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Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 7

Previously Ishwari and Niwas had a car accident and Niwas died but ishwari survived. Ishwari gain conciousness and asks Dev to marry Sona as its her and Niwas last wish.

Now episode 7,


Sona agrees unwillingly and marries Dev. They both take blessings from elders and then ishwari asks Sona to sit beside her. Sona sat beside and her face was down looking in her lap. Ishwari asks everyone

I: U all go home. I’m ok and Sona will stay here night with me and that’s final.

B: Sona is now ur daughter she can stay here but not alone. God forbids if there’s Any emergency at night what will she do alone. I will stay here with her.

D: no uncle u go and rest. I can take of ma and Sona, they both are now my responsibilities. U must be tired and so u go home and rest. ( says having tears in eyes )

Hearing this Sona looks at Dev. She could feel the pain Dev had in his eyes, losing his father, mother on death bed and now we got married in such situation. They both share an eye lock.

A: but beta u r here since evening u must be more tired. U can go home. Bejoy will manage.

D: no Anty I’m fine and I’m not leaving ma here alone and I said ma and ma are now my responsibilities. I will handle them( assuring all of the members of family)’ and he also don’t want to go home, as no one was there, ma was in hospital and his dad in morgue. What he will do at home alone ‘

Ishwari looked at Dev with teary eyes and says

I: look my son has grown so mature in a day or I should say hours, that u recognised what r ur responsibilities. I’m so proud of u my son and ur father will also be feeling proud.

All share some emotional moments and then Ishwari composes herself and asks it’s 11 Asha ji and bejoy ji u should go home and take rest. My son and daughter r with me. Hope we could meet tomorrow morning.

A: yeah we r just leaving and surely we will meet tomorrow till then goodbye. She hugged Ishwari and Sona and asks Sona to take good care of her new ma. Sona nodded and followed A&B to the gate.

Asha asks Sona that is she happy with the alliance.
Sona encountered the same question to bejoy and Asha: r u both happy with the alliance?
She didn’t even waited for their answer and said to them : wait what I’m asking. U r happy with this alliance that’s why u asked me to get married. If u weren’t u………and what about those people who came to our home this evening?

A: Sona beta! Yehi woh log thay jou aaj shaam ko aye thay. Tune parson poori baat sunk nhi aur bharak uthi!………Ishwari and Niwas have asked for ur hand this evening beta.

B: we fixed ur wedding with Dev after three weeks but it happened today. God just wanted this to do, so calm down my daughter and accept this new relationship as soon as possible. ( says sweetly to Sona )

Sona was taken back for some seconds but then she answered: u r right papa, this wedding was to happen one day or the other, teen hafte baad Ho aaj nothing matters papa. I try my best to accept this NEW RELATIONSHIP ( she emphasised on it)

Asha and bejoy left and Sona came back to room. Dev was sitting on chair and ishwari was sitting in bed. Ishwari say her and asked Sona to come to her. She hugged Sona and kissed her cheeks and made her sit on the bed, like Dev and Sona were sitting face to face. Dev and Sona looked at each other and then ishwari held Sona’s hand and gave it in Dev’s hand.

Ishwari to Dev: tu Meri bahu ka, meri beta ka theek say khayal rakhna. Issay kabhi takleef mat dena aur agar iss nay tang kiya Sona tujhe to mujhe batana. Then she asked Sona : and u have to also take good care of him. Agar tune tang kiya na tou main SERIAL KRPKAB WALI ISHWARI ban jaoun gi. (Sona giggled at it)” plz serial wali hi kafi hai aap na ban jana, hum itna zulm kaise bardasht karin gay”.

Both simultaneously: I promise and then both look deep into eo eyes. This eye lock remained until Ishwari said: stop staring eo, u have to look eo now for whole of ur life.

Dev Sona embarrassingly stopped staring and Dev made Ishwari sleep. Sona went out to canteen to bring something for herself and Dev.

After making Ishwari sleep, Dev came out of the room and found Sona no where. He was worried but he saw Sona coming with a tray having coffee and some eatables. They both sat on chairs and ate burgers. Firstly Dev resisted but then Sona asked him that if he’s not eating she will also not eat it. So Dev gave the first bite of burger to Sona and ate the rest. After finishing both went inside the room and Sona slept on couch while Dev on the chair near Ishwari holding her hand.

Dev’s world was upside down just in one day. Niwas died, he got married to his love in an akward situation but still they both were now tied in a new relationship. The strongest relationship which binds two souls and then the two eventually becomes one.

It’s 3am.

Ishwari chokes and Sona woke up with the voice. She offered her water and ishwari asked Sona

I: I hope u will fulfill this new relationship with whole heartedly. My son will always be there for u no matter what happens and I assure u. Please respect my this decision of ur and dev marriage.

S: “in tears” mam I will do it for ur sake and also for uncle’s sake. U rest now it’s late.

I: it is seriously late Sona. Ur uncle have alreadygone alone and I only waited for Dev’s and ur marriage,as its done so it’s now my time to go and……………………. Dev lov…… With this she started taking heavy breaths. Dev woke up and Sona tried to rush to call the dr. but Ishwari held her hand and Dev’s hand and took her last breath and set off to a new journey( actually she should first go to hell for the punishments of the sins she did and is doing in drama Serial and then to heaven for uniting Devakshi in my ff???)
Dev was shattered and he sat down on the floor leaving Ishwari hand. Sona also cried but then she looked at Dev and went near him, on the floor with him, held his hand and consoled him. Dev hugged him and cried out loud. She called her parents.

Next day:
After all the rituals done of ishwari and Niwas. People went home but Dev was sitting in the floor sad. Dev felt a hand on his shoulder, he moved to see and it was Sona.

Sona: come lets go home. U can’t stay here for long Dev.

D: no I don’t want to go home. Woh ghaar ma baba Kay beghair kaat khaye ha mujhe. Please I don’t want to go home there.

S: I understand how it feels Dev. U don’t need to tell me. Come lets go to my home u can stay there until U feel well.
Dev didn’t answered.
Bejoy calls both Dev and Sona.

B: Dev beta! Come lets go to our home. U can stay there as I’m also ur father and Asha ur mother. So until u feel well stay with us. This is my order, ur father order.

Dev was in tears and he hugged bejoy and went with them to their home…

Precap- Dev going back to his house with Sona. Sona told Dev everything about her past.

So guys how was it? Sorry for any grammatical mistake or any other Bcoz I didn’t proof read it. Comment box is waiting for ur sweet words. Criticism is also open


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