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Lakshmilla !!!!!!

hey sisters i thought i will write a fan fiction about lakshman and urmilla.Comments and criticism is allowed.sorry if i made any mistake while writing since it is my first time.

Lakshman is back from the exile. He goes in search of urmilla. Urmilla sees lakshman and runs towards his direction.They both see each other.Urmilla hugs him.

Urmilla-“you came back”
Lakshman-“during this exile i missed you so much .i couldnt live without my urmu”
Urmilla-“i missed you even more”
They smile

Urmilla goes to her sisters.

Mandavi-“yaay!!! sita didi is back .Peace and happiness has returned back in ayodhya
Sita enters the scene
All the sisters hug sita

Shruthakirti-“We all missed you a lot didi.
Urmilla-” we wanted u and jija to come back to ayodhya
Sita-” I missed mu 3 younger sisters so much.
Mandavi-“Now there is only one thing left”
Sita -What?
Urmilla-“when u and jija become the king and queen of ayodhya”

Sita smiles

Precap-Urmilla is sleeping.Lakshman enters their room and sees urmilla

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