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Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 5 **MEGA EPISODE**

So as I promised, this is the mega episode and my first ff’s 5th episode also. Before starting the today episode I will write a summary of previous episodes.

It’s a story of a girl named sonakshi and boy named Dev. They both belong to different families and have different ethical values and cultures. Sona hails from middle class Bengali family and Dev hails from alite class family, and is a careless,and lovey dovey boy(only with his parents and friends) Bcoz being pampered by his parents since childhood but he has never fallen for someone. While Sona has also got the same love from her parents but his father has some trust issues with her. Sona has done masters and she is working under Dev in chemistry department. Dev has fallen for Sona, the first time he met her but has not proposed her till now. Dev’s mom has been Sona’s teacher while Sona was studying in the college and they both shares cute bond. Dev and Sona become good friends in some time and their families have also mingled well. Dev got to new that sona’s father has put some restrictions on Sona. He wanted to know why she always relayed on his father decisions till now since she has grown up but Sona didn’t told him anything.


So let’s start the episode.

Dev was in his room thinking about Sona behaviour and was thinking why bejoy has put restrictions on Sona. He wanted to ask ishwari but could have that strength and maybe ishwari don’t know about this thing. He was thinking all this when I&N entered his room. Dev asked his parents to sit and asked

D: what happened ma, baba? Why r u awake till now? U both should be sleeping(locking the room??)

N: beta! We wanted to talk to about something important with u.

D: say dad. Is everything ok?

N: yeah yeah. Actually me and ur mom decided to fix ur wedding with Sona. We will take ur alliance to Sona house tomorrow. I know u won’t be having any problem Bcoz Teri tou Dili murad poori Ho rahi hai but ur mom wanted me to ask u once. “Says sarcastically”

I: Yeah Dev! Sona is a very nice girl and u also know about her and seeing ur friendship with her, we thought about it. Bejoy and asha also agreed. So tomorrow we will be taking a proper alliance of ur to Sona home.

Dev was listening his parents convo with a great happiness as his wish was going to be real but he can’t show it infront of his parents. He didn’t even utter a word besides his parents were asking him to tell that did he agreed to the alliance or not…………..

N: ishwari begum! Mujhe Lagta hai sahib zaaday ko larki pasand nhi hai. Ok fine we won’t take the alliance tomorrow.(teasingly)[ ishwari! I think our son didn’t liked the girl]

I: I also think the same. Is it Dev??????

Hearing this Dev got extremely tensed as if his teacher is going to give a surprise test and he haven’t learn anything.

D: nhi aisa nhi hai. Ma ba aap log jana na Maine lab mana kiya……….Mujhe aap dono ki pasand par bharosa hai.’says with an attitude'[ no it’s not like that. U both may go, when did I denied. I respect ur decision]

N: nhi beta theek hai we respect ur decision. U don’t liked the girl, we will search another. “Winks ishwari”

D: no baba!!! I liked the girl no I love the girl. ” oh u said it but to ur parents ???”

N: look ishwari! ur son loves a girl. He confessed it. But I think this idiot hasn’t confessed it to his girl yet.

D: “embarrassingly, moving his head down, entwining his fingers” no papa

I: Niwas stop teasing my son. He has chosen the girl only, he’s not eloping with her. And u also had chosen me. What’s the matter?’ Says hitting Niwas ‘

D: hawww. Papa u didn’t told me about it. U told that it was a arrange marriage then what’s this. ( having a glow in his eyes ).

N: my dear son! The point is that arrange marriage is also like love marriage. How, I gonna tell u. Look! Ur parents saw the girl, they liked the girl, they asked u to meet her, u met and u liked her and told ur parents to fix the marriage and if u don’t like u ask them u didn’t liked. Simple and some cases are like u who loves a girl and parents also likes the same girl and then to show ur innocence u named it arranged marriage.

D&I: wow how smart na…………….

All laugh and I&N gives blessing to Dev and ask him to sleep. He also says good night and happily crashed his bed. He was going to call Sona and tell her about what just happened but then stopped and planed to give her a surprise.

Here, asha comes to Sona room and she switched on the lights of the room.

A: Sona! U aren’t sleeping then why the lights are switched off?

