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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 9 | Abhishek + Mihika

Ishita: Oh, I can’t believe I forgot. Mihika, I didn’t show you our renovated balcony. Remember, last year you’d come and there were works going on? It’s turned out beautiful. And, it looks even better at night time. You’ll see why. Come on.

Mihika gets up and Ishita takes her to the balcony that connects the two guestrooms. There are tiny, sparkly lights with rose petals strewn across the floor.


Mihika (smiles): It’s gorgeous, Ishita Di.

There’s no answer.

Mihika (confused, calls out): Ishita Di?

She sighs when there’s no response and looks around in wonder.

Janam janam from Dilwale plays.

Mihika finds Abhishek reaching out his hand. She smiles and takes it. They begin to dance slowly and, soon, the dance becomes intimate. Mihika finds herself too close to him and turns around. Abhishek places a kiss on his shoulder and she closes her eyes, holding onto his hand tightly.

Mihika: Abhi . . ..

Abhishek makes her face him. He rests his forehead against hers and pulls her close, leaving absolutely no gap between them.

Both lean in, about to kiss, when Mihika gasps, opening her eyes.

Music stops.

She pushes him away and holds her head.

Mihika (to herself): What was this I was about to do? How could I do that? How could I cheat on . . . ?

Abhishek (comes close to her): Mihika.

Mihika (teary-eyed): Stay away from me, Abhishek. Just–just stay away.

Abhishek’s hurt.

Abhishek (looks away and sighs): I love you.

Mihika’s eyes widen and she stares at Abhishek in shock.

Mihika: What–what did you say?

Abhishek: I love you. I don’t how and when it happened – all I know is that now I can’t live without you.

Mihika (shocked but then becomes angry): What’s wrong with you, Abhishek? I’m engaged. I’m about to marry a person I love.

Abhishek closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Abhishek: You don’t love him.

Mihika (pushes him back): Who’re you to say that? You know what, forget it. Forget all this. I’m done here.

Abhishek hold her wrist as she walks away and pulls her back. She stumbles into his arms.

Abhishek: You ran away from home because you were confused about your decision to get married. You’ve always been in love with Arnav, or so you believed. You now realise what you feel for him is entirely different to how you feel around me.

Mihika’s shocked.

Abhishek treads his fingers on her arms.

Abhishek: Does his touch make you lose your mind?

Abhishek reaches for her ear.

Abhishek: Does his whisper make your heart beat faster?

Mihika attempts to get out of his embrace but he doesn’t let her.

Abhishek: Does being close to him make you forget how to breathe?

Seeing her conflicted expressions, he smiles sadly.

Abhishek: It doesn’t, am I right?

Mihika grows angry. How could someone understand her so well, especially after she had guarded herself from him?

Mihika (angry): I love him. I love him, I love him, I love him, and no matter how many times you’ll insist I don’t, I love him.

Mihika (in disgust): I always considered you a friend, Abhishek. That’s all. Nothing more than that. I can’t believe you had such thoughts about me. I’m disappointed in you.

Abhishek (angry, he puts his hands on her shoulder): What’s wrong with how I feel? Mihika, for God’s sake, it’s not a crime to love someone you never expected to love. Just give me one chance to prove that I’m the man for you, not Arnav. Give me a chance to prove that I’ll love you for lifetimes to come. I’ll love you on our good, bad, and worse days. I promise to make you laugh in our tough times. I promise to be always by your side. Please, I’m only asking for a chance.

Mihika (takes off his hands): These promises don’t mean anything, Abhishek. It’s better to forget about me.

Abhishek’s hurt.

Mihika opens the balcony door and sees Ishita and Raman there.

Ishita (worried): Miku . . ..

Mihika (puts her hand up): Please, Ishita Di, not now.

Tears falling, she goes from there.

Raman: Abhishek?

Abhishek (forces a laugh as he quickly wipes his tears): I got the answer I was expecting, not what I hoped for.

Raman (hugs him): I’m sorry.

Abhishek (shakes head): Don’t be. I’m not. I don’t regret telling her how I feel, just . . . a bit hurt that she didn’t feel the same.

Ishita (rubs his arm): She needs to time to think. I hope you understand.

Abhishek: I do. I do.

He turns away and looks at the moon.

Ishq Hai Ishq Hai, Haan Yehi Ishq Hai plays.

Mihika’s looking at the moon too.

Abhishek can’t sleep. He’s tossing and turning.

Mihika’s on the bed, knees hugged to her chest, as she stifles her crying.

Abhishek opens his phone to see their pictures together, and smiles.

Mihika remembers their happy times together. His voice echoes in her mind.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

She closes her ears and shakes her head.

In the morning.

Mihika feels lost even in such a lively atmosphere. They are sitting for breakfast. Abhishek joins them and Mihika and him awkwardly stare at each other. Ishita and Raman look at each other, worried. They quietly eat breakfast.

Her phone rings. It’s Arnav. She takes it to the guestroom and they talk.

Music fades.

Mihika: I love you, Arnav.

