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Lecturer love KRPKAB Episode 10 **LAST EPISODE**

Previously we saw that reception preparations are going on. Someone was following Devakshi, bejoy & asha while shopping. Dev also proposed sonakshi.

So here the last episode, sorry for late update but it was a long episode and it was my niece’s birthday so I was busy with that. Sorry once again ?. It is really long episode so be ready for it.


Happy reading………

Sona removed the curtain from the window and it was Dev. She was shocked but then she opened the window and letted Dev come in.

S : Dev! Is this the way to come home? U could have come from the right way. Aur gir bhi sakhte thay yahan say…~a bit angry~

D : tumhare mohabbat Kay jaal main gir Gaya hon Aab aur kahin nhi giron ga. and u know what girls becomes happy when there boyfriends climb balcony to meet them. Just look at u and why r u holding this vase, going to kill ur husband but u told u love hi very much.

S : girlfriends become happy not wives and this vase was to kill the intruder not my husband and u r intruder as well as my husband. Aur aaj kal intruder tou maar khate hi hain husband apni wives say double Khate hain.”giggles”

D: I know my Sona is not like other wives.~kisses her forehead~ and how come I’m a intruder.

S: why u r and intruder, a thief! U entered my heart without even letting me know and stole my heart away.~blushes~

D: omg! Someone’s blushing, I think I’m going to sleep here with u tonight.

S: Haaaa……what…..no…. No Dev~ starts pulling him out through the window~
D: I was joking….. Stop…… Sona stops and then Dev says

D: u r so unromantic na. Choosing u was the worst decision, I did in my life.~says showing fake anger and was joking just to provoke Sona and turns his back to Sona.~

S: ~hugging Dev from behind~ and accepting u was my bestest decision. I’m so lucky I got u Dev. So caring, loving, handsome, smart, cute and duffer. ~laughs~

D: ~turns around~Sona u r gone today

With this both run around the whole room, Dev chasing Sona, jumping over the bed, sofa then again they jumping over the bed when both fell on bed with Dev over Sona. They both share a romantic eye lock but there eye lock broke with the voice of something falling. It’s the lamp of the side table. Bejoy Asha woke up and said what’s that!!.

They went to Sona room and started knocking at the door.

B: Sona beta r u okay????

A: Sona beta……..Bol na r u ok?

Sona and Dev got up from the bed and Dev asked Sona to open the door and he went back from the window. Sona opened the door.

S: gee ma baba, what happened? I’m alright wo actually the lamp fall down. I’m ok, sorry for disturbing u. U go back and sleep.

A: oh the that’s ok! We got worried with the voice…….

B: Sona! Did Dev returned back home??

S: aaaaammmm…. Baba I think no…. No he didn’t returned yet.

A: ok call him and ask to come home fast. It’s so late…. Come bejoy.

With this they went and Sona sighed and took a deep breath. Bejoy and Asha were going to their room when they saw Dev coming inside the home “through front gate guys, not the window”. He greeted them and went to his room as if he didn’t knew what happened??????

****skipping one day****

The day started with Sona, bejoy and Asha getting emotional. There daughter was going to leave them today…. Dev consoled everyone and assured them that he will be bringing Sona to meet them atleast daily and also promised that he will keep his love always happy regardless of what happens, he will always be there for Sona. All stop there rhona dhona….. And get ready to reach the venue.

Sona wears a beautiful purple colour gown till her knees. Beautifully, intricated sliver string work was on it with matching jewellery and shoes. In makeup, she just applied a light foundation, eyeliner and mascara with rosy pink lip stay. She was looking simple yet stunning. Dev wore a three piece black suit and he was looking as always just handsome and killing..?. The reception went great…,Sona cousins and uncles were also there but she didn’t see even gave a damn to them, the college staff was also there to congratulate. Everyone was just praising both of them.

It’s evening and Devakshi from the venue went back Sona’s home. They had there dinner there and from there, Sona had her bidai as per her wish…. Dev brought Sona to their home, just of theirs..

He unlock the door and Sona was stunned as the home was so beautifully decorated. Dev stopped her at the door and he picked her in her arms, locked the doors and went to their room. ~They also locked that room from inside so, we all can not go in~

Next morning the sun peeped in through the curtains and was feeling shy seeing the lovebirds in eo’s embrace. Dev woke up with light getting in his eyes and smiled seeing Sona, kissed her forehead and left for the bath. Sona woke up, when Dev came out from washroom only wearing track pants.

S: ~in a bit sleepy mode, was sitting on the bed~ shirt pehnay ki zehmat kar lain, my honey…

D: ~ sits beside her~ u made love with my naked soul, now u have the right to see my naked body too.

S: oh is that so…..~gave a side hug to Dev resting her head on Dev shoulder~

D: Sona! Stop being lazy, get ready and we will leave for ur house.

S: my home is this, where we are living, which one u r talking about? ?

D: ~gives a peck on Sona cheeks~ your ma baba one’s dear. Come on get ready.

He makes Sona go to washroom and he himself changes his clothes. Sona come out and didn’t find Dev in the room. She gets ready and go out and see the breakfast ready on the table, Dev cooked it. They both enjoy their breakfast and leave for bejoy’s home. They spent their whole day there and came back in the night after dinner and went straight to the room.

Next morning both left for their 5 day honeymoon period……..