S: actually mom, darkness have some soothing effect and u don’t know that

A: ‘cuts her’ whenever u r tensed u switch off the lights and sit in darkness. I know everthing Sona, it’s the other thing that I never shared with u. I know u more. And u r my daughter, I also used to do the same and ur baba always restricts me doing these things. He asked me to share with him, my problems, my worries.”becomes teary eyed”. But u have no one neither any sis Nor any bro. No cousins, no friends, no one even not ur mother. I’m sorry Sona. I’m so sorry Sona. U r alone from the childhood and it’s all my fault.

S: no mom. Please don’t cry and I’m happy that I’m alone, at least I got all ur and baba love. No one was there to share ur love and baba’s. “Trying to cheer up asha but was herself broken inside. After so many years, her wounds reopened”

A: yeah but………………. Ok tomorrow someone is coming to see u for their son. Ish…
With this Sona got hyper and didn’t even letted her mom complete the name and jumped from the bed and stood up and said

S: mom! I hope it’s not someone from ur or baba’s family and yeah who ever they are I’m not interested. I’m not going to get married. I earn a good salary and I can live independently. Ask them not to come tomorrow, no not tomorrow, say them not to come here ever and u also stop searching for these alliances. I don’t want to lead a life like u.

Bejoy entered the room and said in anger
B: Sona! What’s all this? Han tell me. U r coming earlier from college tomorrow. Is that clear?And I want no aruguments. Sleep now it’s quite late. Asha u come with me.
S: ( all her anger was lost somewhere seeing his father in angry mood) ok baba ‘like a obedient child’ but she had tears in her eyes.

As soon as they stepped out of the room, Sona smashed the door, locked it and switched off the lights, lie down on the floor crying. Bejoy heard the voice of the door and was super hyper at this but asha asked him not to create a scene at night and they will talk about it in the morning. Sona slept there in the floor crying.
Morning at dikhsits;

It isn’t a usual morning for Dev but a special one as his wish and love for Sona was going to get a name but he wasn’t aware of the storm that was coming his way. Ishwari called Dev for breakfast. Dev went to the dining table and sat there having his breakfast. Today he was talking more than ever with his parents, laughing loudly. I&N were also enjoying a lot. Then the serious topic started, actually Dev was more serious about this.

D: today as u r going there, Please don’t tell Sona that u r there for my alliance. I want to propose her separately.

N: oohhh………….. Separately proposing hmmmmm…….nice plan.(chuckles)

I: OK beta don’t worry and ur dad’s just joking. Go ahead. Our blessings are with u.

N: yeah go ahead ‘pats his back’.

D: Thanks mom, dad. One more thing more u will go there on ur car and I will pick Sona from college and I will come there with her. Are u ok with that????

I&N: yes we are ok with that beta.
I: Ok we are leaving, u have to lock the doors properly while leaving and please put the dishes in kitchen, we are getting late.
Ok bye and drive safely’ ishwari kissed his forehead and left’. Niwas came hugged him and said good luck my son and pats Dev’s back and he also left. After that Dev placed the dishes in kitchen as per her mom instruction, locked his house and left.

Bose house morning;

Sona came to the dining table in a sad, angry, mixed mood, quietly finished her breakfast. Bejoy and Asha noticed that silence but they only said her that come home early today. She nodded her head and left for college.
All her day passes like this, Dev frequently called Sona to his cabin but she didn’t went Bcoz of her bad mood. She was in the SR sitting in one corner using her mobile when Dev entered and went near her chair.

D: will u also take permission from ur dad to come to my office? Since morning I’m calling u. I have an important thing to discuss, come in my office.( said in a strict and angry tone). Sona didn’t wanted to create the scene in SR so she nodded and followed him. She entered and Dev locked the door. They were standing in Dev’s cabin, door locked curtains down.

S: why have u locked the door Dev? Someone may come, what will they think? ( she said while moving towards the door and trying to unlock it)

Dev pins her to door, removed the hairs from her face as something came on the full moon and stares at her. Off time bell rang but Dev comes more closer to Sona. Sona could feel his warm breath on her face. They both share an eye lock. Dev comes more closer as both the bodies were meeting Sona suddenly jerks and pushed Dev away

S: Dev what r u trying to do? I am leaving right now.

Dev held his hand and without even uttering a word, he dragged Sona to his car and made her sit quietly. Whole college was seeing this view. Dev made her wear the seatbelt, locked door of her side and drove off. During all this our Sona was bit embrassed as whole college was seeing them.