Arnav (stutters): Hold on, Mihika. I think I’m getting another call. I’ll talk to you later.

Music comes on.

Mihika stares at her phone sadly and puts it in her purse. She finds her ring and looks at it for a bit before putting it on.

Mihika sits on the bed to pack her bag. Ishita comes in and puts a hand on her shoulder. Mihika’s surprised.

Music fades.

Ishita: Please don’t be angry with me. I did it for your sake.

Mihika (whispers): I didn’t expect that from you.

Ishita (sighs): Mihika, sometimes, we need a ‘zor ka jatka’ to be able to understand what we want because we’re not able to see the reality as it is while others can. And, it’s important to realise and accept that . . . sometimes, what we think or feel is wrong to us, is actually right. And, it’s not bad to act upon it. Just give in to your heart, Mihika, and I promise you, it won’t let you down. Trust it and it’ll show you unbelievable ways. Abhishek loves you a lot. I’ve seen that love in his eyes. Think about what I’ve said, okay.

Mihika doesn’t respond.

Music starts again.

Ishita leaves, disappointed.

Mihika and Abhishek meet everyone, saying their goodbyes.

On the other side, Khushi’s in the kitchen. She imagines Arnav with her and is startled. Her mother asks her what’s wrong. She shakes her head.

Arnav is in a meeting but his mind’s elsewhere. He sees a happy Khushi pass by in front of him and is shocked. He’s called and he turns his attention back to work.

Abhishek’s driving. He glances at Mihika but she’s looking out of the window.

Music fades.

Mihika: Can you drop me off at Arnav’s house? He can take me home afterwards.

Music starts again.

Abhishek doesn’t say anything. His gaze falls on her hand and she’s wearing her ring. This makes him angry. He presses on the accelerator. Mihika instantly holds his hand and looks at him, her eyes softening. She takes back her hand and tells him to slow down. He doesn’t listen to her. She tells him again. Again, he carries on. Finally, she shouts for him to stop.

He brakes sharply and she gets down, slamming the door as she leans against it, facing the other way and breathing heavily. She cries. Her sobs are heard by Abhishek and he clenches his jaw, his grip tightening on the steering wheel. He wanted to hold her and comfort her but he wasn’t sure if she would prefer it.

On the other side, Arnav and Khushi are looking at their phones. Arnav, after much thinking, calls Khushi. Khushi’s happy to see his name, but remembers everything and grows sad. She disconnects the call and Arnav becomes upset.

Abhishek stops the jeep outside of Arnav’s house. Mihika looks at him but he refuses to look at her. Mihika feels hurt.

Mihika holds her bag and gets down, shutting the door.

Music fades.

Mihika: Thank you for everything, Abhishek.

Music comes on.

Abhishek doesn’t even look at her. He starts the jeep and leaves from there. Mihika stares after him and cries.

Mihika and Anjali hug.

Music fades.

Anjali: Mihika! You’re finally here. Where’s the ACP?

Mihika: He’s gone.

Anjali: How rude of him!

Mihika: No, no, he told me beforehand he won’t be able to come inside.

Anjali: Okay. You sit down. I missed you.

Music starts.

They catch up on everything. Mihika’s lost in her thoughts. Anjali shakes her, asking her what’s happened.

Music fades.

Mihika: Di, can you move the wedding back? Maybe in two weeks’ time?

Music comes on again.

Anjali’s surprised.

Abhishek hugs his mother and his sister. They eat lunch together and notice Abhishek doesn’t talk much.

Arnav comes. Mihika hugs him. Anjali tells him the news of his early marriage and he’s upset.

Khushi enters Abhishek’s room as he unpacks.

Music fades.

Khushi: Bhai, you okay?

Abhishek: I should ask you the same question, Choti.

Khushi (stutters): I’m fine. Mujhe kya hona hai?

Abhishek: You’re hiding something from me, aren’t you?

Khushi (avoids eye contact): Nai toh. Why do you think so?

Abhishek: I’m your brother, choti. I can tell.

Khushi (starts to leave): You’re too much, Bhai. Khair, Ma’s calling. I have to go.

Abhishek remembers what Mihika told him.

Abhishek: Khushi.

Khushi stops in surprise.

Abhishek: You know you can trust me, right? I’ll always be here for you, whenever you need me.

Khushi hugs him and silently cries.

Music starts again.

Mihika and Arnav are in a car. Arnav’s driving, lost in his thoughts, while Mihika’s talking non-stop.

Mihika meets everyone at home. Her grandfather scolds her. She holds her ears and apologises. They forgive her, laughing.

Abhishek comes to the station and is greeted by everyone. Unlike before, he silently sits down and finds the same brown envelope on his desk. He scrunches it up and throws it in the bin.

Mihika has dinner with her family and smiles to herself.

It’s night time.

Mihika and Abhishek are looking at the moon in their respective rooms, remembering the times spent together.

Arnav and Khushi are on their beds. Khushi’s crying and Arnav looks upset.

The screen splits, showing the four characters.


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