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Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Lost in love (Prolouge n Introduction)
This is my First ever FF that too on Swalak Cuz i am a Helly n Namish Fan
My story will revolve around swalak that how will they face and overcome hardships in their relationship it will be quiet diff from swaragini n there will be some RagSan n RagLak n SwaSan

Character Intro
Gadodia Family
Dada dadi same as in serial
shekhar is also same even his n sharmishta relation is same
Ragini is too same


Bose Family
Sharmishta Bose is same but she works in NGO
Dida is same
Swara is also same but she had returned to kolkata from mumbai after 2 years she was there to study completing her last two year of b.com n her mumbai past will be shown in flashback n also important in story

The enmity of dida n dadi is same n reason behind the enmity is also same as in the show

Maheshwari Family
DP not so strict as it was in show earlier he is like shekhar
Ap RP Suj Utara same
Laksh n Sanskar same
NO Adarsh n Parineeta
Maheshwari returned from Mumbai after 5 years to kolkata their hometown.
A girl waking up in morning lost in her thoughts wiping her tears n walks out of room with motive to live n enjoy her life onwards with having a smile on her face.

A boy standing in balcony thinking n trying to make himself satisfied that all what happen was good for him

Another boy punching on punching bag with full force to bring out his frustration and anger n trying to find answers from his life

Another girl pretends to be happy but depressed as something bothers her alot but in dilema to what to do
Pardon my mistakes its my first effort do comment n like for couraging me up to continue I hope after first epi i will not bore anyone as then u will be able to understand my story.

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