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Lakshmila: A lovely birthday surprise (two cute shots) intro

Hi dears.. This is the intro of a lovely two part fan fic on Urmilas special day!!! This is my third lakshmila fanfic.. Hope u love it..

The palace of ayodhya Nagar. Everyone is happy as fr ram sita have returned from their exile.. Jus a week or two hv passed.. In excitement..


Lakshmila’s room.. Urmila wakes up as the rays of the sun fall on her happy face. She opens the curtain n has a breath in the open air. She goes to her bedside, n btw sum paper scrolls, sees a beautifully decorated card, which is the calendar. Her eyes shine on its sight n she dances merrily.. Suddenly recalls something.. Where is Sumitranandan?? She gets fresh n goes out of her room, disappointed on the scene. Everything was normal. No noise nothing. She goes to the breakfast table where the four bros three sisters n three mothers r seated gracefully. She sits down n Luks at the food. She whispers to Lakshman.. Sumitranandan , remember what is tomorrow?? Lakshman gazes her. Tomorrow is the birthday of dasi Chandrika. Urmila gets annoyed.. She fills her plate wid the quantity of food the whole family could eat, but didn’t eat a single grain.. In her mind she was thinking Dasi Chandrika more important than me?? She recalls.. 14 years ago, wen lakshman was leaving wid ram sita, he had told her that after 14 years he’ll celebrate her b’day wid full excitement. She angrily gazes him as he was eating happily, thinking he’s in the memories of Chandrika. A thought strikes her mind.. jiji.. Jiji must b remembering my b’day.. Lets ask what surprise she has fr me.

As Everyone has eaten she goes to sita smiling… Didi didi u remember what is tomorrow?? Siya thinks fr a while.. Yup.. Tmrw is the anniversary of wen i came to know abt Raghunandan.. Urmila is fumed. She doesn’t remember how gracefully we’d celebrated my bday on that day.. She sighs.. Who’ll remember my b’day?? After all they haven’t celebrated it fr 14 years. Hmm its my bad luck.. Let them celebrate dasi Chandrika’s b’day. I’ll never talk to anyone!! Saying so.. She goes in her room crying ?..


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