Here, Niwas and ishwari already left for Sona’s home but before leaving they told Dev and also said him good luck. Bejoy and Asha were waiting for them. I&N reached and greeted them. B&A also greeted and asked them to sit. Asha offered them juice and said

A: I’m so sorry Sona isn’t here till now. I told him to come earlier but she hasn’t reached till now. Bejoy please call her and ask where she is?

I: it’s ok. She’s with Dev. They both will be coming soon here.

B: ok then that’s good. They both should be knowing eo well.

N: hmm…… U r right Bejoy. Ok… Before they come I think we should take some important decisions.

B: yeah we have no issue with the alliance Nor Sona will be having so we should directly decide the wedding date.

I: I think after three weeks will be ok and Bhai sahib we don’t want any type of thing from ur side.

N: yes Sona is our daughter now so, if she wants anything then we will be responsible for that not u ok. And ishwari is right, we want nothing except our daughter.

All agree and they discuss some other things and all wait for Sona and Dev but they didn’t came so I&N went to home after saying goodbye.

Dev and Sona reach a garden and they sit in one corner. Some children were playing near them. Both were sitting quietly but there eyes were speaking. After a long time silence, Sona phone beeped, her reminder that she have to rah home earlier.

S: Dev will u speak up why have u brought me here. I’m in a rush and I haven’t told

D:”cuts her” ur baba that u r here with me. Ok call him and ask permission baba’s girl( says tauntingly)

S: Dev what’s ur problem ha? In staff room u said the same and now again. I Only ignore for the first time not again and again. I’m a baba girl u have any problem and ya tell me why have u brought me here? I’m in a hurry, some guests are waiting at home.

D: I have no problem and sorry if u felt bad. Well I fell good when u tell me about u I think u guessed it I have some serious matter to talk about which can’t be discussed in college.

S: hmmmm……. I know I’m a genius( says boastingly)

D: look these children are so beautiful na. Playing, laughing, there smile, everything is so good. They are like angels. I want them in my life now. I mean I love someone and I want to marry her soon.
Just hearing this Sona forgot, all the guests, asking Dev who’s the girl she started
S: these children are beautiful……No way but yeah, u feel them beautiful Bcoz u will become a father not a mother. The mother who has to clean there poos, who have to listen there cry, who have to be awake whole night to make them sleep and when they are ill, she has to clean there vomits etc etc. Have u ever cleaned ur vomit? No. Ishwari Anty would be doing that Bcoz she’s a mother.

Dev sat there dumbstruck and was seeing her face. Sona continued. People say becoming mother is best thing in the world but I think it’s the worst. I know a woman becomes complete and strong with his husband and child but she can also complete herself without any men help. Women don’t need man power for their protection…………. People always blame the women that she gave birth to a baby girl, yet it’s not the women mistake. Scientifically, it has been proved that child gender depends on men still then, it’s the women mistake. Our society just believe this stupid omens and superstitions. The world reached Mars and they are just……….. Leave it. U might be thinking I’m girl and I’m talking all this. I hate kids but still I have to get marry. Mom dad have found an alliance for me.

Dev was not having the strength to say that he loves her and he’s the boy his mom dad has chosen Bcoz Sona was in her full form and he thought if he told then what will happen so he stayed silent and kept listening Sona blaming the society and their mentality. Dev just kept nodding.

It’s half an hour, Sona and Dev both were again quite and this time they were enjoying the weather. Dev gets a phone call. He picks it up

Dev: hello! Gee Dev Bol raha hon. Aap kon? Kya aisa kaise Ho sakhta hai…………
Sona: Dev what happened? Is everything ok? Dev reply back please what happened?
Dev got teary eyed, and said it with great difficulty: ma and baba……….. Ma and baba

Sona: yeah what happened to them? Dev speak up….I’m getting tensed

D:”gathers more courage, stood up and said.” Ma baba had a……….a car accident, and they r in hospital….” Dev was at the verge of crying ur he controlled himself”

S: oh my god. How that happened? In which hospital they are, we need to go there right now.

D: I don’t know how all this happened and yeah come on we need to go there fast. “With this they left for the hopistal”

Precap- Niwas died. Devakshi getting married

So guys this is it. Hope u liked it. Criticism is open

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