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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 6 | Abhishek + Mihika

Sunrise. Birds chirping.

Mihika wakes up and stretches. Abhishek’s nowhere in sight. Mihika, still half-asleep, enters the bathroom and brushes her teeth. Hearing the shower run and then close, her eyes widen.


Mihika (thinks): Chor? Oh, my God, where’s Abhishek? Wait, who needs him? I can deal with this myself.

Mihika holds up her hair brush and pulls the curtain aside, hitting the person without looking.

Abhishek (shouts): Ow, ow, ow! Mihika, what’re you doing?

Mihika (shocked): Abhishek! You . . . here?

Abhishek: No, it’s my ghost. Where else was I supposed to be?

Thankfully, he had a towel wrapped around himself. Still embarrassed, she turns to leave, only to slip. Abhishek catches her and holds her in place, against the wall. They look in each other’s eyes and gulp. 

Abhishek moves back and Mihika runs out.

Abhishek smile and, on the other side, Mihika cups her face as she blushes.


Hum jo chalne lage continues from before.

Abhishek and Mihika travel around, seeing more places and meeting more people. They eat kulfi and faloodas. They see fireworks, and shooting stars and make wishes. With every passing moment, they grow closer.

They have a pillow fight. They run around in fields. Mihika reaches out her hand, Abhishek shakes his head, Mihika insists, and Abhishek agrees. They dance. He gives her swings. They eat corn at a road-side stall.

They’re in his jeep. There’s a thunderstorm and she holds his hand, surprising him. He stops the jeep and they have tea in a road-side shop, laughing and talking.

They’re near a beach. Mihika jumps in the water and splashes around, calling Abhishek in. He refuses but she pulls him in. They laugh as they throw water on each other.

Finally, they watch the sunset together. Abhishek looks at her, smiling to himself.

Music finishes.


There’s a camp fire. Abhishek’s alone there as Mihika had gone to change her clothes.

His phone rings.

Abhishek (picks up the call): Raman?

Raman: Arre kya Raman? What kind of friend are you, Abhishek? First, you didn’t attend our wedding. You haven’t met us in the last three years, and we’re now about to have a baby. That’s not done, Yaar.

Abhishek (smiles): Really? Congrats! How’s Ishita G feeling?

Ishita: I’m fine, Abhishek, but we all miss you a lot. When are you coming?

Abhishek: I’m sorry, guys. I’ve been busy.

Raman: Busy, my foot. If you’re truly my friend, you’ll come right now. I met your Ma and sister the other day. Khud toh tikta nai kahin par aur dusro ko chain sy nai jeene dayta.

Ishita: Raman, kuch b. You start everywhere.

Raman: What? Did I say something wrong?

Ishita: Ignore him, Abhishek. He’s too hyper nowadays.

Abhishek (laughs): No worries, Ishita G. Considering he’s about to become a father, I think it’s acceptable.

Raman: Are you coming to meet us or not?

Abhishek: I–I can’t say anything at the moment. Raman, you know my job. It’s not easy to make time for myself. It’s a miracle that I’m able to see Ma and Choti.

Raman: Okay, you do what you have to. You don’t care about your friend, do you? At this rate, we’ll only meet when you’ve retired.

Ishita: Raman, stop making him feel guilty. If he can’t come, then he can’t come. Why’re you after him?

Raman: Hey, Jhansi Ki Rani, will you let me talk to him in peace?

Ishita (angry): Raavan Kumar, you’ll never change.

Ishita leaves, slamming the door.

Abhishek laughs.

Raman: Haan, haan, you sit there and laugh. Laugh all you want. You’ll understand my misery only when you’ll get married yourself.

Abhishek: Oh, come on, Raman. You might find her annoying at times but you love her all the same.

Raman (smiles and blushes): That’s true.

He grows serious.

Raman: Hey, don’t change the topic, okay. I won’t accept any excuses this time. I don’t care what you have to do. You’ll come to meet us soon.

Abhishek: I’ll try my best.

Raman: You WILL come. I can’t believe we live in the same city and yet we don’t meet each other.

Abhishek: Fine, Raman. I’ll come soon.

Raman: See you.

Abhishek: Bye.

He hangs up.

Mihika comes up behind him.

Mihika: Who was that?

Abhishek: Oh. A friend. He’s complaining I don’t see him often. I don’t blame him though. I haven’t been with him when he needed me. I even missed his wedding because of a case.

Mihika (sits down): That’s bad.

Abhishek (also sits down): I know. I still feel guilty about it. You know, he’s a C.E.O. of a company but he can make time for everyone. And me, being a police officer, I can’t.

He looks down.

Abhishek: Sometimes, I feel like I’m not a good friend, or a son, or a brother. I mean, half of the time I have no idea what’s going on around me. Take my sister, for example. I don’t know what’s happened to her. She’s so distant from us.

