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Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -7

Lakshman and Urmilla are there in their room
Lakshman-“What is our santan doing right now?”
Urmilla”Why do u want to know?”
Lakshman-“Because I am their father!”
Urmilla smiles’
Urmilla-“Right now they are playing”
Lakshman hold urmilla s hand
Lakshman-“urmilla,I am really fortunate to get u as my wife”
Urmilla-“I always wanted a husband who is funny,kind,loved by everyone and a loving saasur and I got them all”
Lakshman-“U think I am funny and kind”
Urmilla smiles and nods
Lakshman touches urmilla s stomach .
Urmilla keeps her hand on top of his
They smile

Mandvi and shruthkirti are there in their room
Mandvi-“shruthkirti, Urmilla is pregnant
Shruthkirti-Kya?really yay. Iam so happy for didi


Urmilla comes in
Mandvi- urmilla
Shruthkirti- didi
They all hug her
Mandvi-Congrats urmilla
Urmilla smiles
Urmilla-Thank u sooo much sisters!!
Mandvi-Do u want a girl or boy??
Urmilla-I will have the kid which my swami desires!
Shruthkirti-Haha!! Special preference to husband!!
Urmilla smiles

Lakshman enters the scene
Mandvi and shuthkirti go out of the room
Lakshman-What were u and your sisters discussing about?
Urmilla-We were talking about our santan!
Lakshman-Why were they all laughing?
Urmilla- Mandvi didi asked me if I wanted a girl or boy.I replied saying that whatever kid u want ,it will be my wish .
Lakshman-Would u like to know my preference?
Urmilla nods
Lakshman-“I would like to have a girl “
Urmilla-“I thought that u would prefer a boy”
Lakshman-“I wish for a girl because she will take care of u whenever I am not there along with u ,and she will never make u feel lonely”
Urmilla-“how can I feel lonely when u are there with me,u always make fun of me and make me feel entertained”
Lakshman smiles
Lakshman-“I would love to have a girl in our family “
Urmilla smiles

Urmilla s kid is born
It is a girl
Urmilla caresses the baby
Lakshman comes in and holds the baby and snuggles her
Urmilla smiles
Urmilla-“what should we name her?”
Lakshman-“ I want to name her after u, lets call her utthara “
Urmilla smiles
They hug along with the baby

Precap- time passes,utthara becomes a child, urmilla tells to lakshman that our child reminds me about sita didi.Utthara hea rs this and asks urmilla abt sita .They become silent

Sorry if this ff was boring and I am extremely sorry for the time leaps.

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