidni reached rads home. Mala& dileep welcomed them all heartedly. Sam too come there, she was wearing a black saree. It had golden border made her look awsome. Neil was staring her like they hadnt met before. “Why u r so late sammy?” Radhika’s voice bought neil to the world. “Sory chasni i got late”
“Where were u sam all these years?” asked neil(he wasn’t come out from the dilemma that he punched him self. And realised it is really his samunder singh not anyone else)
“What?”asked the girls as they heard his question. “Nothing, i was joking. Neil covered the situation.”

Mala indroduced sidni to everyone. They had a nice time together. Nandini was watching rads. Her POV”choti has no change in all these years . She is all alike the three year old kid. ”

Precap:sidni asking radhika’s hands for their son

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