They came back on Sunday, and tomorrow both have to give joining to college. Sona prepared the things and slept in Dev’s embrace. A month passes like this, there routine was fixed……going college together, coming back together, eating, loving and weekends at bejoy house….both became a drug for eo…but this whole one month someone was continuously following Devakshi.

On one weekend, Devakshi was in Bose house. Sona was in her room and Dev in lounge with bejoy and Asha. Someone knocked at the window of Sona room… Sona thought it be Dev and she opened it but he was someone else. His face was covered, Sona screamed but he closed her mouth with his hand and put gun on her temple and moved her down stairs in the lounge. Sona was crying…….Dev, B&A was shocked.

Person: don’t move or else I will shoot her or the one who moved..

All r shocked and tensed. Sona was crying…..leave me…..Dev……Dev……ma…baba don’t move please.. The person was taking Sona out of the house when Dev pounced on him from the back and that person left Sona and shooted Dev but bejoy pushed dev and got himself shot at the chest and he died at spot.

That person tried to escape Bcoz he didn’t intended to shot anyone. He threw the gun on the floor and tried to run but Dev caught him from the collar and dragged him inside the house.

Here, Sona was lifelessly standing trying to understand what was happening…….. Whereas, Asha was sitting beside bejoy and was crying out loud. She then stood up and slapped the person who was already getting beaten up by Dev.

Asha removed the mask and he was bejoy’s brother son… All got shocked while that person got a chance and he picked the gun from the floor and shooted Asha in her stomach and ran away as fast as he could….Dev tried to go but then he stopped and took Asha to hospital.

Sona was crying in the house when Dev came with the dead body of Asha and told her that she couldn’t survived Bcoz of excess blood lost moreover she was a heart patient so………. He consoled Sona…

It’s three months……Sona is now somewhat better. Today, she is going to the court for the hearing of her parents murderer. Her cousin came to kill Sona Bcoz her uncles “bejoy and Asha brothers” shook hands to give the punishment to Asha and bejoy for eloping, so they planned to kill A&B only child to give them lifetime pain, they wanted to kill Sona but accidentally bejoy died and his cousin also killed Asha.

Sona won the case and his cousin was ordered to be hanged while her uncles were jailed for 2 years.

Dev and Sona were extremely happy but Sona took back the case, while Dev stopped her but she said

S : I want to stop this war now, punishing them will not get my parents back……….. If they will get punishment, they will again try to harm us after coming out from jail and I don’t want to lose u Dev now…… U r only the one now, my only support and I don’t want to lose u

D: don’t worry Sona, I will always be there for always, I will never leave u alone but don’t take the case back, they should get the punishment. They harmed u, ur parents, u should fight Sona. Be strong.
S: I’m fed up of being strong. Now I am tired, from childhood till now, everyone told me to be strong. Its over now I can’t be anymore. U just take the case back Dev.

D: ok…..ok….I am taking back the case. ~he agrees unwillingly, just to satisfy Sona~

They both took the case back and sona’s uncles and cousin thanked her as well as said sorry for everything they did.

Sona: don’t think that I forgave u Bcoz u have a blood relation with me, or I have sympathy for u, or I got scared. I forgave u just to relieve myself of revenge and anger. Now don’t show me ur faces ever again.

Saying this she left the court with Dev.

It’s two years…..

Devakshi has been blessed with twin girls…. Deepika and shradha.. Sona left her career Bcoz of her family, love, children. She didn’t wanted her childden to suffer as she did…. Deepika and shradha are one year old. Both are Naughty and cute like Dev, while smart, beautiful and intelligent, bold like their mother. Sona and Dev share a cute and complete bond with their daughters.

So guys this is the power of love…. Banjar zameen may phool khila dayta hai. Baaghi bana dayta, sarfira bhi, pagal bhi. Logon nay boht dhookay khaye hain mohabbat kay naam pe…….. Hazaaron log mohabbat karte hain par ussay hasil boht kam karte hain…aur jou paate hain khush kismat hotay hain, unhain kadar karni chahiye.. Iss mohabbat ki…

Sona nay bhi kadar ki….Dev ki mohabbat ki….Dev ki mohabbat nay Badal diya Sona ko…….aur iss nayi Sona nay bhi dankay ki choot pay Sab say barh kar Dev say pyar kiya….. Dev ko Aab woh khona nhi chahti thi…Isi liye zindagi bhar ke liye iss ki ban gayi~giving birth to deepika and shradha~

Sona nay khushiyan payin par khatin safar Kay baad…… Seeing ur parents fights everyday, having no one to share ur feelings, living all alone for atleast 25 years is difficult but as said…life is not a bed of roses…seeing ur parents dieing infront of u but u r helpless…..this is the parents love, humari mout ko apne sar pay lay layte hain.

Mera lecture khatam ?, pata hai boht bata hogaya hai?

So this is the end I hope this wasn’t a waste of time and diaster for u all. I know u all felt weird that I killed everyone except Devakshi…sorry for that feeling. Sorry again for late update ????. But this is the last episode so naaraz mat Hona…..love u all, who commented, who supported, and silent readers too for reading this…

One last request to all the silent readers and regular also….please comment and let me know how many of u read my ff and it’s the last episode also. Please akhiri baat man lo..??. Did no proof reading.

Bye…bye… Take care and hope I will be back soon.. But I will be commenting on ur ff’s.


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