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Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -6

Location-Valmiki ashram
Sita-“Urmilla ,I want to ask u something”
Urmilla-“yes didi”
Sita-“How s Raghunandan?”

Urmilla becomes shocked and starts crying
Sita-“what happened,why r u crying?”
Urmilla-“jija has become really depressed from the day u left from ayodhya.He always thinks abt u”
Sita-“why didn’t he come along with u to see me?”
Urmilla-“I asked jija if he wanted to come and meet you.But he said that he wont feel like coming back to ayodhya if he sees u”
Sita starts crying


Urmilla-“didi,the rajbhavan looks so empty without u.U are my support and strength.After u left ,my support and strength has gone away.
Sita-“For a wife,a husband is her support but u are telling me that I am your support “
Urmilla-sumitra nadan!!! Didi,everyday he makes fun of me ,for whatever I say he makes fun of me.I don’t like him.He alays keep complaining abt me.
Sita smiles
Sita-“Then why did u marry him”
Urmilla-“because he is a very sweet person and loves me a lot”
Urmilla smiles
Urmilla-“anyway didi ,can I stay here for the night?
Sita-of course!!

Urmilla starts getting reading to go back to ayodhya.sita hugs her.Lav and kush takes her blessings and urmilla hugs them.Urmilla leaves
Location –Ayodhya
Urmilla reaches ayodhya .lakshman sees her and run towards her direction and hugs her.

Lakshman-“where were u,why didn’t u come back to the raj bhavan , I missed u sooooo much”
Urmilla smiles
Urmilla-“now that I came back,I will never leave u again”
Urmilla holds his hand
Lakshman smiles
Urmilla goes to ram s room
Ram- urmilla,you r back”
Urmilla starts crying
Ram-“what happened?”
Urmilla-“I am sorry jija”
Ram-“for what”

Urmilla-“ I told sita your agony”
Ram becomes shocked
Ram-“why did u tell her”
Urmilla-“Sita didi asked me so I told her,I am so sorry”
Ram-“doesn’t matter,leave it”
Urmilla-Sorry jija
Ram-“doesn’t matter,past is in the past.
Urmilla leaves
Urmilla goes to her kaksh
Lakshman enters his kaksh
Lakshman-“so,did u miss me?
Urmilla-“me and sita did were talking abt the tortures I face everyday in my life”

Urmilla-“yah!! Everyday u always used to make fun of me right.I told sita didi all that.
Lakshman-“I cant make fun of my own wife!”
Urmilla-“Make fun of your ram bhaiya”
Lakshman-“Ram bhaiya!!”never.He is my bhaiya.He is the greatest person ever…..
Urmilla-“see this is why nobody talks with u,everytime u only talk abt your ram bhaiya”
Lakshman –“I am sorry”
Urmilla becomes shocked
Urmilla-“arey !! U know the word sorry?”
lakshman smiles
They smile and hug

Precap -Urmilla gives birth to a baby girl

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