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Lakshmilla !!!!!! Part -3

Lakshman and Urmilla are in their room
Lakshman is very sad
Urmilla – “why are you sad?”
Lakshman- “I don’t deserve it”
Urmilla- “deserve what?”
Lakshman –”I don’t deserve u!”
Urmilla becomes shocked
Lakshman-” I mean look at what u have done for me .You slept for 14yrs just for me and I have never treated u properly
Urmilla smiles with joy and happiness
Lakshman – “why are u smiling?”
Urmilla-” I didn’t know that my husband cared about me so much. In fact I am the most fortunate wife to get u as my husband”
Lakshman-“no urmilla I never took care of u for 14yrs I didn’t act as a proper husband”
Urmilla- don’t say like that .i know that u have immense love for me . I will aways love you
Lakshman holds urmilla s hand and smiles
Mandvi comes inside their room
Mandvi-what are u doing?
Urmilla- nothing
Mandvi-lets go!
Mandvi-it is jija and sita didi s coronation ceremony?
Mandavi -yah
They all go
Ram and Sita grace the throne.
Urmilla-I have been waiting for this moment since 14 yrs
Lakshman-but u were asleep since 14 yrs.sleepy head.atleast my family was awake
Urmilla s face turns red
Lakshman -I was just playing with u
Urmilla- I will never let our children to become like u .they will love us a lot and they will be loved by everyone. Unlike u
Lakshman-I pity our children .They have to eat your food and listen to your boring lectures.
Urmilla- “go away!”
Lakshman smiles.

Urmilla goes to her room
Lakshman follows her
Urmilla-I thought I told u to stay away from me!
Lakshman- I will go wherever my wife goes because I love her a lot.
Urmilla- then why did u make fun of me?
Lakshman- U r my wife and before our marriage u also used to make fun of me
Urmilla- only I can make fun of u ,u cant
Lakshman- as if
They smile


Precap- urmilla is pregnant

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