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Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 8

Recap- Dev and Sona gets married. Sona has somewhat agreed to this relationship. Ishwari died and Dev on bejoy insistence goes to Sona home.

Dev goes with Sona to her home. Sona shows Dev guest room and gives him necessary things ‘towel, toothbrush etc etc……’ and asks him to take rest after bath.


Sona: if u want anything else, tell me or ma. My room is upstairs there. And yeah u take rest and in evening we will go to ur home to take ur things from their and to lock ur home properly.

Dev nodded. Sona was about to leave but Dev held his hand, Sona looked at her and then his hand. Dev made her sit on the bed and said

D: thank u so much for fulfilling mom and dad’s last wish. I don’t know how to thank u for this. “He said it in a sad tone” and I promise u that I will live upto ur expectations and I will never disappoint u.

S: it’s ok Dev and I have to get married to someone one day, My mom, dad and my teacher has chosen u as my life partener. They must have done a right decision and I believe in u. Ok now stop this formal talks and thank u thank u, before this relationship we were friends right so stop all this” Sona tried to cheer up Dev” but he gave just a fake smile and left for the bath.

Dev woke up and he had coffee with Sona. Then they both went to dikhsit mansion. Dev was very sad and was teary eyed, each and every thing was making him remember his parents. Sona also got somewhat emotional. She collected Dev things while Dev was in his parents room. After Sona was done, she went to I&N room and sat beside Dev. Dev started telling her his childhood stories, some were funny and some were a bit emotional. Dev didn’t told the story in sequence but whatever he was remembering, he kept on telling to Sona.

D: u don’t know Sona, how it feels when u lose ur parents? U feel urself lonely….

S: I know Dev! I know. Look u have so many childhood memories to tell me but I have nothing to tell u. U got ur parents love, even I also got but they didn’t gave me time and trust.

D: what do u mean Sona? Say it openly !!!!

S: Ahhhhhhh…….the story is quite long and I also wanted to tell u as we started a new relationship, u r my husband and u should be knowing everything about me, like I do! I have never shared these things with anyone neither ma nor my friends.

D: ok relax and tell, I’m hear to listen u!

S: so the story starts when my mom dad used to love eo in their college days. Their families didn’t approved their marriage so they eloped and settle their new and small world in which only two of them were. They both had no contacts with their families. They both were leading happy love life, until I joined them. I was of four five years when they both used to fight with eo that Bcoz of u I lost my family and they blamed on eo. On which night they used to fight, I cried whole night in my room and they didn’t even realized it that Bcoz of their fights, I was getting effected. They fighted at night but were OK with eo in morning but what about me I cried whole night. Then, I stopped caring for their fights when I was eight. I was used to their fights now. They blamed eo, said harsh words and then said sorry and all ok.

D: Sona! Mian biwi main larai aksar hoti hai. Iss main rone ki Kya baat hai? Even my parents might have fought.

S: exactly! Husband wife main larai honi chahiye na, parents main nhi. I still remember, the most important decision of my life, to choose my college, to choose my career. They both fought on it. The fight started from my college issue( baba wanted me to join govt. college while mom wanted private) and reached again at family. Ur family is this and urs is this………..their fight remained for a month or two and in that month I became a postman. Mom; say ur baba to do this and baba: say ur ma to give me food or this or that…….I was so fed up with them but I had no other option, sometimes I wanted to just ripen out of my house or attempt suicde. Then I opted govt. college and did masters from there.

Dev was listening to her with teary eyes as he thought Sona led a peaceful life but no she had a opposite of it.

S: Dev u don’t know. U lost ur parents now but I lost them years back. I became heartless Bcoz of them and started hating marriage.. I used to stay alone at home all day till evening after my school Bcoz my mom dad were on their job. I used to feel hungry but when mom used to come in evening i assured her that I ate something……..I wanted there time but I knew they were doing this hard work only for me, so I never complained them. Baba used to be strict in some matters, he loved me but he didn’t wanted me to have boyfriends and affairs and parties and things like that. He took promise from me that I will never do the mistake which he and my mom did! Eloping. He wanted me to be a pure soul and told me that these things are just deceptive. I obeyed them and even I also used to hate boys and marriage at a certain age but mom made me understand.

S: Phir sonay pay sohaga, mom dad relatives contacted them when i was 18. Their families pleaded for sorry and my mom dad forgave but I never used to talk to my mamo or chacha nor my cousins. They used to visit our home frequently but I lock up myself in the room. My mom dad insisted, scolded, did everything they could do to just to make me understand that my behaviour was not okay. I also became stubborn and never heeded to their talks. And this went going on, I still don’t talk to them. And Dev u tell is my behaviour incorrect with them. Bcoz of them I’m suffering, I see my parents fighting, I hear their shouts. After all that happened to me, I still love my parents, I tried to hate them but my efforts gone in vain. No child can hate his/her parents.

Sona starts crying hugging Dev. Dev was feeling so bad for Sona. He consoled Sona and made up his mind he will take Sona out of that house and they both will live alone happily. Dev after sometime pats Sona, they both depart, Dev wipes Sona tears and asks her

D: let’s go, it’s quite late. We need to go home and I have to join college from tomorrow also.

S: yeah we should go now, it’s late but Dev u could have rested for some days. Don’t go college tomorrow, it will be hard for u.

D: no Sona I will go. Only the first time it will be hard, the second it’s easy and only tomorrow is hard, day after tomorrow it will be easy. ‘Smiles’

With this they went home and slept in their respective rooms. Next morning, Sona went with Dev and why not she’s his wife. It’s hard for Dev to be in college without his parents. Staff members, his friends gave condolences on his parents death. He also cried back.

Days passed like this, after one month.

Dev was stable now. He was still living in Sona’s house and he, Sona continued with their friendship. They used to eat ice cream each evening, have gol gappa’s competition, they had pillow fights, movie nights, everything they could do. They went college together, came back together, breakfast, lunch, dinner also together. Bejoy and Asha also shared a cute bond with new couple. Bejoy was satisfied that he choose the best boy for her Sona. Sona has also fallen for Dev in this one month but she could not confess it. She was with what was going on. They had not yet celebrated their first night also.

Dev decided to sell his home and buy a flat for his and Sona as its time for her to go with him. He told about this to Sona.

D: I’m going to sell my house and we will buy a flat for the two of us. Do u agree and will u go with me?

S: Dev why r u selling ur house? U have so many memories related to it. Ur mom dad created that house with so much love. I will not allow to do this.

D: Sona I know u r right but I have not that courage to go that home again. It kept me remembering ma baba. I’m selling it and we r moving to our new flat and that’s it. I won’t argue at this anymore.

Sona tried to convince him but Dev didn’t listened. He sold his house and bought a flat in posh area.

Dev told everyone that he and Sona will be shifting to their new house the next week so they will be having a reception on that day. It will be for the wedding as well as for the new house. Everyone was happy especially Sona as after that Dev will mark her as his. Her point of view about marriage, children and men changed in this one month and after felling in love with Dev. She was completely changed and took that form which Dev loved. Dev loved her every form but this new form was surely to be loved.

Precap- Dev proposing sonakshi, Sonakshi…………Will reception take place or not….????????

So guys 2 episodes to go more for 10. I know this one is small but the next two will be long and 10th will be mega+ last episode. I know I’m ending it very soon but I have already planned the ff to be of 10 episode not more than that. I will come back dears to torture u again with my ff as soon as possible. I will thank u all Bcoz of u I couldn’t have done it. U made this ff special by ur comments. U all r very supportive and love u all. I didn’t proof read it so sorry of any mistake.


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