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LIPSTICK (an twinj OS) ~ Tara (baby’s b’day special)

Hey guys m really happy u liked my os… i guess i will be writing stories like this from now on.. but here is something more unique which came to my mind… and i wanna share…And also its for dear baby my siso… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY” lots of love..
So here we start with the story..



I believe in the power of red lipstick. There is something to be said about the color red. Red is often connected to passion and romantic love. It is an eye-catching, look-at-me kind of color. When a woman wears red lipstick she holds the world in the palm of her hand. She has the power to stop traffic and demand attention when she walks into a room. Red lipstick epitomizes confidence and glamour.

A woman does not put on red lipstick if she wants to fade into the background. She wears it when she wants the whole world to notice her. It is often reserved for special occasions or nights out. It is a trend that never seems to go out of style. It is classic, elegant, sophisticated. When a woman wears this shade on her lips, she instantly feels glamorous. She seems to stand a little taller; chin up, shoulders back, chest out. She transforms from an ordinary girl into a bombshell whom no man could resist.
But there is a lot more which a lipstick could do… I myself was unaware until……………….

I was on duty.. as per my schedule.. Being a senior officer at CBI.. I had a lot of work pressure… a lost of cases were pending and me and my team were working on a particular case when my phone rang…
“hello.. officer Sarna here!” said I… but what i heard next was unbelievable ….
I saw my staff was looking at me… with a question mark on each one’s face….
I kept the phone…. “ the minister’s son is dead… we are called there immediately”

They all were astonished.. as expected..
Next we moved to the minister’s place.. well it was not less than a palace..
Me and my team searched the room… no clue could be found that it was a murder.. nd i heard that the guy who died was a tippler … so my first doubt was alcohol… i asked a servant “ sir kitna peete the??”
“a bit too much” came a reply from the other end of the room… and i saw a pretty woman standing outside the room.. she was wearing a long gown and her hair was fashioned in form of a bun…she was about to come inside when i interrupted “thanks for the info… bt u cant come inside.. until investigation is over…btw apki tareef??”

“m twinkle… kushal’s (the victim) sister” replied she..
“ ohhk.. sorry madam.. u need to leave us alone..” said me..
“ never mind.. i just came to see what’s going on” saying this she left…
I looked around the room once more…. and my eyes located something on the floor….
I came back to the bureau ….. i heard a low voice convo in between my team… i was about to show them what i found when….
“may i come in sir??” said my assistant
“sir… the post-mortem report has come…”
“oh great… give me..”

“here u go sir….. its surely a murder… sir….” said he
I read the report “poisoned!!”
My staff were shocked…. “how is that possible sir…the servent said that kushal didnt go out for 3-4 days and no body came to meet him …” said one of them…
“ right.. now its impossible for a family member to do so…..” said another
“quiet possible… in fact that is the only thing done…”
After others went out i showed my asst. The thing which i got….
“what’s it sir?” said he… looking at the shiny golden piece …..
“ u tell me” said i..
“ it looks like some sort of cover….actually… sir one min… is it not a cover of a lipstick or something like that??” said he confused…
“ hmm.. toh cosmetics mein charcha hoti hain??” said i..
“ sir woh..gf ko dekha hain….” said he shyly..
“ hmm i guess its the lipstick cover only but what is the thing doing in kushal’s room??… u do one thing go to ur gf and ask her about this cover… i want some detail…” said me..
“ ok sir.. ill meet u…at the eve” he said and went…
I decided to pay a visit to the ministers place once more…
The servant opened the door…

“good evening sir.. par sahib is not at home”…. he said
“ no problem.. madam hain..?? twinkle madam?”
“ yeah…plzz come in..”
I entered in…. “madam is in her room.. shall i call her??”
“no its okay.. i will go up..” said me..
The servant left and i went up….
In a distant corner…was a well decorated room… where miss twinkle was sitting…
I went to her.. “may i come in?”
She was stunned.. “ officer sarna??” said she..
“sorry for disturbance…actually i wanted to meet minister sir.. bt he wasn’t there so thought to meet u” said me
“ okay.. toh… did u find anything??” said she
“ yeah… mila toh h.. bt…”

