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Lecturer love KRPKAB promo

Camera shows a beautiful garden and many flowers are blossomed there and people are walking here there and in one corner camera shows two love birds Dev and Sona sitting silently. Sona is beautifully dressed in purple maxi upto her toes and Dev is in his casuals wearing jeans and t-shirt of red colour(looking like a tasty cute Apple which Snow White no no Sona would love to eat but??she can’t ‘there a mystery ‘) and a jacket over it. Sona starts the conversation
S : tell me Dev why have u called me here, I haven’t tell mom dad and I came here straight from college. Agar koi baat thi tou college main kar leni thi yahan kyun bulaya. Itne log hain yahan aur Sab shyd humain hi dekh rahe hain. ‘She asked him with questioning eyes’.[if u have to talk about something u should have talk about it in college why have u called me here. So many people are here and it seems that they are only looking us]

D: meray khayal say aap itni aqalmand hain Kay aap ko pata chal gaya Ho ga Kay aisi baat karni hai jo main aap say college main nhi kar sakhta tha. Aur mujhe nhi pata tha Kay Sonakshi Bose logon say darti hai[I thought ur that much intelligent that u sensed that I have to talk something that can’t be done in college. And I didn’t knew that sonakshi Bose is afraid of people]


S: aap ko Kya Meri aqalmandi pay doubt hai ?. Aur main logon say nhi unn ki sawalia nazaron say darti hon.[do u doubt my intelligence and I’m not afraid of people but I’m afraid of their questioning eyes]

D: nhi mujhe tum pay kabhi doubt nhi howa aur waise aik hi baat hai logon say daro ya unn ki nazaron say[ no I didn’t doubt u. And it’s the same afraid of people or their eyes]

S: aap ka meray say aisa koi rishta bhi nhi hai Kay aap mujh pay ya Meri capabilities pay doubt ya trust karin aur nhi aik baat nhi hai. Kabhi kabhi nazarain aisi batain keh jatin hain jou shyd zuban bhi nhi kehti.[ u don’t have any relation with me that u doubt or trust me or my capabilities and it’s not the same. Sometimes eyes tell or say those things that can’t be said through words]

D: kyun nhi hai Mera tum say koi rishta hum achay dost hain colleagues bhi hain aur bari samjh hain tumhain nazaron ki baton ki.[why don’t I have any relation with u. We r good friends and also colleagues and u know very well what eyes say or they mean]

S: Han hai na waqt Sab sikha deta hai nazaron ki batain samjhna bhi aur dil ki bhi ‘saying in bit sad tone’[ yah time make us understand each and everything, whether it’s the eyes or the hearts]

D: acha tou Meri ankhon main dekh Kay batao Kay Maine tumhain abhi yahan kyun bulaya hai. Main bhi dekhon kitna sikhaya hai waqt nay tumhain[ok then tell me what my eyes are saying and why I have called u here. Let me also see what time have taught u ]

S: bata don Phir aap nay mujhe yahan kyun bulaya[ should I tell u why u have called me here]

D: Han[ ya ]

S: mujhe propose karne Kay liye, yeh batane Kay liye Kay aap mujhe say pehli dafa jab Mile tab say mohabbat karte hain aur mujh say shadi bhi karna chahte hain. Mujh say iss naye rishte ko shuru karne ki ijazat chahte hain……………[u have called me here to propose me. To tell me that u loved me since u saw me first time and u also want to marry me. To seek permission from me to start this new relationship]

D: wow!tumhain kaise pata Chala. [wow how did u knew this] asking surprisingly

S: kaha tha na Kay ankhein parh leti hon[told u that I can read eyes]

D: tou tou tumhara jawab Kya hai? ‘Asking somewhat tensed’[so so what’s ur answer]

S:nhi main hai [ my answer is in no ]

By saying this she ran away and Dev heartbroken sat there sadly

So how’s the promo tell me through ur comments and criticism is open

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