Mihika (holds his hand): Give her time and space, but do reassure her that she can trust you and that you’ll be there for her when she needs you. I’m sure she’ll open up then. As for you, don’t feel bad. You’re like that because you’re a protector of our society, and true heroes like that are always sacrificing and doing their duties. But, yes, you do need to balance it out. Duty and family and friends are equally important.

Abhishek (smiles): Thanks. That makes me feel a bit better.

Mihika shrugs.

The wind blows. Mihika shivers and tries to cover her bare legs.

Abhishek (notices her discomfort and passes her his shirt, looking away): Put it on. It’s long enough for you to . . . cover yourself.

Mihika smiles and takes it, putting it on. True to his words, it’s down to her knees.

Mihika: Thank you.

Abhishek (poking the fire with a stick): Also, take my jacket. You look like you need it.

Mihika (chuckles): I did, actually. I didn’t want to bother you.

Abhishek: I thought we were done with the formalities when we met.

Mihika: What a day that was! It seems like just yesterday.

Abhishek: True. I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks.

Mihika: Yeah.

They look at each other once again, losing track of time and the world around them.

Abhishek (stands up): I’ll go collect some more firewood. You stay here.

Mihika (also stands up, nervously looking around): I’ll come with you.

Abhishek: Mihika–

Mihika: Please?

Abhishek: Okay.

They walk into the dense forest. Abhishek uses his phone as a guidelight. Mihika closely follows him, looking around in fear, as Abhishek collects firewoods. She holds onto his sleeve like a little child and, eventually, she entwines their fingers together. Abhishek looks at her in surprise but she’s focused more on her surroundings. A brush of fur on her feet make her squeal and jump into his arms, hugging him. Whatever is in his hands clatters on the ground. He hesistantly puts his hand on her head and smiles.

Mihika realises what she’s doing and moves back, fixing her hair.

Abhishek: Why didn’t you tell me you were scared of the dark?

Mihika: You would’ve teased me about it.

Abhishek (laughs): That’s true. But, now you’ve made it worse. How will we find my phone and the firewoods? Is your phone with you?

Mihika (shakes head): It’s in my bag.

Abhishek: Okay, let’s do one thing. I’ll look on this side, you look there.

Mihika (scared): Abhi . . ..

Abhishek: I’m here, aren’t I?

Mihika and Abhishek both look on the ground for a bit, and Mihika ends up finding his phone. She smiles, picks it up and presses a button. Her smile disappears and she’s shocked. There’s a girl and Abhishek together, laughing.

Mihika (thinks): His girlfriend?

Mihika (calls out): Abhishek, I found your phone.

Abhishek: Oh, thank God.

He takes it.

Abhishek: Khushi would’ve killed me otherwise. She bought it with her first salary.

Mihika: Listen, that girl in the picture . . . ?

Abhishek: My sister.

Mihika (sighs in relief, still uneasy): Oh. Does she have anyone in her life?

They start picking up woods.

Abhishek: She refuses to meet any guy – says she needs to become someone before she thinks of marriage.

Mihika: I see.

Abhishek: But, yes, like I said before, nowadays she looks a little lost, a little sad. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought she found someone.

Mihika: Might be possible.

Mihika holds some woods as they begin to walk back.

Mihika: And, you? Do you have anyone in your life right now? You know, that someone special?

Abhishek stops and turns back to her. He looks at her for a minute before smiling.

Abhishek: Maybe.

Mihika’s upset.


Abhishek adds more wood to the fire.

Mihika (deep in thoughts): Abhishek, I have annoyed you, right?

Abhishek: A lot, yes.

Mihika: Abhishek.

Abhishek (laughs): Truth to be told, I enjoyed spending time with you. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I needed a break myself, I guess, and I got it with you. In the last few days, I didn’t once feel that you belong to the great Kapoor family.

Mihika (grows sad as she plays with her bracelet): Perhaps I wanted to be treated like any other person. For once, I wanted to live my life as just Mihika, and not Mihika Kapoor.


Mihika: You know, since I was young, many people befriended me because of my family’s status, because of the money and fame they had. They never looked at me as me. They recognised me as the grandaughter of Mr. D. Kapoor, daughter of  Mr. G. Kapoor, but not as Mihika, never as Mihika. I wanted to earn my own name, based on my own merits. I didn’t want to use the Kapoor name to gain success.

Mihika sighs.

Mihika: I’m happy about all I have, after all not many people live such a privileged life. But . . . I felt suffocated and insecure. I . . . I don’t think I can live up to the expectations attached to me from both families.

Abhishek (nods): Is that why did you ran away, Mihika?

Mihika smiles sadly and looks at him.

Mihika: That’s cheating. Remember the rules. You need to figure that out yourself. I can’t tell you.

Abhishek: You’re a mystery that I’m sure I can solve.

Mihika: Good luck to you then. It won’t be easy.

They smile at each other.


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