“ bt what?? What did u find??” her sudden reaction made me doubt… i looked at her with astonishment… then shifted my gaze to the dressing table… it had a quality cosmetics placed over it…all branded…
“ miss twinkle.. i must say… u have a good choice of cosmetics…”
“what do u mean….??”
“ i mean…” (b4 i ended)
“sir i got all details….” said my asst. Who came running in..
“u here??” said I
“ sorry sir..when i came to knw u r here i also came…” said he..
“ ok lets move…miss twinkle thanks.. we will take a leave now..” saying this we left…
On our way my asst. Told me…that the lipstick cover is an imported one.. not available in india….it was a very crucial clue ….
The next day i went to the minister’s house again..bt this time with a search warrant…. and my first attack was miss twinkle’s room… she was disappointed a lot but cudnt do anything…

I searched everywhere…until i found a lipstick without a cover in a dustbin….. “miss twinkle…” i said
“ what is this?? U have thrown such an expensive lipstick in dustbin” said I lifting the thing in my hand…
“ oh i see u have a lot of info regarding cosmetics… bt i guess u didnt see it doesn’t have any cover… so i cant use it any more…” she said…
“so where did u loose the cover?? In kushal’s room??” said I directly attacking her..
She was terrified “excuse me…??”

I handed the lipstick to my asst. and said “ sent it to lab for test…now..” looking at her I said “ y r u shocked? I just asked a simple question ..”
Beads of perspiration ran down her fore head…. i was with her for the next few hours and she seemed ever quiet…. i also did the same.. after few hours my asst. Confirmed that the lipstick itself was poisoned…. i kept the phone and said “ miss twinkle… my asst. Had called me.. he said the the lipstick was poisoned… and we found the lipstick cover from ur brother’s room… and the lipstick from ur room…and ur brother’s death is due to poison…so is there anything u wannna say coz i can see everything clearly…!!”
After a minute of silence she said “rascal…. he was a big bastard…. i had no choice…”
“u had no choice?? U had to kill ur brother??”
“he is NOT my brother….” she said ..her voice loud and firm…
I was shocked….she continued “ mr. Taneja married my mom when i was in high school.,i had lost my father in my early childhood… since then i know kushal… he is supposed to be my half brother..bt he is only a bl**dy swine who can look at girls only in one aspect…. u may have heard that he is a pure tippler..bt u might not knw that he had s*xual interest as well… he did clubs and late night parties… nd at home i was the victim… i couldn’t tell this to mr. Taneja as he will take his son’s side for sure… i was helpless… so i planned this… he wanted to have me in his bed… i agreed… and that night when he came closer to me i rubbed the lipstick on his lips…. I thought no one would suspect as he was always drunk and u knw the rest…..” she wiped her tears….

I didnt know what to say…. i gave her my handkerchief…. she cried….
The next day i was to give the report to the minister, i couldn’t sleep the whole night…… he personally came to meet me…. in my office… i handed him the report….
He opened it … and his expression changed.. “died due to over dose of alcohol consumption!!??”
I nodded… “yeah thats truth”
“bt officer..”
“ sorry sir.. its the truth..now i have other pending cases so can u plzz excuse me….”
He left disappointedly…

“people like kushal deserve it…” i thought while he left….

A big crowd of press had gathered in front of kunj sarna as he ended reading his novel….
“excellent job sir…bt is this story real??” said one of them…
“its just a story…now its upto the readers how they take it…”
“one more question sir…. who is this twinkle??”said the reporter..
Kunj smiled and said.. “my beautiful wife..!!” saying this he looked at twinkle who was sitting on the front row teary eyed…
So guys how was it…. tried out something different hope u will like it…
Specially baby as it is ur b’day… so this was a treat from my side…
And to others it a compensation for not posting my ff.. ?

Plzz comment guys.. silent readers as well …else no proof reading…

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